Tuesday, 2 August 2005


He came into the kitchen ever so quietly that he startled me as I stood poised, ladle in hand, dueting with David, or was it Loga, while we were well into the second CD. He had that look in his eyes, making me terribly conscious of my uncombed mess, the faded baju kelawar and the smell of lamb curry clinging on to my body. Also, I was very conscious of the fact that the children were still at home. So, ladle in hand, I was ready to fight him off. Instead, in a very quiet and calm voice he said, “Look into my eyes,” and like a fool, and already mesmerised, I did.

“Look into my eyes,” he repeated. Its been quite a while and I was getting quite uneasy and a tad suspicious of his intentions, too early in the morning and all that.

“Look into my eyes,” he was persistent and raised his hands in front of my face, in the manner of Kenny Craig, the hypnotist in Little Britain.

“Look into my eyes. You are going to forget this song. You are going to hate the AlleyCats and never play their ............”

The ladle fell from my hand and I managed to look away just in time before I fell under his spell! How could he! It had always been the Alleycats that accompanied my daily humdrum in the kichen, entertaining me from my newly acquired CD player, specially bought for moi kitchen. They had been the inspiration for the spread that I produce daily on the table and he wants them to stop singing for me? My daughter phoned from Cairo and the first sentence was, “Mama, you’re still listening to them?” T, the usually so calm and sensible T hurt me so much when he said, “Aren’t you bored with the same songs, Mama?” Are they trying to tell me something?

I knew it would come to this and without shame I admit: My name is Kak Teh and I am an Alleycats addict!

It has only been what...three months and its not as if I ‘ve been playing every song – only three or four favourite ones, again and again and again. Is that so wrong? Yes, so David and Loga are the flavour of the moment. It has always been like that, once I get something into my systems, its kind of difficult to flush them out. The rest around me will have to endure...earplugs and all. My husband did whisper to David when we were having dinner, “Its not so much your singing, er nothing personal, but its when she starts singing too, especially when she’s got the headphone on!” Oh, dear!

Anyway, its not just the Alleycats! There’s my obsession with anything chocolatey! I’ll give just one or two examples. When Fererero Roche first came into the market, I had nothing else but...and couldnt get enough of them. He bought two big boxes as we were going to visit friends. Then he said, don’t cook anything as we were going to eat out. But he came back late , you see. Not my fault at all. I sat there, watching the TV, seven months pregnant, and looked at the two boxes just beckoning and inviting me. Within one hour, I finished one box and in the following hour, the second one became history. By the time my husband came back, I was so sick that until now, I do not want to see another Ferrero Roche, not even the advertisement. And that was 22 years ago! It was the same with Cocoa Dusted Almond Chocolate that melts in your mouth and explodes in all manners that is sinful to your system. It used to be availble at such horrendous price only during Christmas in wicked little packages that sort of wink at you when you walk past. Now, its everywhere – even at Tesco’s. Then its the chocolate truffle cake that you could only get at those smart cafes of Grosvenor House Hotel at exorbitant price per slice. We used to make several visits there as no where else could offer anything so wickedly delicious, until of course my husband did a survey and found Maison Boquillon which offered a whole chocolate truffle cake with chocolate dust topping, for a mere £15.00. So, that would be it... for every occassion – birthday, dinner, tea, something to take to friends’....it’ll be chocolate truffle cake! And then came Galaxy, cheap but a gift from heaven. While in labour with my fourth, my husband bought a few bars and we ate in between contractions. He just knew how to dilate , er I mean, delight me.

Oh, the list seems to be endless where chocolates are concerned. But, I was also and still into cheese too. Cheese roll, cheese cakes, spring onion flavoured crackers with soft creamy cheese and better still Boursin. I could break down and cry if I dont get my weekly dose of soft creamy cheese., especially the one from Marks & Sparks.

And not forgettting salt beef sandwiches, of course. I’d never forget that cold wintry night, when my hubby trudged back to the shop in central London, just because the lady loves Salt Beef! And all because he came back and bragged that he just ate them at the office!

When Subway sandwiches was all the rave, I ‘d queue up patiently just for its mozzarella cheese topped freshly baked bread that smells yummy, with tuna mayo filling with generous dollops of more mayo..sigh! A friend shook her head in amazement when I took the bus around Holborn searching for another Subway because the one next to the uni ran out of mozzarella topped bread.

