Friday, 8 December 2006

Thank you for another year

The letter was dated some time between Dec. ‘78 and Jan. '79. Postmarked London. And that must be one of the hundreds of letters that I received from the same address that I must have read hundreds of times. And today I took out the old dusty bag containing the letters and read them again but that particular one is the most significant because it has in writing what transpired over the phone in December 78.

It is also significant because it ended weeks of agony and tears in the bathroom. It confirmed that the conversation across the ocean wasn’t an imagination. And more importantly, he had not changed his mind or gone cold feet. He did ask me to marry him. The reason for the delay in the arrival of THE letter was Britain was going through what has now gone down in history as The Winter of Discontent. Rubbish were left rotting and not collected, hospital services were disrupted and so was the postal services – my life line in the absence of the now can’t-live-without sms, ym and emails.

Danny Boy had walked up the creaky steps of the old office in Light Street, Penang, with that cheeky smile on his face. He had in his hands lots of letters and documents which he had collected from the post office, and I could see that one bulky one in the all too familiar light blue envelope was meant for me. But he took his time, enjoying the look of anxiety on my face and intent on prolonging my misery, went round the office distributing the letters, leaving mine to the last.

When I did get my hands on it, I left the intro of my story for the day hanging in mid sentence, in the old Remington and locked myself up in the bathroom to digest the contents of the letter. I read it again several times during lunch under the big tree in front of Ho Peng (or fashionably known as Cafe de Paris), with Olivia Newton John belting out Hopelessly Devoted To You from the old jukebox, and again during a trishaw ride to the bus stand with the sound of Junglee blaring from the old transistor of the trishaw puller. True love is never meant to be straightforward and as for me, it was one merry-go-round.

That phone call and that letter brought our relationship a step nearer, though not any steps easier. For one, Mak couldn’t pronounce his name. And two of many others, He didn’t want an elaborate hoohaa of a wedding, preferring a simple ceremony at the mosque while my side of the family was already on page four of the guest lists (negotiations with TV3 must have been in the pipeline) .

And another big issue – I love babies, he loves cats. I wanted ten children, he wanted none.

All these pre-nup negotiations were conducted via airmails which took ages to arrive but the man himself turned up unannounced at my rented accommodation in Green Garden. And the rest is history. On the 9th of December 1979, there was a compromise of sorts. No big hoohaa, just a handful from the office – even Kak Adib who suspected that there was something between us, was not invited. Fati (of the now famed Cinta and AF) was there as she was instrumental in making me go out on that first date with him. Her words which rang clear to this day were: ‘You change you mind, you jaga!’, she said threateningly as I was getting ready in our dorm waiting for him to fetch me.

We bersandinged on two cushions in Abang’s front room in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. No big buffalos died for our kenduri. After two weeks of visiting relatives, we said goodbye at Changi airport and flew into cold, gloomy London.

Its a good way to start married life, if you ask me. No relatives to poke their noses where it is not wanted and no mother’s house to run back to when you have a tiff. Any misunderstandings or harsh words, I took myself to the bathroom and the kitchen and scrubbed them clean. And love and honeymoon in a cold climate is most recommended. Never ask for promises. I never did. And I treat every extra year that we are together as a bonus from HIM.

Living in each other’s letters is one thing, but living with each other is another, no matter how hot your words of undying love was in those blue single lined letter pads. Adjustments had to be made, compromises to be sorted out. But isn’t that what marriage is all about? We didn’t have ten children, but not for lack of trying, of course. We have four now. Alhamdulillah. But I lost three more after that. He changed his mind about children and wanted more. I couldn’t, so we have six cats instead. Four children and six cats in 27 years. Alhamdulillah.

And guess what? Mak can now pronounce his name.


Last night, he wanted to take me to Iceland, but it was freezing cold. So, we took a cab to Beirut, instead. We had a lovely walk, the cold night air was quite refreshing and that was enough to whet our appetite for the mixed kebab we had bought from Beirut in Shepherd's Bush.


tokasid said...

