Thursday 30 November 2006

Jerai dengan seribu kenangan

Pix by Eddie Putera
Kenangan by Kak Teh

I used to stand right smack in the middle of Jalan Tuanku Mahmud facing the Jerai, and seriously convinced myself that Yan was easily the centre of the universe, the hub of activities and the envy of people near and far.

You’d excuse me for having such thoughts. I must have been about six, standing in my floral gown made to order from Yan’s bespoke tailor, Ah Gek, right in the middle of Jalan Tuanku Mahmud. There was no fear of being run down by Pak Piee’s old Morris Minor or Pak Mat’s Chevrolet. They never did more than 30 mph, if I remember correctly. The only reckless road users were perhaps those days’ equivalent to today’s Mat Rempits. But they had old rackety bicycles and only one or two had really noisy motorbikes.

Okay, back to why I thought Yan was the centre of the universe. The majestic Jerai was the all imposing feature of Yan – protectively embrassing the small sleepy town. Just at her feet (from where I was standing) was the District Officer’s residence, a stately home partly hidden by tall , well trimmed hedges. I used to wonder, what he did, what they have in a house that big. Would he allow us to watch TV in one of his big beautiful rooms for I am sure a DO would have a TV, unlike us who had to go and watch the once a month Malay movie in some stranger’s house, half a mile away.

To the right was the Langkasuka Primary school. With a name like that, I was sure it had some significance and on top of that, we had a celebrity ustaz – Haji Ismail Hashim, the several time national and international champion of Quran Reading Competitions. I am sure that he single handedly put Yan on the map.

To my left, and need I say anymore was Ah Gek’s boutique and it was from a small space next to her kitchen smelling of garlic, that she produced replicas of fashion as worn by Audrey Hepburn and many other Hollywood stars you see in the well thumbed Movie News stacked in her room.

I was sure that Ah Gek had a magic full length mirror in which I saw my chubby self transformed in one of her creations. Alas, it was a different picture in our mirror at home.

Anyway, as a centre of excellence, Yan provided several accommodations to young trainee teachers, fresh from teacher training colleges, their hair still dripping with brylcream, setting the hearts of Yan’s damselles a flutter. During the walks to school, enjoying the cool breeze from the Jerai still hidden behind the early morning mist, I used to see them cycling to their schools. Some walked. And some went on mortobikes that roared. These were the Mat Rempits of our time – some of them were threatened by village folks whose sleep were much deprived by their roaring engines in the nights.

After school these young temporary teachers would lounge lazily on the verandah in their Pagoda singlets and kain pelikats, some marking exercise books, many eyeing the town beauties. Sometimes, they took delight in hooting and tooting the town’s drag queens sashaying to town. Jerai just stood and watched – amused.

Further afield was Kampong Acheh – which to me was the nearest ‘other’ country that I had been. Just a few steps from Mak Aishah guru quran’s house, you enter a foreign territory where the language was totally alien and the politics was just something else. But I understood their chants, the time they marched with effigies of Sukarno which they burnt in our small square near the smelly wet market. That was my first exposure to politics. You don’t like something, you make effigies and burn them to shouts of ‘Ganyang so and so’. And the apolitical Jerai just watched – a neutral observer of a political skirmish.

Jerai looked down on to Yan’s small town – its hectic activity mainly contributed by medicine men from foreign shores Again, it had an international aura.

But sometimes, Jerai disappointed me. Admittedly the small town lacked entertainment and the locals were left very much to their own devices to amuse themselves. One old resident of Yan was a mute – her hair almost always in disarray, and she drooled as she tried to communicate, asking for loose change or even friendship. Many offered food, but most hooted her and even threw stones at her. She was my name sake. I can picture Teh Bisu now running here and there dodging the stones - and Jerai just looked on, unimpressed, still uninvolved.


Anonymous said...

Eh, Kak Teh, mana Puteri Gunung Jerai? Nampak putera saja.Kekekeke!

Anonymous said...

