Friday 26 January 2007

Ramblings from Rembau

Salam to all,

Last night , my husband kindly transfered my blog to the new version of blogger, and this morning I was informed by Alice that some commenters whose names appeared before in older entries, now appeared as anonymous. I really don't know what happened, but I do know my commenters and I do appreciate them. Now please read on:

Ramblings from Rembau

Had my son written me a letter after his stint in Rembau, it would have sounded like this:

My dearest mama,

My fingers are tired after replying to your numerous sms’es which came every other hour and so I have decided to sit down and type out this mail to you.

As you know my trip back to get to know my roots ended yesterday but it still baffles me to this day, why my roots strayed as far as Rembau when I know that Daddy hails from the seaside town of Kuala Terengganu and you are from Kedah. Nevertheless, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself though my knees still wobble after the ‘crawl’ to greet the Undang. This must be the nearest experience to meeting a royalty, I must say. And I am truly honoured.

Rembau is a wonderful place with friendly people. But they kept calling me Jang. In fact, it turned out that they called everyone of us Jang. One ‘Jang’ and all heads turned. Anyway, that’s the least of my problems. I was the youngest Jang amongst other Jangs from Saudi and Coco Island. I wish they had briefed us on the language and dialect on day one but they didn’t and that created a lot of confusion on my part.

I remember you telling me that in Malaysia, Manglish is spoken. So, I was hardly surprised when every time someone spoke to me, they began with, “Then,......” But no mama, I came to realise quite late that it is not ‘then’ but Den as in I as in “Den nak makan.”

There were many new things that we learnt everyday and it was really thoughtful of them to brief us on nasi goreng and masak lomak. Perhaps they thought my diet had consisted only of fish and chips and shepherd’s pie.

It is impossible to pick one particular moment as a highlight of my stint there. Like I said in my sms to you, I had to learn to crawl on my knees, inching my way up to greet the Undang who was sitting on a big throne like chair. I practised this a few times until my knees hurt and once I did a real no no by turning to walk back. I had to walk backwards all the time. So, during the opening ceremony, representing the other Malay youths from around the world I did my crawl and walk backwards, without any problems. I was dressed like those Malay warriors in old Malay movies that you sometimes watch when it was too cold to go out. They must have been suitably impressed by the way I looked, ‘cos I was then invited to sit in the front row with the Undang and other officials during the group photograph, which I must add, and proudly too, appeared in a newspaper!! I am chuffed, mama, to say the least! and need I say too, that this was the first of many other photographs that appeared in the local media.

There was one particular mug shot of me that appeared in the newspaper, which prompted my cousins to sms me and called me the Mawi of Rembau. Who is Mawi, mama? Please tell.

A brush with the media is not something that I’d want to experience again in a hurry Mama, and this I say without intending to offend you and Daddy. When the TV crew turned up, the camera was everywhere, when we were sitting down chatting, even when we badly needed a rest and especially when we were making the lomang and ketupat. There was this big photograph of our group stirring the dodol with big oars. I reckon I’m an expert in making ketupat now although I looked quite ridiculous stirring the dodol while dressed in my baju melayu and songkok.

We had some silat sessions which I really enjoyed and I am making a mental note to take silat lessons in London, if that is alright with you.

Coming back to the media exposure and my fifteen minutes of fame, I admit I was quite upset when a story about me appeared with the headline,”Mahu Jadi Melayu”. What kind of a headline is that, Mama? I am already a Malay and even though I must have spoken Rembau Malay with a funny accent, that does not make me less of a Malay. I am a Malay. And I do resent being called, 'that budak Mat Salleh'. I understood everything that was said about me but I remember you telling me to be polite all the time and I bit my tongue. I wanted to say, I am a Malay, and a proud one too, especially when I wore the Malay costume with the tengkolok. Yes, I felt like a proper Malay though I’d look funny walking the streets of London. AND I don’t mean that as an insult. Me, funny...NOT the Malay costumes funny, okay?