Dear kak teh,

Nice of you to scribe a bit about your marriage to Awang Goneng.
Macam cerita filem. Ada lagu dari Grease ada lagu hindustan. Mujur tak dak berlari-lari balik pohon nyior sebab masa bercinta masing2 jauh beribu batu.

Ikan pekasam di kedah, kepoklekor di Ganu , di kota London bersatu jua.

Mak kak teh keberatan mungkin sebab Awang orang jauh kot. mak takut nak berpisah dgn anak dara dia.

I remember when my sister after a stint with Bernama decide to further her studies in USA. Bila habih mengaji( non -govt sponsored but PAMA scholarship)she decide to work there foe a while. One day she wrote to me and my mak that she wants to get married there with a Mat Salleh.

Mak was shocked and devastated.And she started mumbling like most Malay mak will:...awat nak menikah orang puteh orang melayu tak dak ka?...Awat nak kena dok sana la nanti ni...bla..bla.." Actually she was worried she might not see har daugther again before ALLAH takes her back!

I manage to pujuk her but she was still worried. Arwah bapak pujuk tapi mak masih risau. Finally bapak called his elder brother(Pak Ngah) a tok guru in Merbok. Pak Ngah told Mak:..Apa yang adik dok risau sangat ni? Amerika ka, Malaysia ka, Arab ka, China ka..kan ni semua bumi ALLAH? Kalau nak jadi apa2 pun di mana pun boleh jadi. Lagi pun la ni kapai terbang semua laju2. Tak sampai 2 hari depa boleh balik mai Malaysia".
With that Mak finally agreed and was infact happy.
( Since then my sister dah balik sekeluarga 5 times within 12 years. The last one last June).

Sorry to menceloteh about my mak at your blog. Its just to share that most mak-mak are like that. Lain lah kalau kita kawin pilihan hati mak.

Saya doakan kak teh sekeluarga di rahmati ALLAH Azza Wa Jalla setiap masa.
x- SAHC class of 75-79

melayudilondon said...

Happy 27th Anniversary! Ni hadiah for your anniversary..

Kak Teh said...

Tokasid, tahnk you for sharing yours! This is the beauty of blogging - there are so many aspects to a story..everyone has interesting things to tell and share. So, you sister is still there? Was from bernama? Mungkin kenal, tak?

Oh btw - we are SAHC 72/73

sriperwira - thanks and see you on sunday - we celebrate togeder-geder! Sardine rolls as promised.

ubisetela said...

I love reading love stories with happy endings! Cintaaaaaa.... *smiling*

Happy Anniversary KakTeh & AG!

Anonymous said...

I'm so awed and touched by your story! Happy Anniversary to you and your darling, Kak Teh! you both truly deserve all the happiness the world has to offer, and more. :)

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary

dari anjakan realiti

Ordinary Superhero said...

Salam Ulangtahun Perkahwinan buat Kak Teh dan AG. Tahniah. Semoga terus bahagia dan sentiasa di bawah rahmatNya.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary kak teh :)...

Kak Teh said...

Ubi, kak teh belum nonton Cinta...tapi dah dengar banyak review yang bagus!

May, thank you so much - means a lot to me.

kak ngah? terima kasih.

Kak Teh said...

OSH, amin! Doa kak teh juga kepada OSH sekeluarga.

mar, azrin dan tia...terima kasih. when are you coming back?

Kak Elle said...

kak teh happy anniversary to you and AG semoga berbahgia ke akhir hayat.Jadi ni cinta across the sea ek.

k.d said...

Kak Teh..that was lovely. Happy anniversary and more joyous years to come Insya-Allah.

We can only pray and hope that our marriage will be as wonderful and as properous and last as yours

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to Kak Teh & AG.

27 years is a milestone is an achievement. Alhamdulillah.

It is stories like this that gives cynics like me HOPE.

There is something called loveafter all.

