Thursday, 26 March 2009

Estrella and Seven Collar TShirt in UK

With Joe Flizzow's fast flowing free style rap still playing in my mind, rather than the usual old time favourites by the Alleycats, I hear news about the UK tour by Malaysia's up and coming bands - Estrella and Seven Collar TShirt. KNUKE - Kugiran Negara ke United Kingdom, who brought the rain - Hujan - here last year, has once again put together a three city tour and performance for these two bands.

This is the programme from

Date: 29 March 2009
Venue: The Venue, ULU
Time: 1800 hrs (6pm)
Entrance Fee: £10

Opening Bands:
Colonel Boxmaster & The Womanizers
Izrin Thani
The Stowaways

Secure your tickets by contacting one of our London representatives:

Shasa (general) - 07921193447
Ifham (general)- 07878362335
Faz (UCL)- 07789933666
Nik Imran ( UCL) - 07846240651
Nik Izrin (UWE) - 07595310846
Alia Ishak (QM) - 07515488798
Dayana Rogayah (UMNO) - 07886418326
Akmal (LSE) - 07894470170



Date: 5 April 2009
Venue: MOHO Live
Time: 1800 hrs (6pm)
Entrance Fee: Door - £9, Book & Pay - £7

Opening Bands:
The Paris Riots
The Torrentz
Myo Oh Chentaku

Get your tickets from our Manchester representative:
Ungku Iskandar - 07515102388

Alternatively our Manchester venue has its own online ticketing service. Click here to get your tickets from the MOHO Live website.

They are also performing at Holiday Villa on 27th March at abt 7.30pm

You can read a write up about their tour here.

For the article on Joe Flizzow's trip to London, read here.


Kenny Mah said...

Kudos to KNUKE for bringing Malaysian bands to the UK! :)

tireless mom said...

Dear Kak Teh

Read the NST article on Joe and Iman written by you. Teharu pulak...

Kak Teh said...

Kenny dear at least when they are here, I get to know of new songs - or else I'm stuck with old ones. Yes, Kudos to KNUKE!!

TM, aaah, you read. It was nice meeting up with them again after all these years.