Sunday, 7 August 2005

Remembering Hiroshima

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I was deep into the intrigues and romance of an eighteenth century Malay syaer when I was called upon to participate in a ceremony in a building next door. At 0815 on 6th of August 1945, just as the people of Hiroshima were starting their morning, the then newly created weapon of mass destruction, the atomic bomb, was dropped on the city by a US plane, ensuring that for at least 140,000 people, they never got to see another tomorrow. Thousands more suffered the after effects either physically or mentally. Many still carry the scars and one of them was Dr Sato of Three Wheels, who conducted the solemn ceremony at the Japanese Garden of the Brunei Gallery yesterday.

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With 9/11,7/7, 21/7, Hiroshima seems a million years ago and so, so far away from what’s happening on my doorsteps, so I am very grateful to fellow blogger Lacrema for inviting me to this simple yet beautiful ceremony – lest we forget.

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With the wailing of sirens in the background, Dr Sato, who was only 5 when it happened, urged that there should never be a repeat of Hiroshima and lets not forget, Nagasaki. He remembers a lost uncle, a grandmother and many more. Many Japanese who were present yesterday must know of someone who perished or suffered or continue to suffer.
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Lacrema, a member of the Shino Arisawa group, played traditional Japanese music to mark the occassion.
Indeed, here in the UK, ceremonies to remember the victims were held everywhere.
Whatever the politics, let’s take a minute to remember the innocent ones.
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faux diamante said...

There are big lessons to be learnt fr Hiroshima, yet the same mistakes are commited as we speak.

lacrema said...

Hi kak teh,

Thanks for the pics. No doubt the pictures are taken by a professional. They are so clear and well angled. Anyway, thanks a lot for coming and helping me with the video. I'll get the tapes from you soon and do tell me the cost. Bye kak teh.

Awang Goneng said...

Ah, Son of Song-San playing Japanese instrument. Like father like Song, like son.

But what a sad day; worth remembering in these mad days!

karina said...

my birthday coincides with the Hiroshima anniversary.

think of how many birthdays that did not happen because of that one day..

Kak Teh said...

nazrah - so true. and there'll be endless remembrance ceremonies for the mistakes made.
lacrema: thanks, truly enjoyed it and what a beautiful performance.
AG:yes - that's son of song!
karina: hope you had a wonderful birthday. you're right - many didnt make it to their next birthday and for many others too - what quality of life -with all the side effects!

Atok said...

wathed the 'Hiroshima' documentary-drama on BBC last night; with latest computer technology, it was brilliantly done; very sad indeed...

MassyLassy said...

The documentary was shown yesterday on BBC - Hiroshima... When I watched it, I can't help but cried and it brings shivers to my spine... And yes, I agree with Atok, brilliantly done and so precise...

Kak Teh said...

atok & massylassy, yes, I watched the documentary too and was in tears throughtout and atok, I bet hazel was too!

Nadia said...

I'm currently reading 'A Boy Called H' an autobio written my Kappa Senoh and it's basically about a childhood duritng wartimes in Japan. I have yet to reach the part of Hiroshima but getting there. I recently read 'The Rice Mother' telling of the Japanese occupation in Malaya and it's just two sides to a story, well kind of. kak teh, do you have any stories of the japanese occupation in malaysia?

Kak Teh said...

nadia, yes, now you know the answer. The past year I have been reading lots of books - Malay and Indonesian novels about this period. Have yet to tackle The RIce Mother.