*smiles with a devilish wink*

Kak Teh said...

kak elle - cinta seberang lautan - betul-betul! and very expensive too!

k.d. kak teh pun doa yang sama untuk kd dan husband.

ma & brood, what can i say, Kak teh bersyukur - Tuhan dah tetapkan nasib kita masing-masing - Dia beri yang ini dan Dia ambik yang lain. We are thankful for what we have.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Kak Teh,
Yours can easily be the sixth segment in Cinta!
Happy Anniversary!

nyonyapenang said...

happy anniversary, kak teh and hubs.
here's to wishing you both many, many many more beautiful anniversaries.

btw, fati was my senior in high school. i remember her clearly - had long, silky hair and wearing big round-O specs.

SimplyMas said...

Kak Teh... not only in 1979 were letter being exchanged, but in the year 1999 until 2002, letters and faxes which were all handwritten were echanged between West Yorkshire and Singapore and even with the existence of SMS, YMS, e-mails, it doesn't beat the real deal - posting and waiting in anticipation and handwritten letters. Like you, I've been keeping a file of all the letters of sweet nothings between the both of us and everytime I read them, I can't help but smile and laugh at how silly and childish we can be sometimes...

SimplyMas said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Teh,
It's so beautifully written and so touching! Reminds me of the time when I was really going to marry my husband and go far away from home. When he came for me, I had COLD FEET and wanted to turn him down. "Are you crazy?" scolded my colleagues and they gave me a good lecture. So here I am today.
Happy Anniversary and many more happy years to both of you!

Anonymous said...

Love ur stories and experiences that you have shared ! You are such a role model. Wish you a wonderful time celebrating ur anniversary !
Nor @ shagadag

KC said...

kak teh,
tak sangka u r a hopeless romantic at heart hee hee.
that's such a beautiful one. happy anniversary. semoga kekal bahagia selama-lamanya, amin...

Anonymous said...

Amboi, sentimentalnya adik ku ni
Mengenang cinta asmara murni
Dulu dan kini harum mewangi
Itulah suka duka cinta abadi.

Abang Malaya dah cukup tua
Tentang cinta ingat-ingat lupa
Bila teringat rasalah nostalgianya
Bila terlupa, rasa macam ada yang tak kena.

Cinta, wahai adik ku
Ialah puteri ialah ratu
Ialah lilin ialah lampu
Ialah penawar ialah madu.

Apalah kita tanpa cinta
Ibarat pohon tiada berbunga
Ibarat sumur kering airnya
Ibarat tangis tidak berair mata.

27 tahun berumah tangga
Lama masa jauh perjalanannya
Banyak pengalaman suka duka
Insya-Allah, kau dan dia
Akan terus bahagia.

Siapalah kita tanpa cinta
Ibarat musafir perantau lara
Mengembara jauh tanpa hala
Tiada tahu ke mana arahnya.

Cinta sejati tidak mati
Ia hidup di dalam sanubari
Tidak perlu diucap dideklamasi
Kerana dengan sendirinya ia sebuah puisi.

Abang Malaya orang lama

Mengenal cinta suka dan duka
Terkadang ingat terkadang lupa
Namun cinta ibarat permata
Sedikit digilap berserilah ia
Ibarat wadi di Gurun Sahara
Digali diteroka muncullah ia
Kerana cinta kekal umurnya
Anugerah Tuhan alam semesta
Buat engkau, aku dan kita semua.

Maka, wahai adik ku
Kenangilah kemanisan cinta mu
Di dalam dakapan kekasih mu
Kerana cinta itu milik mu.

Sekadar nota,
Abang ini siapa usah ditanya
Engkau, aku dan dia
Kita sudah berkenalan lama
Cuma engkau mungkin keliru
Kerana jarak masa dan waktu
Dan aku pula berselindung di sebalik seloka dan lagu
Siapa tahu suatu hari kita berjumpa
Pantun seloka tiba-tiba menjelma
Dan engkau tahulah, aku siapa.

Salam ku buat semua
Agar anda bahagia dalam cinta
Agar lega dalam dakapannya
Agar tidur mu nyenyak lena

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary KakTeh & AbgWan. Semuga di berkati hari-hari berikutnya dan di limpahi kebahagiaan sentiasa.

Mutiara said...

Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh,
Happy Anniversary and to many more years to come. Semoga kekal bahagia di dunia dan akhirat, amin.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Teh,

Happy Anniversary. What a beautiful account. How romantic indeed.

