Friday, 6 March 2009

A Tribute to Loga and Congratulations Datuk David Arumugam

Rummaging through my box of MiniDv’s and labelling them, I found one that I had been searching for high and low. Long time readers of this blog would know about my obsession with The Alleycats. And heaven help them, now that I have found the recording of their performance in London some years ago. This was at Oriental City, a year after Cik Siti performed on the same stage before her Royal Albert Hall debut.

I have learnt a thing or two about transferring visuals on to Movie Maker but I have yet to learn how to edit music. That’s a tough one.

Anyway, I remember the last time I was watching this video, I told my youngest about Loga. I said, Loga is not well as he had some sort of cancer. Imagine my shock when I heard that he died the very next day. I couldn’t even write a tribute although many readers came to my blog expecting me to write something about him.

The last time I went home to Malaysia, I was supposed to meet them and give them a copy of the video as I think it has some sentimental values, especially to David.

You can see two youngsters enjoying the performance by the side of the stage. That’s David’s son and daughter who came to meet him in London. Before that, they had not seen each other for 11 years, I think. You can see how proud they were of their father and uncle.

As you can see, it was a last minute decision to have the performance, but fans young and old came from as far as Liverpool. They danced and sang along. And Kak Teh managed to sit with David on the steps of the stage and hold the microphone while he sang. And guess what? I managed to say, Ma Kaseeeeeh!!!!! when he finished singing.

I have just edited this one song out of a whole hour’s recording. Enjoy it –
Loga, you will be missed. And congratulations to Datuk David Arumugam and Datin Sabrina.

Other Alleycats memories:


Pak Tuo said...

Yes...they break the barrier Kak Teh.

Jes a quest,is there any Asli Grouppe apart from tarian or Keroncong Group there?
Any of our boys busking at Protobello with rebana,violin or gambus and accordian with Aslirama gendre down there?

Like the Spaniards 'Flamengo' music there manage to export the music gendre world wide. I wish to be in good ole'London now.
I', into Art for Art sake.

Wassalam.Salam to Abang.

Kak Teh said...

Pak Tuo, setahu kak teh, tak ada pulak asli group di sini, atau any of our boys basking here. Dulu rasanya art fazil nyanyi juga di sana sini.

So, why dont you come back here and entertain us?

Oooh, next week, Too Phat will be here.

kay_leeda said...

Kak Teh,

Ma Kaseeeeeh!!!!! What a coincidence, we were listening to Allyecats at the office earlier. TGIF with Alleycat hits, konon nak release tension lah :)

DrSam said...

Alleycats... their songs are evergreen. Sekuntum mawar merah is my all time favorite. If I have to sing, this is the one that I will sing.

Kak Teh said...

kay, kak teh ni hantu alleycats!! Its been a while since I listened to them and i really shouldnt as I have loads to do. But, as you said you listened at work to release tension, then perhaps I must have heard you and posted this.

Dr Sam, you sing? Why is it that one person is blessed with so many talents? I sing too..but far far away.:)

mnorali said...

Yes, a nostalgic tribute to them. I grew up with their songs early 70s and I am now 55. The last time I sat with them 2000 when they were jamming in a hotel in JB, and Loga obliged to my request to play HighwayStar (DP)and David with Sekuntum Mawar merah. Surprisingly, my missing Alleycat albums lately were found in my kid's room in campus. Thanks for the memory, Kakteh.

Norali, Seremban

Kak Teh said...

norali, thanks for the visit. I only got to know their songs when they came here and really got hooked on them and the best part was I got to know David and Sabrina dan Loga.
I was listening to their songs almost everyday..hahaha! and my husband and children just tolerated me. But i am now quite suspicious cos I cannot find the albums that I bought from them.

Kak Elle said...

KT nostalgic betul mendengar the alleycats tau...thank you and more pleaseeeeeeeeee

the 2 teenagers tu anak si David ye?dah besar...

before Loga passed away they both were guests in one of our local show here ... you can see how the audience were singging along with them.

Tie said...

Hah ! Lagu2 Alleycats ni bila didengar waktu malam, boleh buat kan kita rasa sayu je...he he..

Pi Bani said...

I am the kind who's not too familiar with songs and singers (especially yang ramai tumbuh macam cendawan of late). Bila dengar lagu, I would be asking, "Siapa nyanyi ni?" and then when people tell me the name of the singer, I'd go, "Huh, siapa tu?"

But Alleycats... dengar lagu je I dah tau siapa nyanyi. Ada trademark tersendiri.

Ma kaseyyyyy!!!

Oldstock said...

Kak Teh,

This is a gem! A recording of Alleycats in London.

Like DrSam up there, if I'm forced to sing karaoke, it will be an Alleycats song.

This post of yours reminded me of a story when I was a student in Sheffield. A Malay friend who lived in the flat below us was dating an English girl.

One day he brought over the girl to our house for dinner... konon-kononnya nak bagi minah salleh tu rasa masakan orang kita. After dinner, we sat around chatting. My friend picked up a guitar and started strumming some Malay songs.

When he started to play and sing `Sekuntum Mawar Merah', I said, hold on for a bit, why don't you sing it line by line and I'll translate for your girlfriend.

And so began the impromtu translation of the lyrics as a Malay guy sang a love song to his English girl.

I was doing the translation on the fly... takde prepare apa-apa pun. At the end of the song, we could the blushes in the girls cheeks.

Pak Tuo said...

Nek Teh,

I like the song and your blog.


Memorable trails... said...

Alleycats songs??? I love them..before and now,especially Hingga akhir nanti

Kak Teh said...

kak elle, akan kak teh cuba post kan yang lain sekali sekala.

ya . anak-anak dia dah besar. depa jumpa selepas 11 tahun berpisah!