The Hari Raya Haji in Rembau is one hari raya that I am not likely to forget. The night before, we did the takbir from house to house. Luckily I had enough practice doing the takbir with Daddy and also before the Raya prayers at Mawar. So, I was quite confident this time. The next morning after prayers, we witnessed the slaughter of the cows and believe me, I can still hear the sound that came from the creatures. After that, we helped to cut the meat and distributed them. I remember we used to do this at the old Malaysia Hall.

During one function, suddenly I heard my name being called. I was asked to go to the podium to give a speech. I was so not prepared for this, but I managed, just a short speech. It was not unlike the speeches that I had given at school during assemblies. I attach here a photograph and I am sure you’ll be proud of me.

The hike up Gunung Datuk was indeed tiring. It took us almost five hours to get to the top and several times I slipped. Although some went right up to the peak, I preferred to stay just a few feet below. I am no hero, mama. The walk down was much faster and easier.

The youth exchange programme ended all too soon and I made some very good friends and we promised to have a reunion soon. I enjoyed being with the Malays from Saudi Arabia. Their Malay was as Arabic as mine was English. But we had no problems communicating. And had lots of fun and laughter, especially during our journey to Melaka and back. And the foster family was also wonderful. Bapek den bagi den kain sarong.

Needless to say, I am now quite tanned after being out in the sun. When I came back to Mak Ngah’s house, Tok greeted me and said, “Bila balik dari India?” Tok’s memory is really gone, Mama!

This will be all for now till we meet again.

Can I stay a bit longer?


k.d said...

Awww. KTeh..hehehe

That was experience in a lifetime kan. Especially best coz he got to experience kampung life.

Dia nak stay tu..tapi sure Mama dia susah nak kasi lepas.

Hard to let go but they do grow up and found out that they got wings and can fly far far away..We can only hope they would fly home.

Theta said...

Sounds like a fun and unforgettable character-building experience.....
The newspaper headline on 'Mahu Jadi Melayu' is a tad too much. I've seen and heard many so-called teenage Malays in KL who are less a Malay than those born and bred times with exaggerated versions of American or Brit accents despite having never stepped foot overseas!
Taufiq also sounds like a real trooper - being able to withstand the heat to stir the dodol, all the while decked up in his baju melayu and songkok!

Sunfloraa said...

Awww he has come a long way Kakteh! So how has he changed since he has been back? Not wearing baju melayu tiap hari I think? :)

Kak Elle said...

anak den enjoy betul kan? hehe...kat teh Taufiq must have enjoyed the stay that he wanted to spend more time.A hensem young man too.

Anonymous said...

Membaca ceritamu tentang anakmu
Sedar aku tentang jauhnya perjalanan bangsaku
Bukan lagi Melayu yang terperangkap di hulu
Bukan lagi pengembala kerbau dan lembu.

Melayu sudah luas dunianya
Sudah jauh perjalanannya
Telah menjadi warga maya
Tiada pelusuk tidak dijelajahnya.

Kalau Adik Teh bercerita tentang anakmu
Izinkan aku bercerita tentang cucu-cucuku
Yang separuh Mat Salleh separuh Melayu
Bila nak berturur aduhai alangkah lucu.

Yang besar tiga tahun usianya
Bertutur dia dalam tiga bahasa
Jerman, Inggeris dan bahasa Malaysia
Sebab tinggalnya di Eropah sana.

Bila balik dia ke Malaya
Kedai India dan kopitiam kesukaannya
Roti canai dan roti bakar pilihan utama
Katanya: roti bakar with many many kaya.

Itulah cerita kita Adik Teh
Dari sekolah Melayu pi sekolah Orang Putih
Dari merangkak kita belajar bertatih
La ni di mana tempat pun kita boleh.

Tak sangkalah budak Yan pi dok di negeri Orang Putih
Budak Terengganu pula cakap macam Mat Salleh
Anak Adik Teh semangat Melayunya pastilah dah pulih
Kacau dodoi dan bersilat pun sudahlah boleh.

Abang Malaya berundur dulu
Di lain masa kita bertemu
Dok bantu Rocky kawan sekutu
Agar para blogger terus bersatu.