Wah, Mak Teh, i think I should stop calling you Mak Teh. Kak Teh sounds more awet muda! hehehe

The first and last time I went to Gunung Jerai was 8 yeras ago, for camp and stayed in chalet. Haha! nut it was hell loads of fun =)

tempat tu keras ya..

Kak Teh said...

wonda, putera gunung jerai lebih suka dok atas sofa, dia tak suka gunung. hehehe!

ikanbilis, hhe, tak apalah adik teh!
I never had the chance to climb the jerai - not thatI would wantto. I wrote thatmy son is gouing back to malaysia on youth exchange prog. right? well , he will be doing one small hill somewhere in Negri Sembilan.

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh, haha, now I get the gist of this putera sitting on his sofa.....was there some sexual connotation when putera posted the blog? Hahaha.
Your son must be so excited about this exchange programme. Wow, how is he going to cope with the weather if he climbs some gunung?
Mak Teh will surely miss him but thank goodness Malaysia is only 13 hours away. :)

Anonymous said...

Apa habaq Kak Teh la ni?
Seghonok dok baca seloka sana sini
Makin ghamai yang dok sertai
Tambah meriahlah blog ini

Pak Tuo pun ado samo
Malu apo eh, joinlah kito
Best dapek sapo menyapo
Tak ponek jaghi, ponek mato

Aiseh man Edel gi kursus pula
Kejap saja ke atau lama-lama?
Sesekali bukalah blog kak teh kita
Jangan berhenti bermadah seloka

Nampak berbalam si Gunung Jerai
Hilang kabus jelaslah ia
Kenanga ke sana beramai-ramai
Bersama Puan Sri di satu acara

Tatkala mendaki mata tak henti
Melihat merata kanan dan kiri
Cantik sungguh alam Ilahi
Terasa kerdil diriku ini

Seharian Kenanga di atas sana
Ditiup bayu segarnya mata
Berjenis bunga aneka warna
Tak boleh dipetik dipandang cuma

Bijak sungguh Abang Malaya
Berkata-kata memikat jiwa
Lalu Kak Teh pun membongkar rahsia
Tentang cintanya sewaktu muda

Kak Teh tak kenal ke Abang Malaya?
Orangnya bijak tak kurang segaknya
Kenanga sekadar intai-intai saja
Maklumlah di Balai Berita
Dinding dan meja pun berkata-kata

Seronoknya Nazrah dah join kita
Panjang lebar seloka dia
Baguslah bertambah para seloka
Suburlah seni khazanah bangsa

Wahai Kak Teh yang baik budi
I got to go my daughter calling already
Also a friend is waiting to see me
And a job to be done before boss got angry
Well, thats life in the city!

Anonymous said...

pernah pi sekali saja Gg Jerai... berbelas tahun dulu...tapi masa tu best sebab masih rasa sejukkkk... la ni tak tau la :) yang pasti kalau pi belah Yan rasa seronok sebab sejuk mata memandang bendang dan gunung ganang tu...

Anonymous said...

Adik Teh, Kenanga dan semua,

Berbicara tentang gunung
Tentang awan gelap mendung
Tentang kekasih yang duka murung
Tentang diri yang terpenjara terkurung.

Tentang gunung yang pelbagai warna
Lembah lurah air mencurah
Onak duri dan bunga harum baunya
Belukar mencakar balar merah berdarah.

Gunung yang memerdekakan jiwa
Melepaskannya ibarat burung senja
Yang terbangnya antara jelas dan tiada
Yang bunyi sayapnya menggerunkan jiwa
Gunung yang memenjarakan kita
Membuatkan kita takut dan curiga.

Maka adik Teh dengan impian memanjat gunung
Kenanga dengan cerita di puncak gunung
Abang Malaya sekadar dari jauh melihat gunung
Kerana gunung wujud untuk dilihat ditenung
Didaki teroka puncak, lereng dan lurahnya
Ibarat pelukis melakarkan tubuh ghairah seorang wanita
Seorang penyair melakar indah lagu-lagu cinta
Pendeta mengolah-canai peri bahasa
Pujangga bermadah membongkar kisah seribu rahsia.