Tie, betul tu. tapi bagi kak teh, dengar bila masa pun seronok.

Kak Teh said...

Pi bani, betul benar kata pi bani. Kak teh pun tak kenal banayk singers especially the new ones. but Alleycats? Makaseeeeeh!!

Kak Teh said...

Oldstock, thanks for sharing such a beautiful story..but did it have a beautiful ending too?
I was once asked to propose a sajak that a groom wanted to read at his wedding. I chose kekasih byUsman awang. The mother in law cried!!!

Kak Teh said...

wow adam, you are so young and lready blogging! But you have a pro and veteran blogger to help you, eh!

Madam Gold, Hingga akhir nanti is actually my favourite of all. When i arrived at Oriental city where they were performing, they actually were finishing the song, but later I had to request they sing it again...and bless David he obliged!

Pak Tuo said...

Makaseyyyyy!!! Nek Teh.


NanaDJ said...

Kak Teh,
I am a fan of Alleycats too. Attended his concert at Istana Budaya last year and sat beside Loga's lovely wife Susan, we held hand everytime Loga's songs were being sung. It was such an emotional experience especially when she shared with me the message behind certain songs including this one.
The Alleycats 40th Anniversary Album is worth having, it includes video of their history as told by David plus interviews with the likes of M Nasir etc.
Thank you for sharing the video with us

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim, kucing ray yg alim.

Saya suka lagu2 Alleycat, kata Pak Malim sambil memakai kain pelikat. Terutama sekali, Senyum lah Kuala Lumpur, kata Pak Malim sambil bermain lumpur. I love U David Arumugam! kata Pak Malim sambil makan bubble gum.

mekyam said...

cemburunya saya, kt dapat pengang mike for david arumugam segala!

i heart alleycats, too. :D

mekyam said...

oh terlupa to ask after you...

hope you're feeling much better after the wednesday nite fever.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Teh, after reading your post yday, I went up to the attic and raided the husband's CD collection for Alleycats. And yes, there was one.. not a CD, but a cassette tape. *chuckles* .. which kinda explain why I desperately need a massage today coz my whole body is aching from too much dancing to Alleycats last evening.

Thanks for the heads-up.

tireless mom said...

Dear Kak Teh

Amazing kan. Alleycats was one of the few non Malay speaking groups yang have captured our hearts. The songs are everlasting. Ma Kaseyyy kak Teh for bringing us down memory lane.

Uncle said...

Dear Kak Teh.
Lama Uncle tak comment kat sini. Bila sebut pasai Alleycats teringat Uncle masa kat Uncle Chillis Fun Pub, PJ Hilton...masa tu Uncle kerja kat situ and they always perform there.

Then bila naik bas Mara dari Aloq Staq pi KL, pakai walkman dengaq lagu "Kuala Lumpur, senyuman mu...." Nostalgia betoi!


l!zs said...

hie kak a silent reader of yours..saw u n hubby kat astro just now.rancangan sarapan dimana seson 2.

MrsNordin said...

I read this on Friday tapi tak sempat nak comment. I used to follow Alleycats gigs, too, much like how I'd follow Jamal Abdillah's. They are great performers and both David & Loga made such a good combination.

I have David's and Loga's signatures on a tissue paper, which I got during one of their performances in KL many years ago. I keep it in a photo album. It's priceless!

Thanks for sharing, K.Teh.

Unknown said...

Dear Kak Teh,

Thanks for this post. I was an Alley Cat fan and have seen them perform live...then my son, who is a musician hismelf, is also frens with his daughter who now sings jazz....The circle has finally come round...

Take care and thanks for always writing so honestly....


Kak Teh said...

NanaDJ thanks for that info abt the 40th anniversary collection . will certainly get it. I have not met susan, but i have met Sabrina..a beautiful lady and of couse i found out that she was a beauty queen.

Pak malim pun suka alleycats, tanya kak teh sambil minum kopi pekat. Oooh, tentu saja, sebab inikan kumpulan suku sakat pak malim, kata kak teh sambil dengar lagu sm salim.

Kak Teh said...

Mekyam, thanks - am a bit better though I have had a rough night - and still not hundred percent. But, will be up and about - cant stay in bed all week. Pegang microphone pun jadilaaaaa!! Nak menyanyi tak berbakat.

Andrea, hahaha! you what??? But if you do the lenggok loga, you are sure to feel the strain!! I am amazed how he did it.

Kak Teh said...

TM, although you can still tell that their BM was not quite right, it didnt stop us from listening to their songs: Sampaikanlah salam cintaku padanyiaaaaa!!

anyway, spoke to Aishah (kudu) and Jo of Too Phat and brother Iman will be here for air asia launch. Hope to meet up with them.

Kak Teh said...

Uncle, memang lama betul Uncle tak menjenguk. Busy kut! Masih di Madinah?

Ya, love that song Kuala Lumpur, too.

l!sz@, aaah, ada lagi program tu? They interviewed us last year and it was aired several times, i think. Kak teh saja yang belum tengok. Thanks for telling me.

Kak Teh said...

Mrs N, you and I, we can be their groupie...ikut mana depa pi. I have never been so crazy over any groups before this. And when they were here in London, I shared some great moments with them. I went to their dinner and dance - it was just great dancing to their songs, although I never did dance to their songs during our courting days. In fact me and my ag never did dance..hehe!I was dancing to alleycats with someone else...hish!!

Paula, whose daughter is a jazz singer? Wow, I bet she must be good.

Alley-k said...

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