Kak Teh said...

kd, Indeed it was an experience of a lifetime and guess what? he is already saving up to go back!

theta, character building experience, it was and also a kind of rites of passage. He must have been quite a sight - stirring dodol in his baju melayu and songkok.

sunflora, well, he is always in his kain pelikat at home and baju melayu is reserved for hari raya only. He talks about going back all the time, planning this and that. and for that I am happy.

kak elle, memang dia suka sangat masa exchange programme tu. And I have no regrets about letting him go.

Kak Teh said...

abang malaya,
terhibur seketika hati yang lara,
teringat cucu rasanya gembira,
penawar hati yang sedang duka,
abang malaya kembali berseloka.

Cucu abang malaya seleranya melayu,
makan roti bakar dan sekaya selalu,
itu juga menjadi kegemaranku,
bila pulang ke kedai mamak ku tuju.

anak melayu pulang ke dusun,
belajar adat jari tersusun,
mengorak langkah bersilat berduyun,
kalau tersalah minta diampun.

anak melayu tak hilang di dunia,
bukan begitu kata pujangga kita,
ke mana merantau, tetap pulang juga,
anak melayu tak lupa asal usulnya.

silalah abang malaya belalah kawan,
niat yang baik jangan dilawan,
semoga terubat hati yang rawan,
selamat berjuang untuk teman-teman.

Anonymous said...

your son could indeed pass for Mawi, heheh! very interesting stint he had there.

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh,
Ujang tak mintak kak teh masakkan lomak cili api?

~ GAB ~ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
~ GAB ~ said...

Wahhhh... such a nice account by the mom and indeed such an experience for the son that stays for life, I suposed.

NorAiniJ said...

Salam perkenalan Kak Teh,

It’s my first entry here, although I have been cyber-stalking you for quite sometime thru reading all your entries (yes all of them!).

Your most recent entry here really touched me because, just like Taufiq I am still intrigued by the Rembau community & culture (although I have been married to a Rembauan for close to 13 years now). I can visualize pokcik and mokcik constantly teasing Taufiq “Tak paneh ko Jang? Tak ponek ko Jang?” watching Taufiq donned in his hulubalang melayu attire sambil mengacau dodol tengah tengah panas. Hehehe.

He is gonna be a fine young man. BTW, mesti ramai mokcik pokcik yg dah ‘book’ Taufiq for their daughters/granddaughters ni!

maklang said...

oh iyo ko? biaso dongor nenek den cakap nogori ni...

ubisetela said...

What an experience! I went to school for 5 years in nogori yet I still could not master their dialect.

I never knew that one has to crawl to greet the Undang...nama je besar kat M'sia, there's so much that I don't know.

Kacaknya sayang K.Teh tu!

Hi&Lo said...

Kak Teh,

People like you are an endangered specie. The lives you have touched will make sure this old world charm will not go out of fashion which is threatened by consumerism - the promotion of self-centredness.

Penglipur lara will never go out of job even in this post-modern age. You are a balm to wounded souls, esp in this uncertain time.

Congrats on your son's journey of self-discovery. I can feel his heartbeat of knowing where he came from.

The need to know our roots cannot be underestimated. It helps us to be self-assured and proud of ourselves.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't make us ethno-centric. We know where we come from and appreciate different cultures in a more enlightened light. Thus, we become more cosmopolitan.

Being Chinese and non-Chinese educated makes me look into my roots from the outside.

Growing up in Penang and surrounded by chinese festivals aroused my curiousity of their practices.

By the way, I love your banterings with Abang Malaya.

wonda said...

Wah, so touching letter and so handsome this Taufiq Wan. Must have had both features of his papa and mama. A good learning experience for him. Hmmmmm.....I wonder what "Taufiq too" looks like.

tokasid said...

Salam to kak teh and all.

Orang bujang kak teh memang henseng(trenganuspeak).Heran orang kata Taufiq tu Mawi rembau.Rambut mungkin lah macam Mawi tapi secara jujur Taufiq 100% lebih hengseng dari Mawi( sorry to Mawi fans out there).

Mulai la ni kak teh dah boleh lepaihkan taufiq dan kak dia kalu nak balik Malaysia tanpa kak teh dan AG. Dah boleh harap dah anak2 kak teh ni.Kak teh dan AG tak payah dok kalut dan risau2 lagipasai depa .
Dan kak teh tentu la ni rasa lega yang amat sangat pasai orang bujang dah ada depan mata kan?