Maka marilah kita ke sana
Dari puncaknya kita sentuh awan dan purnama
Dari lembahnya kita cari bunga-bunga pelbagai warna
Kita mandi air dingin anak-anak sungainya.

Anonymous said...

dr Ve thru aka judy, yes, I was the one persuading him to go and now thatit is confirmed i am kicking myself and trying to stop the niggling doubts, fears and ...tears. I will miss him dearly.

alinlai, memang yan sejuk and seronok...lama dah dak pi. I hope ithasnt changed much. kalau yapun, i hope they have not ruined the beauty.
BTB - entah lah...sapa tu? Tapi BTB, jangan susah hati, kak teh suka artwork dia saja...BTB masih adik kak teh lagi yang kak teh boleh pulaih telinga.

Anonymous said...

laaaa, sapa pulak awang goneng ni? hehehe - tersilap nick laaa.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...silap lagi -

kenanga kembali membuka cerita,
membuka kembali cerita lama,
masih di balai berita ka atau di mana,
masih boleh mengintai abang malaya?

Abang malaya bijak berkata,
kak teh terus membongkar rahsia,
tapi memang tepat masanya,
bulan ini ulangtahun perkahwinan kita.
maka itulah teringat kembali,
di jalan riong tempat pertemuan kami,
hingga membawa kami ke sini,
anak empat Tuhan kurniai.

abang malaya,
Jerai masih dalam kenangan,
namun nak panjat masih angan-angan,
tak akan tercapai itu impian,
terlalu tinggi tak kecapaian.

betul juga abang berkata,
jerai ibarat lukisan di mata,
tegap berdiri seperti takhta,
negeri kedah bangganya nyata.

Bergen said...

Bergen <-- Waiting for the copy.

AuntyN said...

Adoi Kak Teh, lawaklah tu, boleh tersalah 2 kali nick tu. hehe. I wonder how many identity you have Kak Teh hehehe.

mokciknab said...

Kak Teh, when i read entries such as yours or Awang's or even my dad's, I would immediately think of my children, and wonder if they would ever have such poignant memories. Ah well, perhaps everything is relative. Perhaps in twenty years reminiscing about a 100 Mbps connection is sweetness enough.

Happy Anniversary in advance! Perhaps you ought to celebrate in the north, where it all began!

Kak Teh said...

bergen - done!

BTB..ish! ish ! ish! but putera ni memang talentedlah.

AN, tu lah...pagi-pagi semakin blur. maklumlah kat rumah ni dua tiga empat bloggers!

Mok cik Nab, thanks for dropping by..and all the way from Jakarta?
well, let's say we oldies have more to look back on. and when we do thatwe put on our rose tinted glasses.

Anonymous said...

Rindu agaknya Kak Teh kita ni
Asyik dok bernostalgia hari ke hari
Kelmarin dulu Klasik Nasional dicari
Berkisah Gunung Jerai pula dia la ni

Bermula gambar kemudian tulisan
Kita dibawa menyusuri Yan
Begitu indah segala kenangan
Pulang sajalah Kak Teh ke kampung halaman

Indah sungguh sajak Abang Malaya
Mendalam sungguh isi maknanya
Penuh kias sarat berbunga
Boleh meleleh si air mata

Kak Teh tak teringin ke nak berpuisi
Lawan Abang Malaya kita ni
Cukuplah Kenanga sekadar memerhati
Tak mau timbul cemburu di hati

Mokcik Nab bertandang dari Jakarta
Lama sungguh tak dengar berita
Khabarnya dia pun sambut pesta
Meraikan ulangtahun perkahwinannya

Di mana tempat Kenanga bekerja
Usah disoal, usah ditanya
Yang penting kita saling bersapa
Dengan Kak Teh di London sana

Selamat petang Kak Teh bistari
Di sini dah nak masuk dinihari
Suami dah lama tidur sendiri
Tibalah masanya Kenanga menemani
Sehingga berjumpa di lain kali
Jagalah diri, anak2 dan suami

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh,
Been to Gunung Jerai about 22 years ago. Saw many campers and picnickers there. I suppose there must have been many changes now, but Gunung Jerai never ages. Will sure like to go there again one day. Ah, I see putera has got up from his sofa! But why is he hiding behind Kak Teh's sarung?Takut BTB kah? :)

Anonymous said...