Aaaahh, did I tell you about Thai Sing?? Thai Sing Laksa Paste? I counted my lucky stars the day I stumbled upon this dollop of heaven in a jar at Tawana Thai Supermarket in Chepstow Road. These little darlings were tucked somewhere between satay sauce and habhal kicap that you could almost missed them. I then introduced it to my chums at Rantauan.com and had members from all over the world drooling their way to oriental supermakets in LA, San Francisco, Melbourne, Germany and Holland, in search of Thai Sing. The sales report for last year must have been quite a nice surprise for the manufacturers as it registered a surge in sales around the world.

So, you can imagine, once I get on to something, a good song, a nice recipe...that will be all the family and cats will hear and eat.

But, how my family indulges me! My husband especially, but he has a cunning way of exorcising these obsessions out of me...but, of courselah, he remains my all time obsession.


faux diamante said...

Amen to life's sweet temptations.
I will definitely stock up on chocs when i give birth next!

anedra said...

when I read yr last line.."but of course, he remains my all time obsession", I laughed and felt like pengsan-ing! hahaha..you and Mr.KakTeh are such mushpies. shweeet to the maximum!
I can tell the household is suffering from this demam Alleycats. Will call T and tell him what to do!

apple for me said...

Just dropping by Kak Teh. Wow how much have I missed! Time to check out the others!

Anonymous said...

what about those bollywood songs?? quite sure that was before alleycats...

moi, a thaising addict,

Sunflora said...

Beautifully written as usual :) Lucky Awang goneng!

KakTeh I too have an obsession for that Salt beef! Huwaa I soo miss that! have you tried making it yourself at home? Any tried and tested recipe for salt beef?

/me yang melilih air liur teringat salt beef

Jane Sunshine said...

Hello Kak Teh, I have been following your blog for a while and have just decided to be part of blog-o-rama. I have linked you on my site (without asking first, sorry for being so presumptuous). I have learnt a lot about London from you as I still new here. And you are so-the-funny. Ha ha.

atiza said...

If any of the Thai Sing rep read your blog, I think they would want to employ your as their spokeperson la Kak Teh :)

drbubbles said...

I can imagine that Kenny Craig, the hypnotist in Little Britain trying to do it on you....(malam tadi tgk his antics..memang kelakar!)...hehehe...


anak menantu kpd ibu mertua yang obses ..heheheh

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Hahaha, Kak Teh, give it back to the kids. Make them cry! LOL! Me and my teenagers often do that. They torture me with their loud music, I find something they can't stand and take revenge. *muahahaha*

Ely said...

aiyoh kak teh. u r a true allyecats fan! i dont listen to them as much as u do! but if not for u, i wouldnt have the cd!

alleycats or chocs? both are the best!

Kak Teh said...

nazrah, when? when?
anedra: don't u dare! letthem suffer for a bit!
apple4me: yes, where were you?
klmuk: i think u know more abt my obsessions than i do.
sunflora: u mean u can make your own salt beef? I thought they breed cows specially salty! hehe
janesunshine, i HAVE been to your blog and it is awesome!!! Will canang and link you at sentraal station , it'll cause a congestion to yr blog!! Love it!
atiza: I know they shd!
Is: it didnt work - alleycats stronger!
5xmom, I love yr wicked laugh, muahahaha!! yes, its payback time!
ely - i nearly spelt you as alley - what to do..until the next one comes, i am stuck with alleycats!

miniME said...

Was introduced to that thaising thingy by a friend ;) really good! Btw kak teh, i'm so honoured to be in your sentraal station. Thanks!!

Jane Sunshine said...

Oh thank you for thinking of adding me in. Can I just please have a spot on the Central line. That's the one I use!

the kimster said...

Alleycats are cool!!! :P
The early hits in the 80s and a bit of 90s are fantastic, until M Nasir decided not to write for them anymore.

"Jika Kau Bercinta Lagi" - now, that's a classic.

the kimster said...

Alleycats are cool!!! :P
The early hits in the 80s and a bit of 90s are fantastic, until M Nasir decided not to write for them anymore.

"Jika Kau Bercinta Lagi" - now, that's a classic.

lion3ss said...

I found Thai Sing out during my final year there, and wished I knew of it earlier!

We used to have Alleycats album when we were kids, singing along to their every song. But nowadays dah lama tak dengar.

AuntyN said...

Tak larat nak baca sampai habis, cite kak teh ni sebab, sekotak tisu habih dok lap drool meleleh, specially part chocolate ni. But the ending is so sweet. AG sure is so lucky.