'No relatives to poke their noses where it is not wanted and no mother’s house to run back to when you have a tiff'. I married young (still studying) and yes stayed in UK for the first 3 years of our marriage. Ooh! Sooo many tiffs during the adjustment period, I tell ya. The making up were wonderful too!

Connecting and interacting between people, I must say is quite a complex and incredible feat! Takes great patience, understanding and most importantly, generosity of heart.

Anyway, enjoyed this entry.

Anonymous said...

Oh I didnt qualify myself above, I meant I can identify with what you said:

'No relatives to poke their noses where it is not wanted and no mother’s house to run back to when you have a tiff'.

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh,

Such a lovely tribute! Boleh bayangkan baca surat cinta sambil dengar lagu Hopelessly Devoted to you!

I just love your writings!

Anak Melaka of Rantauan

Anonymous said...

Oh and Happy Anniversary and may you both live long and prosper....(borrowed line from Star Trek :-))

Anak Melaka

Kak Teh said...

xm, so u have already watched Cinta? I have heardso much abt it and really waitng for DVD to come out. Mine is the sixth segment...hmmm will write the script, hahaha!

nyonya, wah, she yr senior hah? Ya, I remember those big round glasses. and yes I remember those long silky hair too thatshe used to flip over my face each morning. Look through myarchives - look under 'sepet not a review' there's an old pictureof both of us.

mami jarum, thanks. I reallyd ont know what to do with the letters. Mesti nak simpan sebab sayang tapi.....

Kak Teh said...

alice @ wonda, hehehe, luckily you didnt change your mind! well, it is all fated and this is the path chosen for us right? and there you are with your koichi and here I am with my AG. And we thank God for that. He just said to me, aaah, both of us have grown old together. Yes, we have.

nor @ shagadag, thank you for dropping by . I didn't know you merantau sampai ke blog ni. hehehe!

kc, you didnt know thatI am a romantic old fool? oh dear, give me some evergreens, leave me a lone in the kitchen and away i go with my memories!

tokasid said...

Kak teh dah keluag baru saya masuk SAHC. Kak teh kira super senior la..

My sister(adik) la ni menetap Sacremento. Dulu Dekalb.
sacremento lebih sesuai bagi dia sekeluarga bcoz ada good muslim community there. She helps to run the Islamic centre there.

Dia kat bernama ada 2 tahun kot tapi masa tu kak teh dah dok London la.Kalu tak silap dia dgn bernama 1982-1984 kot. Masa nak sambung mengaji USA jenuh la mortgage tanah di Bank. Lepas tu saya naik turun Yayasan TAR di Kementerian Pelajaran( dulu kot lerah Central Market). Masa tu DSAI menteri. I remember tulis surat rayuan atas kertas kajang dgn pen saja( masa tu student la katakan). Pi jumpa Dr Wan Azizah( she was a lecturer kat Medical Faculty UM). Lepas 2-3 hari pi jumpa balik dia ambik surat yg DSAI dah baca n scribed recommendation guna pensil warna anak dia.Dr Wan Azizah kata DSAI baca surat rayuan masa dok check kerja sekolah anak2 dia!

Finally dapatlah buat pinjaman 10K untuk 2nd year adik mengaji.Lain2 tu adik kerja partime utk tampung fees and sara diri.

Alhamdulillah. semua tu dah jadi sejarah dan kenangan pahit manis nak bagi adik sambung belajar.

Anyway hepi anibeseri kak teh

Anonymous said...

auwwwwww, KT buat bukulah senang nak baca berulang2 macam saya baca buku adibah amin tu

Kak Teh said...

abang malaya,
baca sajak termenung seketika,
dalamnya erti abang berseloka,
pandai melukis dengan kata-kata,
sahlah abang bukan hanya orang berita.

kami bersyukur Alhamdulillah,
dilimpahkan rahmat, Insyaallah,
27 tahun bersama suka dan dukalah,
merempuh hidup di bumi Allah.

cinta muda cinta remaja,
melanda kita bila-bila masa saja,
tersenyum sejenak rasa teruja,
aaah, lamanya dulu, cinta remaja.