PS- Jang(Taufiq) ado jumpo milah ko tidak kek Rombau?

Pak Tuo said...

Salam Kak Teh,

sorry for the long silence.Pretty tide up with routine after new year.

Intresting Advanture.hmmm...Rembau,my other half hails from Chengkau.

Here is intresting ling on the historical list about Rembau

If Taufik still in Rembau ask him to give me a call at 013-5152030 for a snack of his choice.

Rembau Land whom taught me the real defination on how to become a family evn though i hails from Malacca.

I think Taufik is as old as Afley (my nephew)Emma's elders.


Anonymous said...

Kak Teh

So the very the handsome your son. He reminded of Hang Tuah of Puteri Gunung Ledang. Ala that Stephan guy.


Kak Teh said...

may, i think it is just the hairstyle! His sister cut his hair just before he left.

mama irma, jang tak mintak pun, lagi pun podeh!

gab, I am sure this experience is something he will tell his children again and again and again. Just like we do to them, hehe!

Kak Teh said...

salam perkenalan drp kak teh juga. I cant believe you read everything! hahaha! Thank you, ada juga orang baca. my sister married to someone from Tanjung Ipoh, so we know a few words. I have visited yr blog as well but didnt have time to leave a comment - will go back soon!

maklang, yr nenek orang nogori?

ubi, i dont know whether the right word is crawl - but that was what he said to me, inching on his knees!

Kak Teh said...

hi&lo, do know know why people my age make good penglipur laras? well, may be because we have lots of time to look back, and the danger with looking back is that everything is seen through rose tinted glasses. But I do love looking back...and jotting them, down cos who knows my children and great granchildren might want to read them. Thank you for yr kind words. Dont u have a blog? Am sure u have.

wonda, taufiq too is a readerof this blog..hehe - i think both you and judy dah very terconfused!

tokasid, dia dah dok plan dah tu nak balik!

Kak Teh said...

pak tuo, taufiq dah balik or else am sure he;d love to have a drink with you with roti canai! hehe! will certainly visit the site that you gave.thanks.

yeen, hehehe! Hang Tuah?? I told him and he couldnt stop laughing!

A Mature Student said...

Kak Teh, what a handsome boy. It is good to know that Taufiq not only learnt so much but actually enjoyed himself at the same time. So, was it worth the worry? :))

I think Alice is just being sarcastic to me when she mentioned Taufiq Too. Unfortunately, she fooled you as well. That'll teach her. :))

Anonymous said...

Adik Teh,

hi&lo kata: By the way, I love your banterings with Abang Malaya.

Jadi, Abang Malaya kata: hi&lo mai la join sama.

Tak kan budak Penang tak pandai pantun seloka?

Cik hi&lo ni duduk belah mana -- Kelawai ka atau Tanjung Bunga?

Abang Malaya di Tanjung duduk lama.

Tapi tu zaman dulu kala.

Masa tu masih muda remaja.

Dok hang out di Esplanade kacau anak dara.

Tak kira Melayu, Cina atau India.

Asal hati rasa gembira.

Those were the days my friends.

We thought they never end.


wonda said...

Kak Teh,
I can differentiate between Taufiq one (wan) and Taufiq too (two) and I know you have only ONE Taufiq. Ah... I thought I am the only one to cam budak salah dulu, this also happened to somebody hor! Kak Teh juga terkelirukah macam Judy? I murid nakal, nak usik Judy aje. Kena tok ketampi?

Kak Teh said...

judy @ dr ve thru, yes, it is certainly worth it...counting the days, the phone calls, sms'es! aiyaaah, alice pulling my leg ka???

alice, I will reserve the tok ketampi corner just for you!

yeen, I hope you are reading this. After reading your comment abt my son looking like hang tuah ala stephen rahman, we went to holiday villa for dinner and who did we meet? Stephen rahman and his mother and friends! they were celebrating his birthday!

Kak Teh said...