Awang Goneng, though I know you will miss your dear son as much as Kak Teh but I think it will be a good learning/exciting experience for him. Sometimes we worry ahead but then find that the worry was unnecessary because these kids tend to surprise their parents with their independence and resources they have. He'll be fine but hot. So, don't kick yourself because he will make you very proud of him with what he will achieve from this youth exchange programme.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Kak Teh
Places that we know before are no longer like they are now.
From my own experience, JB - the city I was born in and return to once a year every Raya - has changed so much that I no longer know my way around if I'm on my own.
Reminiscing makes me missed the place of old.

Anonymous said...

Ah Gek, your bespoke tailor, caught my attention. Yeah! I had one too long time ago, Wai Lan..ha ha. How affordable they were until recent day bespoke tailors, the likes of Bernard Chandran, Tom Saufi,! they are real expensive or rather unaffordable!!! Cheaper to buy readymades.

Kak Teh said...

dua puluhtahun lebih kak teh di sini,
nostalgia melanda setiap hari,
rindu kampong halaman, tak usahlah kata lagi,
mak dan adik beradik sentiasa diingati.

esok anak balik ke malaya,
berjumpa tok nenek dan sepupu sebaya,
nak belajar tradisi dan budaya,
sungguh diminati susah nak percaya.

kenanga masih muda rasanya,
kumpulkan pengalaman di mana yang ada,
kak teh dulu banyak membuang masa,
ke sana sini tak tentu hala.

Kak Teh said...

wonda, as much as i would like to 'do' th ejerai, i dont think i will. not in a million years. How I dread the leaches and snakes and creepy crawlies. and not to mention heights...also my lutut cannot tahan oredi. abt btb - hahaha! and eddie putera- well nice artwork there.

dr ve thru, i know you are very strong to let your son go. I am counting the days and i cannot describe the feelings in me. my daughter is leaving for malaysia tomorrow and taufiq will leave on 24th of this month. I am sure they will enjoy themselves.

Kak Teh said...

x-matters - we keep these places in our heart and we see them again through our mind's eye. That way they are not tainted and spoilt. Sometimes I feel cheated when I go back to alor star and not being able to 'see' alor star that i know. even pekan rabu is difefrent. But the locals want change. and we cant stop change.

ruby, ya - we have our own bespoke tailor! was at Tom's new boutique in London last week, wahhhhhhhhhh must work harder if i want one of those kaftans! or better still get old ah gek to do it. I already have loads of Tom's sarung but am eyeing one long dress !

Anonymous said...

Yan Kecil Yan Besar
Sungai Limau Padang Lumat
Janganlah Adik Teh berhati gusar
Perjalanan anakmu Insya-Allah selamat.

Gunung Jerai Guar Cempedak
Kuala Sala Kuala Kangkung
Latihlah anak ketika budak
Supaya ingat desa dan kampung.

Kuala Kedah Pulau Langkawi
Jangan lupa Kampung Jabi
La ni ais kepai tak ada lagi
Halwa rambut pun susah nak cari.

Dari Gurun ke Kuala Muda
Jauh sikit Carok Tok Kon
Kedai karan rambut dah tak ada
Diganti dengan beauty saloon.

Kuala Ketil Kaki Bukit
Budak-budak berlain lastik
Mana ada lagi tukang jahit
La ni di kampung dah ada butik.

Alor Setar Alor Pumpung
Paya Terubung Paya Kandis
Abang Malaya pun budak kampung
Penuh kurap, panau dan kudis.

Bukit Jenun Air Putih
Ikan keli ikan haruan
Faham sangatlah nostalgia Adik Teh
Apatah lagi lama di perantauan.

Kampung Darat Kampung Hulu
Mengankut air dari perigi
Abang Malaya berhenti dulu
Di lain kesempatan berjumpa lagi.

Sri Diah said...