Cinta tua lain pula,
sekali pandang banyak ertinya,
tak perlu banyak berkata-kata,
sekadar memberi isyarat mata.

"Siapa tahu suatu hari kita berjumpa
Pantun seloka tiba-tiba menjelma
Dan engkau tahulah, aku siapa."

Insyaallah itulah yang diharapkan,
bila bertemu seloka dan pantun abang ucapkan,
agar persahabatan semula dijalinkan,
berputik di jalan riong, di alam siber disambungkan.

Kak Teh said...

klmuk, kak zah pun mendoakan yang sama dan lebih kepada klmuk dan pak syed. and can i say this, I miss you - a lot. during the bus rides home in the evenings, duirng my eastender sessions on sundays - i miss talking to you. but as my mother once sai

mutiara - the same doas to you and Abang Bill!!

mama irma, amin. and my sincere doas untuk kesejahteraan dan kebahagiaan keluarga you juga.

Kak Teh said...

ruby, oooh dont talk abt adjustment period - my bathrooms and kitchen were spotless - if that is any indication. Kuat merajuk pulak tu...jenuhlah dipujuk pulak. Lama-lama mana lah nak pujuk lagi and we all grew up and learn, right?

and yes, ruby, i truly believe that we need the first few years to ourselves to learn to adjust and learn from mistakes, without any interference.

anak melaka, another rantauan visitor!!! you have a blog?

Kak Teh said...

tokasid, alhamdulillah dapat juga ya? pls tell your sister to join Kat situ banyak perantau melayu di serata dunia - tempat kami berkumpul dan bertukar2 pendapat. i am very active there.

atenah, dah berapa banyak buku dalam pipeline daaaaa! hehe! tak cukup masa dalam satu hari.

Kak Teh said...

klmuk - my message to you was inclomplete:

klmuk, kak zah pun mendoakan yang sama dan lebih kepada klmuk dan pak syed. and can i say this, I miss you - a lot. during the bus rides home in the evenings, duirng my eastender sessions on sundays - i miss talking to you. but as my mother once said: dah jadi isteri orang!

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh, what a romantic true love story ... all the love letters and the excitement of receiving each one of them. I had to read this post and the one on 14th Feb 205 several times because I am also a romantic! My heart just melted away. May Awang Goneng and Kak Teh have many, many more romantic years together.

Kak Teh said...

judy, judy , judy - there i go again! yrs is just as romantic - but itis confirmed, we are incurable old romantics. what to do - too late and too old to change.

ManaL said...

What about: U r the one that I want....oo oo oooo honey.....(ref:Grease)


Your story has its wonderful ending,
Mine is unfortunately still hanging,
but i pray all the joy and love to u,
may the intimate feelings to continue,
for such is the power of love,
Bestowed as the spiritual gift from above.

Joyeux anniversaire!

Azer Mantessa said...


Anonymous said...

Manal, dont despair. Your day and time will come and you'll find happiness too. Insyaallah.
Azer, thanks.

Kak Teh said...

hahaha- sorry that anonymous is actually kak teh trying to post from her hand phone...hish macam mana tak keluar nama?

Anonymous said...

selamat berbahagia selamanya...

biler kiter nok dok minung kopi ni?

Anonymous said...

selamat berbahagia selamanya...

biler kiter nok dok minung kopi ni?

Mama Rock said...

ehem..ehem..sooooo romantic, buat mini series nak? happy anniversary kak teh! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Adik Teh berkata:

"baca sajak termenung seketika,
dalamnya erti abang berseloka,
pandai melukis dengan kata-kata,
sahlah abang bukan hanya orang berita."

Masih cuba mengagak meneka
Menahan lukah menebar jala
Serkap jarang di pintu kuala
Abang Malaya bukan orang berita.


Haruskah wartawan gersang irama?
Haruskah dia hitam putih tiada warna?
Haruskah dia ekonomi dan politik sahaja?
Kanapa tidak gurindam seloka?
Kenapa tidak fatwa madah pujangga?