It is very rare now adays to find a match to banter in syair form and with abang malaya, it is definitely difficult to come up to his standards, but itis certainly sharpening my skills.

hi&lo dah dapat jemputan,
untuk berseloka janganlah segan,
apa bahasapun boleh digunakan,
untuk menghibur kawan dan teman.

orang penang pandai berboria,
iramanya rancak nadanya ceria,
dinyanyikan gadis dan juga pria,
di majlis-majlis bersuka ria.

Ordinary Superhero said...

What a enriching character building experience to your son. Congrats to him and not forgetting, his mum.

p/s I was forced to migrate to the new blogger too.

Ordinary Superhero said...

KakTeh, mana aci!!! (refer to yr comments in my blog)

ikanbilis said...

what an enriching experience! its more special and breathtaking i believe, to learn about root and heritage. happy that your son's program went well to the extend level that he wants to stay longer. well thats the common thing that happen in every exchange students.

mula-mula tak best then at the end tak nak balik.. hehehe

Kak Teh said...

OSH, hahaha! I think you have to try harder to convice me (re: entry in yr blog!).

ikan bilis, i bet you are enjoying yr programme in the US as well. but u are a veteran in exchange programmes, kan?

demonsinme said...

Madam KT:

Your son'd journey to search for his root is a journey of wealth. A journey to know one self trough the selves that is others.



Akar ini usang,
jauh dari pucuk hijau muda yang menjulang,
asal dari benih buah yang terbuang,
tak bernilai walau dengan seurat seludang,
layak hanya untuk menggaru buntut sang beruang.


tanpa akar yang usang,
sang burung tak mungkin dewasa dan terbang,
tiada tempat sang panglima bertapa bertongkat bersilang,
takkan ada tempat tidur pendita malang.


ambillah sang akar usang,
usaplah ia dari anai-anai yang menggigit garang,
kikiskan cengkerang ulat yang membuat lubang,
agar putihnya kau kan terpandang.

Kak Teh said...

I am most touched!
sungguh terharu kak teh membaca lakaran mu,
mengenai akar yang menjalar tiada menentu,
tiada masa untuk mengeluh dan berlenggu
menjalar terus mencari sesuatu,
menambat diri sebelum hari berlalu.

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh !!!!!!!!


Kak Teh said...

yes, yeeeeeen!!! watch out for the next entry!

Lydia Teh said...

Kak Teh, nice account of Taufiq's stay in Msia. And he's definitely more hansem than Mawi lah.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Teh
Your children are so lucky to have AG and yourself as their modern Malay parents. Your blog is chock-a-block with heart-felt stories.

KopiSoh said...

kak teh just drop by to tell you the results are out with music dedication too, hop over when got time. I'll come back to read this post later ok, gotta chow ady famili waiting to go out for lunch.

Blabarella said...

KT, Taufik is SO handsome! Looks so much like you actually! :) No lah, insulting him je by saying he looks like Mawi. LOL

ilene said...

Kak Teh,
Wah, everybody telling you how handsome Taufiq is but nobody mentioned how well groomed and brought up he is! Compliments must also go to the father and mother mah without whom this handsome chap wouldn't be in existence right? Taufiq writes very well too - stem from having good teachers. Having all said and done, sounds like Taufiq had a great time here.

Mama Rock said...

suko den dongar si tofek enjoy kek rombau....boleh la poi laie :)

Queen Of The House said...

LOL!!! I really love the sense of humor in this piece, Kak Teh. I am sure your Sayang Mama had a most invaluable experience and will not forget this for a long time. Pssssttt ..... he looked really good in the photos. And I'll definitely pick this "Mawi" a thousand times over the "ori" one :-)

Kak Teh said...

lydia, nak rambling kena serah kat mama dia laaa! tauke rambling! hehe!

a malaysian in riyadh, thank you and I am happy that my jottings reach you out there. But this is the wonders of technology, eh? In those days, articles that I write in newspapers would only reach other people in other parts of the world, when the newspapers were used to wrap ikan bilis or belacan kiriman abroad.

firehorse, thank you and I am truly touched. what more can I say?

ms blabs, I shd hope that he has my looks and his brains, because if he has my brains...aiyaaa, not good combination that!