Wahai Kak Teh; During last raya kami satu famili ke Yan Kecil, Yan Besar, Dulang Kecil, Dulang Besar. Singgah juga ke Kampung Acheh dan Sungai Limau... cumanya tak mendaki Gunung Jerai. Btw... salam ingatan utk Kak Teh.

Anonymous said...

Kak teh,
Betul2 nostalgic. Saya pon dah lama tak lalu jalan lama bila balik aloq staq.
Kak teh,
Your mom di alor staq kan now? What about around Raya Haji?

Azer Mantessa said...

menyo na masa, sigo2 wo sideh :-)

a msg from a guy who grew up from there :-)

Mulan said...

never been there but i sure will one day. dulu selalu jugak camping & mendaki2 ni, but tak de peluang lagi semenjak dua menjak jadi musafir ni. could hardly wait to do it again. love to be in the jungles & mountains..

Anonymous said...

the picture is majestic..i love this entry kak teh!!

i got a story to share..hope u dont mind..

my friends n i went camping kat jerai once.. masa jalan turun kat bawah...sampai kat bawah..went to the toilet.. terasa geli dalam kasut.. bukak kasut... adoiiiiiii..satu pacat(eh betul ker nama haiwan ni?) yg memang memang dah kenyang dan gemuk dan tak boleh bergerak dah..rupanya terlekat kat anak jari kaki saya.. akak bayangkan la.. for that few hours jalan turun gunung tu.. dia hisap darah saya.. terjerit saya....had no ciggarette to kill that thing.. somehow managed to get it off my kaki.. splashhhhhhh..darah tersembur (abis terpercik kat seluar)..lepas tu of course balik ukm lepas tu.. kaki abis kena infection..sakittttttttt..

tapi at least dia dah suck all my bad blood..i should thank the pacat for that :0)

Kak Teh said...

abang malaya,
ibu mana tak akan bimbang,
melihatkan anak yang sudah terbang,
tiga minggu lagi barulah pulang,
tengok muka, resah pun hilang.

Insyaaallah dia sampai malam ini,
dengan buah tangan, peluk cium diberi,
kepada saudara mara di sana sini,
dari kami dengan ikhlas di hati.

Kak teh bernostalgia sekali sekala,
sekarang dah sejuk, kerinduan bermaharajalela,
membilang hari bila nak pulang pula,
ke kampung halaman dan saudara segala.

alor setar tak seperti dulu lagi,
banyaknya kereta, malam dan pagi,
semua yang kenal dah pun pergi,
ada yang pindah, atau keluar negeri.

itulah masalah orang rantauan,
semuanya nak simpan dalam ingatan,
semuanya indah tak ada kecacatan,tapi itulah, semuanya hanya kenangan.

Kak Teh said...

sri, kak tehpun dah lama tak ke sana. mungkin tak ada sapa pun yang kenal lagi. Bila balik selalunya tak ada masa - keadaan mak tak mengizinkan.

mar, mak kak teh di Bangi. lepas raya hari tu di a balik kl. jalan-jalan laa ke bangi.

azer, 'tis a problem. you have to translate the message. pls.

Kak Teh said...

mulan, do it while you still have the energy and the enthusiasm. Kak teh nak panjat tangga pun tak bertenaga dah. Dok depan Tv tengok Channel Discovery! hehe.

Simah, thank you for sharing the story. That is my biggest fear..pacatand lintah and snakes...eeehk! I have never been adventurous. But thatis my choice - i denied myself all these adventures when i was young.

Count Byron said...

Kak Teh.. Jerai comes beautiful under your brushes. What a painting indeed. Haji Ismail Hashim was indeed a celebrity.. to me he was adored and had a following right to Oldham in Manchester, circa 76.
& The drag queens come alive.. very alive.
Thanks Kak Teh

Bergen said...

We've got a good long list of characters like Teh Bisu in Dungun in teh 70s when they closed down the mine. Unlike Teh Bisu, they were mostly men who didn't see it coming and spent all their money on booze and women in a row of shops behind Panggung Happy.

Dungun, Yan or Telemong or anywhere will always be in our mind since we saw it first from a child's viewpoint. Like first love, I guess, you don't forget this thing because you don't want to. It's part of you that has gone down with time and will never come back again the same way.

