Friday, 8 April 2005

Cookie? What Cookie? And where?

I wonder whether anyone else had the same problems accessing blogspot today. Tried everything, turned off PC, turned on PC, changed browser. Zilt. The cats could sense my withdrawal symptoms and ran for cover. All I got was "No Available Data" and site not found or something like that. Couldn't update blog, couldn't post comment. Even sought Spasti's help to access blog from Tumasek...she could but I still couldn't. All the while, ideas for blog spilling out of my ears. So, I had to sms my very own Mr Fix-it, Ijun who promptly advised me to go to (Okay - Ijun, another pix for you on the way.) Aha! And there were a few wise words there, which unfortunately did not mean much to me. Clear cookie, it says. Cookie? What cookie? Where do I find cookie? What? In the browser? Who on earth keeps cookie in browser?

Was hyperventilating again when one sayang mama came back from Friday prayers to my rescue. He had his Bluetooth, he announced. Bluetooth? What Bluetooth? Shall we make an appointment with the dentist? During my time, we had wisdom tooth.

Sigh! I had at least five fabulous intros to five wonderful entries to my blog...(even if I say so myself, lah!) One about A London Cabby's Tale, one about The Book Village at Hay On Wye, one about my days at the Beeb, for it was 14 years ago this year that I said goodbye to my loyal listeners (about five of them!) before they turned the transmitter, one about a Beautiful Mind...and one about my fascination with the lift repairman at my Uni.

But now I am too tired to blog. At least I have updated it and spare Cik Siti from anymore intrusive eyes.
Kak Teh

Am off to Oxford to see The King and I


Jiwa Rasa said...

Me too had the same problem with blogger, yesterday. Lost all the posting and have to retype again:(

Can't wait for your next entries, especially on the at Hay On Wye Book Village!

Kak Teh said...

jiwa, oh nampaknya bukan kak teh sorang lah atau orang2 sebelah sini - macam ijun, awang etc. Insyaalllah kak teh tulis pasai Hay On Wye - festivalnya buklan depan, kalau tak salah tapi kak teh pergi dulu masa lawatan Sanusi utnuk tengok book village.

AuntyN said...

Betui Kak Teh, Aunty pun sama jugak problem tu, dah type entry Flowers tu bila nak post habih hilang. Then depa kata lain kali type kat Words dulu, malam baru buleh post. Komen langsung takleh baca. Cuma sapa2 yg ada tagboard saja boleh dok sembang.

atiza said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
atiza said...

what i normally did was to type it in word and cut & paste it to my blog. but somehow or rather, i always forgot to switch the auto spell and grammar checker on..heh

Sunflora said...

Kak teh,

Sorry I have been away on a roadtrip. Wah looks like you have been awfully busy too! mana gambar kurta berkilat you?

So how was King and I? Its not a regular feature show is it?

Berisman said...

I heard it is cable breakdown on international links.

Ms.B said...

Yep - blogger's been erratic, and so have some other websites. At first I thought it was my own pathetic office connection, but then apparently, like Berisman said, it's some bigger international problem.

Aww, c'mon Kak Teh, .. blog those stories, blog them! Pretty please? *flutters eyelids*

Kak Teh said...

atiza: looks like that is what we have to do now - kalau tidak habis hilang.
SF: baru balik dr Oxford - memang best..was a good day out!
Pak Adib: Oh gitu? Hmmm blogspot ni!
Blabs...yessss, One day, Insyaallah!

d'arkampo said...

Kak Teh,

I had the same problem. I didn't type or post anything to my blog and i blame all my favourite bloggers.

'awat depa tak update hah?'

he he

shidah said...

kak teh, tak pe.... tulis gini pun saya baca gak! err bukak fan club la lepaih ni kay?