Kak Teh said...

ilene, mama and papa also thank you for the compliment. But, before wonda and judy and firehorse come and crown you MCC, i better point out that the letter was not written by taufiq. It was a pretend letter laaa...hehehe!

mama rock, suko bonar dio! memang nak poi lagi. omak dia dah poning ni!

QOTH, hahaha - kalau ada bank account macam mawi pun best juga. yang ori tu bank account dia, hisssh, apa nak di kato!

ilene said...

xkpdeKak Teh,
Actually hor, it did cross my mind that you did mention that if Taufiq were to write you a letter, it would go something like that but don't know why when I came over to comment, I just got carried away by praising upon you and your "lau ang"!

Aiyoh Kak Teh....lidat how lei? I sure kena wan from these friends of mine! Sure kena tembak wan! die lah this time! Better faster put on my bullet proof jacket now!

ilene said...

Kak Teh,
Don't know why everytime my comment would carry those verfication words just before your name! Must be my magical touch!

wmw said...

I'm a new patron of Fatty Poh's Kopi Tiam and came over to see her 5 nominees. Ha ha ha...I enjoy reading this post of yours, such wit! Will be back to read more! Oh, you got a handsome boy there!

Kak Teh said...

ilene, ne'mind, come i protect you. am big enough for you to hide behind me.

wmw, thanks! so u are visiting all nominees laa. I visited yr blog too! beautiful pictures. I will go back and read properly!

wonda said...

Kak Teh,
Cikgu! Mana boleh! Oi, Ilene, jangan cabut,jangan sembunyi! First Judy, now you.
How many MCCs do you have on your blog? Wah, all vying for the MCC chairwoman post eh?

A Mature Student said...

Cikgu Teh, I don't know whether to laugh at Ilene hiding behind you or her MCC. *Wipe tears from eyes..laugh till tummy aching*. Ilene very tall you know. So, I don't dare play, play with her. I better be nice to her, haha.
Instead hor, I blame Alice. I know Ilene and I were a little (very teeny weeny) bit blur blur until we met Alice. This MCC disease very contagious one. Since knowing Alice, we seemed to have become very MCC.
So, cikgu, terima kasih for being so understanding. We are not fighting ok, just expressing our opinions.
Ilene, you teruk alledi, Alice will give you a hard time now. Next time hor, read properly lah.

wonda said...

Cikgu Teh,
Two against one cos they're old friend. I can understand-lah. *Sigh* Tapi cikgu sayang saya tak?

wonda said...

Surat kepada Cikgu Teh:-
Cikgu yang disayangi,
Bila orang cuai,saya pula yang disalahkan. Kesianlah saya. Sangat kesian. Saya SUNGGUH sedih!

Fauziah Ismail said...

Such a touching letter, Kak Teh! Taufiq is a handsome bloke too.

Hi&Lo said...

Hi Abang Malaya and All,

Thanks for the honour of berpuisi. But I already lost touch completely.

Orang memberi kita berbudi
Orang berjasa kita merasa.

Orang Penang memang tetap Penang. Bila terserempak di luar, macam jumpa saudara.

I tak pernah kacau gadis2 di Esplanade. Family-imposed curfew lah larang keluar lewat malam.

Now I am in Sabah. Too used to life here.

Used to live in Air Itam and later Fettes Park. By the way my ex-teacher was Jimmy Boyle. Stern man with a gentle heart.

Kak Teh, am going to be 50 next birthday. Growing up during my era wasn't perfect but then life was simple.

Those were the days when integrity and character were worn with honour. Now, it's symbols of success.

Ahem, my father was a sundry shopkeeper. Had a customer from Kulim who used to be a fishmonger. Tunku also used buku 555 to buy fish from him.

Upon becoming PM, Tunku did not forget him. Presented him with the historic picture of declaration of Merdeka and autographed which occupied place of honour in his living room.

ManaL said...

Mesti idea abg hamidi of choosing rembau in the 1st place.

Silat in london....? can be arranged. I used to date one malay britishborn fella before who's into silat.

ilene said...