Sorry, Kak Teh, didn't mean to sound like a poet.

~ GAB ~ said...

You make me regret for nothing for not being born in Yan and for not having that majestic Gunung Jerai as a background to my granny's house. The only Yan I knew when I was a kid was Kay Ye we called her, I think she was Siti Mariam.

Kak Teh said...

count byron, with age, we paint with more detail cos the memories linger. we do not have to rush, dont u think?

bergen, do not apologise. your dungun with boozy men and loose women is also part of our history and not one we can brush under the carpet. Ican if ai want to and not talk abt Teh Bisu who could be a stain on Yan's beauty or the two drag queens - but why should I , they made the finer details of the painting, of the history, dont you think? and your accounts of Dungun are so priceless. Let us trawl our memories to find more.

Gab, I wasn't born in Yan but I spent mostof my childhood there and this this account. many of my entries abt my childhood days ahve Yan as the background.

maklang said...

maklang tak pernah algi sampai gunung jerai. dengar nama aje...

Kak Teh said...

mak lang, dont worry, kak teh pun belum sampai dan tak akan sampai. dok tengok dari jauh saja.

btb! ish! buat suspense saja!

Kak Elle said...

kak teh I pun pernah ke Kedah tapi Langkawi dah tu pun we fly so tak bolih nak komen pasal jerai.Tapi ah gek tu faham lah mana nak sama harga tailoring kat sini ngan london...alang kat sg ni pun mahal bab tu kita ke JB.

Anonymous said...

some hill in NS? bukit putus or gunung datuk? aiseh G. Datuk is behind my hse lah

Kak Teh said...

kak elle, ah gek, ah gek sekarang nipun mahal dah. baik beli yang siap dah.

atn, ya ka? tapi you tak dak di sana, buat apa.

tokasid said...

Salam to kak teh and all.

Kak teh dok belah Yan. Saya dok belah sini Jerai. Dok kot belah Merbok. Dok di kg Bujang( oleh itu saya sentiasa orang bujang!) and Bendang Dalam.
Dari belah Merbok pemandangan ke Jerai tak beropa cantik sangat tapi attraction belah Merbok is Bukit Batu Pahat tempat yg penoh candi-candi purba. Yang menandakan pernah ada kerajaan Hindu di kawasan Merbok.

Dan la ni ada taman peranginan Tupa( bakunya Tupah). Dulu tarak sapa nak pi sana kecuali kami budak-budak yg suka merayau. La ni Tupa dah di upgrade.Tapi malangnya Tupa dah jadi tempat anak jantan betina buat maksiat melepas nafsu berahi. Banyak VCD keluaran Tupa. Tak tau lah apa nak jadi.

Juga sebelah sini Jerai dah ada UiTM. Dah ada Kolej Perubatan di Semeling.
Dah ada jambatan baru sambung Semeling ke SP melalui Sg Layar.

Merbok, Singkiag, Tg Dawai masih dok lagu tu jugak.
Tapi tak tau lah sebab sejak merantau ke selatan dah 5 tahun tak balik Merbok area. Kalau singgahpun takat SP saja.

Memang, Jerai tetap menawan dan membawa seribu rindu ke zaman kanak2.


Kak Teh said...

salam tokasid, terima kasih kerana sudi menjenguk blog kak teh dan terima kasih kerana mengupdate maklumat mengenai jerai dan kawasan sewaktu dengannya.

Kak teh jenguk juga blog tokasid, rupa2nya orang SAHC??? tapi kak teh rasa tokasid ni tersangatlah junior kerana tahun yang tercatat pada gambar2 di blog tu - adalah tahun kak teh dah merantau di London. Tapi kak teh pun adajuga gambar2 lama - dan masih lagu berjumpa dengan kawan2 dari sana - selalu kami adakan reunion.

Anonymous said...

Dah lama juga Abang Malaya tak melawat
Kerja tak banyak tapi badan kurang sihat
Cuaca panas tapi petang hujang lebat
Kenalah jumpa doktor minta ubat.