Mutiara said...

Hingga akhir nanti...that's for KT and AWG

meandbaby said...

Kak Teh..my hubby sanggup bought for me my own CD player for my car coz' dah tak larat nak dengar CDs yg I dok pasang in his car(sbb keta dia je yg ada CD player) so now I can sing suka hati I...songs from Ramlah Ram,Alleycats,Broery,and many more of my collections old and new...

d'arkampo said...

kak teh,

U can actually reverse the spell to AG by singing this song :

Suara Kekasih

Hadiran ombak membelai pantai
Tiada putusnya percintaan itu
Hembusnya bayang mu menyejukkan
Tapi tiada terhenti dahaga kerinduan
Suara kekasih..
Membelai hati ku
Suara kekasih..
Membasuh luka ku

Tibanya sinar bulan di laut
Dengan ribuan alunan kemesraan
Membawa kenangan yang berlalu
Dengan ribuan warna keemasan
Suara kekasih..
Membelai jiwa ku
Suara kekasih..
Yang menyejukkan ku

Terdengar suara mu yang suci
Pabila terkejut dari mimpi
Ku meyakinkan suara itu
Memanggil daku dengan harapan
Tapi sayangnya alunan ombak
Yang memecah diri sangka ku
Suara kekasih..
Yang memanggil daku
Suara kekasih..
Di malam yang indah


Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Teh,

I inadvertently discovered your blog sometime ago, while doing a search on yahoo, and have been hooked on it eversince. I just want to tell you that I love your insights on life and people, and of course on good old london, a place which I dearly miss. BTW, my husband and I were in london on the day of the bombing but alhamdillah we were safe. Please keep on writing!

P/s I was obsessed with bagels and cream cheese as a student in London some 13 years ago. Had to have it every other day!

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh

Haven't checked my email. I'm accessing this at internet cafe. My modem ko by lightning. So, I'll reply you when it comes back from repair shop, hopefully next week.

Keep well.


De'Kapai said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
De'Kapai said...

Kak Teh, boleh imagine kak teh kat dapor dengan baju kelawar and singging lagu Alleycat... kesian anak-anak kalau kak teh torture depa macam tu... consider to change yr hairstyle macam David... or ask Awg to consider!!!

RedKebaya said...

alleycats ... they'll always have a special place in my heart KT. masa courting dolu2 the hubs passed over his walkman and made me listen to 'Seribu Bintang' and his eyes said it all !!!! he never was one with words see lol. *sigh* those good ole days.

and as long as it keeps u happy KT let the ballads rule heheh

Kak Teh said...

miniMe: believe me, you'll get hooked. I think i know who introduced u to Thai Sing!
JSunshine - just added you..but we dont have lines yet!
The Kinster: Yes, Jika kau bercinta lagi.....cintalah sepenuhnya!!
Lion3ss: you found Thai Sing and we didnt know abt it? I think tonight will be Thai Sing night and with who else entertaining us!
auntyN - sorry - i hantu coklat!

Kak Teh said...

Mutiara: memang I suka, not sure abt AG!
Meandbaby - sportingnya yr hubby!
Po, I will work on that one tonight! after pekena dia dengan Thai Sing!
Anon: thanks for finding me! and bagels? that is one thing i have yet to acquire the taste.
Lydia: aiyah...what the happened? Check check! and take care!
de kapai: how abt AG in baju kelawar and afro do?
redkebaya: yeay!! another alleycats fan!

suriyati said...

I do love those ferraro roche.. they are very delicious chocolate.. and also Hersheys Almond too.. Yummy!!

Empty Heart said...

Akak ... 25 years of marriage .. and "he remains my all time obsession" ..omigoshhhh .. that is AMAZING ...
What am I complaining about my marriage eh?.. Its only 3.5 years old!!
I hope one day, one very fine day, that I can write the same ...
Thank u akak ...

Leen Ash Burn said...

Kak Teh! Huwaaaaa.

Thanks to you I am now craving for Ferrero Rocher, Yorkie, choccies, Ebony & Ivory Cheesecake kat starbucks, blueberry cheesecake secret recipe. ARGHRHH.

*runs off sobbing*

Kak Teh said...

suriyati - u pun chocoholic?
EH - Insyaallah u can and u will.
Leen, its always a pleasure to get someone else craving for chocolate - i am also chocadist..err...chocolate sadist?

petalingstreet said...

oh so...so sweet.... them chocolates i mean! :)