Aidoi Kak Teh,

Thank you so much for protected me from the squad! Unfortunately, I dug my own grave! Haven't come in to read Judy's comment over here, I aledi point finger at her that she sure kena me baik baik (in the exchange of emails within the 3 corners of the world)! Little did I know that she has fought on my behalf and stood up for me! Aiyoyoyo, ah pa, ah ma, .... My humble apologies to my dearest friend Judy. Now that Judy has pointed out about us being MCC, come to think of it, she's definitely right - must be the disease we caught from Japan, land of the rising mcc..oops..sun!

Where can one find this type of friend? P/S: bird flu disease is also in the air now at your area hor? Better tell Firhorse to stop treating you with chicken balls! As for me, I'm going vegetarian to repent my wrong doing to my wonderful long time friend, Judy.

simah said...

i am speechless reading this entry.. i dunno why..this is soo fascinating akak..

hensem anak akak..

Hi&Lo said...

Kak Teh,

Am so addicted to your homespun chocolate. It brings out the smile in my "scowl" face. hehehe.

Talking about wrapping dry stuff with newspaper. Believe me, I read them hungrily tho not fresh anymore.

Wah, Cik Gu Teh jangan spare the rotan on your murid2 if they jahat.

Do you agree that there are no bad students, only bad teachers? My asking not coz I had grudges with my former teachers but from conversation i eavesdropped among teachers.

Kak Teh, what a blessed life you have. Proud ibu to Taufik, the handsome young superstar in the making.

If tak payah bayar tol, I nak pakai KakTeh Expressway to ask Abang Malaya to entertain us with anecdotes of Malaysia Cup before football became semi-pro.

My most memorable was the cup finals of '74 Penang lwn Perak. Both teams equally matched. Nicole David's dad was then the penjaga gol. Penang also had the dream strike force in the Abdullah bros together with the Bakar siblings.

Thank you Kak Teh for your big kind, heart.

Hi&Lo said...

Kak Teh,

You really know how to be navigate sensitive landmine. Excerpt from Taufik letter to Mama or rather Mama's Taufik to Mama.

Excerpt: Yes, I felt like a proper Malay though I’d look funny walking the streets of London. AND I don’t mean that as an insult. Me, funny...NOT the Malay costumes funny, okay?

This reminded me of the last Malaysia film festival in which Sharmani' acceptance speech for best actress brought the crowd baying for her blood. Methink it was more of envy and to gain political mileage than what she said.

You already taught Taufik to be like a teflon when confronted with slurs.

Some Chinese call me OCBC (org cina bukan cina cos i don't speak mandarin). Not badlah if I own OCBC bank.

We will find race champions in every community. They think they are exclusive but the irony is they ape western fashion more.

Jinjang, then a Chinese new village is synonymous with gaudy dressing. They tint their hair blond and their fashion statement is of American artistes.

nadya.s said...

bagusnya anak kakteh.

Kak Teh said...

wonda, ilene and dr ve thru,
duduk satu corner , tulis 500 lines,
"saya budak baik. tak mahu kelahi lagi!" tulis cantik-cantik tau! Jangan tipu, cik gu pandai bilang!

Judy, ilene tall, ah? aiyoo, how tall?

x-matters, are you back? yr mission over?

manal, it was hamidi indeed who called and i suggested taufiq although he is very young. the rest are over 20, i think.

Kak Teh said...

Hi & Lo, who says you tak pandai berpantun?? and that story about the Tunku is priceless.I hope the Tunku's autographed picture is still there. that too is priceless.
as for armani, she was quoted out of context and everyone jumped on the bandwagon without even examining what she said. she was actually making fun of her self. I know the child from when she was still a baby and it hurt me so much when people were saying ignorant things about, you dont speak mandarin?

simah, thank you.


ilene said...

Saya budak baik. Tak mahu kelahi lagi. x 500 = SIAP!

Itu 2 budak tak buat pun!

Anonymous said...

Adik Teh,

Semalam aku pulang ke desa
Senja merah mengusik jiwa
Nostalgia kembali menerpa
Ingatan semasa daku remaja.

Bangau dan pucung pulang senja
Ketika matahari merah jingga
Di ufuk awan tipis setompok dua
Angin timur bertiup sepoi-sepoi bahasa.

Malam bulan purnama
Dipagari bintang sejuta
Angin lembut mengalun irama
Desiran daun membisikkan cinta.