Dalam diri kita wahai adinda
Banyak wajah banyak rupa
Yang nampak tidak seharusnya ada
Yang ada tidak seharusnya nyata.

Sempadan antara ilusi dan realiti
Seringnya kabur tiada bertepi
Kerana kita wujud dalam hakiki
Dan wujud juga dalam imaginasi.

Jadi apa salahnya kalau abang orang berita?
Seperti adinda juga.......
Orang berita namun gurindam selokannya merdu berirama
Seindah lukisan secantik ukiran.

And if it's not too late, let me, in simpler language, wish you and Wan Hulaimi happy 27th anniversary.

Anonymous said...

"hapi 27th anniversari to you n hulaimi" Kalu u all mai Shah Alam boleh i blanja makan steamboat.

*kisses fr oena

Kak Teh said...

Abang Malaya,
Belum terlambat ucapan abang malaya,
sini siang walaupun tak bercahaya,
mungkin di malaya larut malam agaknya,
saat sepi dan aman mencetus ilhamnya.

memang wartawan tak semestinya gersang irama,
ilusi dan realiti jadi permainannya,
hitam putih juga warna, abang malaya,
kekadang yang hitam dan putih yang lebih nyata.

memang tak salah kita orang berita,
kerja kita membuka mata,
bukan melapor yang orang tak kata,
yang tak senonoh menjadi cerita.

ekonomi dan politik juga bahan seloka,
menjadi hiburan di parlimen kita,
diolah balik menjadi berita,
kita membaca diam tak terkata.

bila berita jadi punca angkara,
mulalah gurindam tidak berirama,
ilusi dan realiti bercengkrama,
khayalan dan fakta menjadi sama.

mohon adik teh berundur dulu,
pohon ke dapur memasak sesuatu,
hari istimewa cepatnya berlalu,
Insyaallah dikurniakan lagi berkat selalu.

Kak Teh said...

thank you, is it oena or ena? will take up the offer of steamboat.

Anonymous said...

hope it's not too late to wish you a hepi wedding anniversary and many more blessed years to come, KT.

p/s: my ayah and ibu just celebrated their 31st on the 7th of dec. :)

Kak Teh said...

triomommy, no, certainly it is not too late. Thank you and tahniah to your parents too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary kak teh!!

as usual..u r a wonderful story teller..thank u for sharing it with us...

4 kids n loads of cats... hehe sapa yg jaga semua kuching tu akak? one person responsible for each cat or one person responsible for all the cats?

Nazrah Leopolis said...


syabas kakteh dan AG!!

here's to many more years of wedded bliss.

Anonymous said...

Such a romantic piece. You are such an inspiration to all your readers. Happy anniversary to Kak Teh and Awang Goneng.

HCI said...

Kak Teh,

Congrats. He he boleh buat film CINTA ni.

Anonymous said...

kak teh,
happy anniversary to you and hubby. may you have many more happy years to come
suks sgt baca crita2 kak teh. very inspirational...

Kak Teh said...

simah, semua2 jaga kucing! and of course yang senangnya kucing do look after themselves. tak macam anjing kena bawa jalan-jalan.

nazrah, than you for yr kind wishes and the same to you and yours.

Kak Teh said...

tati kakak noni, thank you , thank you..just an old story to share and as you grow older, little things matter. Ata time when everything is so fast - sms, ym, etc, we have forgotten the beauty of letter writing, the time we took to pen down our feelings and emotions..haha, now i am being nostalgic!

has, hahaha! nanti nak buat skrip untuk "Cinta Orang bukan muda" hehe!

yatie, thanks. i went to your blog! you are so talented - alhamdulillah. kak teh tak pandai sulam menyulam and jahit menjahit macam tu. but i couldnt leave a comment because something wrong with the verification codes. will visit again.

Mulan said...

Here's wishing.. that your journey of togetherness, continue to be filled with LOVE & HAPPINESS..

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Teh,

Aaah...reading your story takes me down my memory lane too. The letters, the waiting, the doubts, the tears till we finally married in manchester on 16 dec those years ago. We too will reminisce and remember, come this sat 16 dec, insyaallah.

Couldn't agree more with you about starting married life away from home. We adjusted faster to each other without the family around as we only had each other then. About love and honeymoon in the cold climate, well...2 children in 2 years is our proof...haha..
But m'sian bedrooms are mostly airconditioned same effects and results can be had here too!!

Salam Anniversary to you and hubby. Semoga jodoh dan kasih sayang hingga ke akhir hayat, serta murah rezeki dan sejahtera selalu. Ameen.

Kak Teh said...

mulan, thank you so much!!

mawar, thank you for sharing your story with me. And happy anniversary to both of you on 16th December! Have a good time with each other.

Kaklong Syikin said...

salam kenal kak teh,

happy anniversary day ya..moga bahagia dunia akhirat.

suka baca entri ni :D. akak pandai bercerita.

Kak Teh said...

syikin, terima kasih kerana kata-kata manis tu.

Anonymous said...

Adik Teh,

Dalam adik bersuka gembira
Ramai kawan turut berdoa
Jangan lupa berita dari Malaya
Banyak celaka banyak angkara.

Hidup di Malaya tambah susah
Rakyat jelata resah gelisah
Harga barang bertambah-tambah
Macam Winter of Discontent tak ubah.

Tak tahulah apa nak jadi
Kalau baca paper, semuanya berseri
Tapi editor mengeluh tak berhenti
Circulation jatuh tak terperi-peri.

Abang Malaya cukup susah hati
Mengenang nasib ibu pertiwi
Ramai dah jadi GRO dan pencuri
Bapak menteri buat-buat tak peduli.

Yang kaya tambahlah kaya
Kontrak dan projek sapu semua
Yang miskin tambahlah derita
Kilang dah lari pi Negeri Cina.

Maaf abang mencurah rasa
Jiwa dan raga semakin hiba
Dulu kita dipandang mulia
Sekarang ini entah di mana.

Kak Teh said...

abang malaya,
Winter of Discontent tak kenal musim,
tak kenal negara tak kenal mukim,
berlaku angkara tak ada hakim,
itulah jadinya masalah semakin.

masalah negara masalah kita,
tak kira jauh dekat kita berada,
tercubit di sana pasti terasa,
maklumlah kita masih anak malaya.

mencurah rasa perkara biasa,
kalau tidak menjadi bisa,
di simpan di dalam setiap masa,
baik diluahkan tak jadi dosa.

hjghaz said...

Kak Teh,

Congrats for a lasting marriage.
I might not know your Awang Goneng in person but I am quite close to his brother (the other blogger).

Coming from the same acuan(g),
they are definitely great persons... Regards to him.

Kak Teh said...

hjghaz, thank you so much for the visit to my humble blog. and i am so touched by such kind words. Thank you, thank you.

Anonymous said...

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Tok Bet said...

Yang kenduri kat umah mak di Aloq Stag tak sebut pun.. ada photographer nak jatuh dalam bilik ayeg..

mekyam said...

soon i'll be reading this more times than i read "pride & prejudice" or watched "when harry met sally" and "sleepless in seattle".

it's THAT romantic and a thousand times more touching because i know the hero & heroine in the story. ;D

happy anniversary, you dear people!

Kak Teh said...

tok bet, mana pulak di alork setarq - di rumah abang di bangsar lah!! ooh episode tu memang kita ingat sangat! rasanya ada tulis dalam blog entry lain.

Kak Teh said...

mek yam! very funny lah you! its time you write..

mekyam said...

kt, you know what they say...

"those who can, write. those who can't, just translate others, cukuplah!" :D

p.s. btw, the CAPTCHA [which i now know is the correct term for what i've been calling 'word-veri' all these years and i even know now who the genius bot-guru is who invented it.. hehehe!], bless it, seems to amen me most appropriately with "borinthe"! :D

Tok Bet said...

Yang di Alog Stag tu masa bertunang.
Cari entry pasai nak jatuh dlm bilik ayeg tapi tak jumpa.. Bolih ingat bila..?

Kak Teh said...

mana ada bertunang di aloq starq...its all in abangs house bertunang dua minggu sebelum kahwin.tak ingat dah entry mana - jenuh nak cari.