Burung tukang mengetuk panjang
Memecah sunyi malam yang tenang
Ibu bercerita air matanya berlinang
Kisah nan lalu kembali bertandang.

Ayah bercerita tentang usianya
Tentang hidup dan mati tiada terduga
Tentang jasat yang longlai dimakan masa
Tentang esok yang mungkin ada atau tiada.

Kicauan burung di subuh hari
Merbah dan murai merdu menyanyi
Di ufuk timur terbit matahari
Menyinari kampung dan sawah padi.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Kak Teh
Yes, back in KL after eight days in Batu Pahat on the flood relief mission. Tired but worth the experience.

Kak Teh said...

abang malaya,

pulangmu ke desa diiring nostalgia,
seribu kenangan datang berlumba,
mengguris hati mengusik jiwa,
itu namanya nostalgia.

berita sampai di pagi tadi,
adik kata, mak merajuk lagi,
rayu dan pujuk dibuat tak reti,
dia nak pulang ke rumah sendiri.

adik teh terdiam menggigit jari,
mak dah tua, apa nak jadi,
tanya sesuatu berpuluh kali,
semua dah lupa tapi ingat rumah sendiri.

mak dulu berdikari,
tak perlu sesiapa ke sana sini,
kini dia membilang jari,
tunggu hari nak balik rumah sendiri.

anak yang jauh sedih tak terperi,
air mata berlinang ke pipi,
hati remuk bertambah sepi,
sebab mak nak balik ke rumah sendiri.

anak cucu menantu mengasihi,
apa mak mau semua diberi,
nak makan apa semua dicari,
tapi masih nak balik ke rumah sendiri.

abang malaya tentu mengerti,
peritnya rasa di dalam hati,
macam nak terbang ke sana nanti,
sebab mak nak pulang ke rumah sendiri.

Kak Teh said...

ilene, that's what i call work smart!

x-matters, i salute you and yr team for your commitment.

Kak Teh said...

dik edel,
membaca abang malaya,
kita terdiam seketika,
menghayati kata-katanya,
entah nak jawab bagaimana,
indah sungguh erti kata,
dari mata pena penuh bermakna,
ku cuma bisa membaca.

ya adek edel, ibu tua tak banyak angkara,
cuma sekarang tak banyak berbicara,
berbicara sendiri agaknya dalam dada penuh pancaroba,
dalam dunia yang serba tidak kena.

tokasid said...

Salam to kak teh and all.

Kak teh, mak bila dah usia begini memang perangai jadi macam budak2 kak teh. Dia akan merap dan balik ghumah dia. Macam masa kita kecik2 dulu dok merap kat dia nak itu ini.
Apa yg kita anak2 boleh buat ialah banyak bersabar dan bersabar dan bersabar.Juga sentiasa berdoa. Memang payah kalau mak dah nak jadi nyanyuk kak teh. Dan payah lagi sapa yang menjaga mak.

Kak Teh said...

tokasid, memang laaa, kak teh kesian juga kat adik beradik kak teh. depa sabark sungguh-sungguh. Kadang-kadang tu kena buat diam jugak laa sebab macam mana pun dia mak kita.

Rockybru said...


That is Taufiq??!

Oh no!!

I want my little Taufiq backl!!

Waaaaa ....

Kak Teh said...

rocky, yes, that's our Taufiq. You will not be able to carry him on your shoulders anymore.

Anonymous said...

saya ada kawan kak teh, yang sepanjang usianya menetap di Birmingham walaupun parentsnya Melayu.

Walaupun bila balik ke KL ni cakapnya macam Melayu Singapura, tapi dia tak segan nak bercakap Melayu, berbanding dengan orang Melayu kelahiran Kuala Lumpur atau mana2 mana kota besar di Malaysia ini.

Malah, kadang kala kalau saya sendiri bercakap loghat daerah, tidak kira Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah atau Melaka, banyak mata memandang dengan sinis. mungkin salah agaknya mengaku Melayu di mata mereka.

But it's sad when people said Mahu Menjadi Melayu to Taufiq, when he is a Malay, just because maybe his Malay is not as 'fluent' as the Malaysian Malay, they looked at them as non Malay or less Malay than them.