Tapi blog Adik Teh abang tak lupa juga
Dah jadi macam semut dengan gula
Sedar tak sedar, kak hang pun blog juga
Dia kata tak boleh biar Ahang Malaya saja.

Kini di Malaya macam-macam cerita
Susah nak tahu mana betul mana dusta
Mana puju-pujian mana caci nista
Peninglah kepala para pemberita.

Abang Malaya tumpang gembira
Lihat adik-adik bersuka ria
Berpantun seloka di alam siber
Rasa terubat hatiku yang lara.

Lydia Teh said...

Hi Kak Teh, that's a beautiful and awe-inspiring picture.

Like Bergen said, there are people like Teh Bisu, even in other parts of Msia. In Klang, we used to have a Charlie Chaplin character, dressed like him, no sound, little moustache.

Kak Teh said...

abang malaya,
sudah lama kak teh berjaga
tapi banyak kerja yang tak terduga,
sekarang abang malaya tentulah bangga,
kak malaya ada blog juga?

baca berita tentang negara kita,
banyak angkara merata-rata,
tuduh menuduh,mencerca mendusta
susahnya hati tidak terkata.

kenanga mana edelweis pun tak ada,
masing-masing sibuk kerja melanda,
atau dah jemu bergurau senda,
marilah sambung mengasah minda.

Kak Teh said...

lydia, the klang charile chaplin is worth writing about...give him the lydia teh treatment.

Anonymous said...

Adik Teh orang budiman
Tegur sapa penuh senyuman
Hudup bahagia di perantauan
Itulah adat orang beriman.

Abang Malaya pun rindu juga
Kepada Edelweiss, Kenanga pun sama
Edel kata nak berkursus sat saja
Tapi menghilang entah ke mana.

Harap-harap Edel tak lupa kita
Walaupun "interest" baru mungkin dah jumpa
Ajaklah "dia" berpantun seloka
Macam Kak Malaya kita.

Kak Malaya tak ada blog sendiri
Macam Abang Malaya dia hantar sana sini
Dia kata nak buat blog sendiri tak berani
Tanya pseudonym dia, dia tak mau bagi.

Edel ni dia pi mana?
Takkanlah kursus begitu lama?
Mai kita suruh US Marine cari dia
Dok perang di Iraq pun depa tak berjaya.

Di Malaya ni macam-macam depa berebut
Sampai mayat dekat nak reput
Ni yang buat Abang Malaya serabut
Banyak benda dah jadi karut.

Masa orang hidup depa tak peduli
Orang susah depa buat tak reti
Bila keok baru depa nak perati
Berebut mayat sampai heboh satu negeri.

Jadi Abang Malaya fahamlah
Mengapa ramai hendak berhijrah
Duduk di Malaya hati susah
Lebih baik jauh-jauh kita nyah.

Tapi Abang Malaya tak boleh lari
Siapa nak jaga getah dan padi?
Kepada tanah pusaka abang tak benci
Yang buat masalah pembesar negeri.

Abang Malaya berundur dulu
Nak pi jenguk kerbau dan lembu
Di lain waktu kita bertemu
Berpantun seloka janganlah jemu.

Kak Teh said...

abang malaya,
Kak malaya pun nak berahsia nama,
macam mana kita nak kongsi sama,
nak baca, nak berseloka penuh irama,janganlah bersembunyi terlalu lama.

nukilan kak malaya tentunya indah,
bergurukan abang malaya berpantun bermadah,
kami dok teka sampai tak sudah,
habis archive kami geledah.

itulah cerita kak teh baca,
kisah mayat yang jadi berita,
kesiannya roh yang tak tentu hala,
dijadikan bahan politik orangberkuasa.

adik edel dah pun menjawab,
dia menghilangkan diri adalah sebab,
kerjanya banyak bukannya lembab,
seruan kita cepat dia tangkap.

Kak Teh said...

adek edel menjenguk semula,
kenanga mana apa hal pula?
marilah kita berseloka ,
memeriahkan majlis bersuka-suka.

kak teh pun sibuk tidak terkira,
ke sana sini kerja terpaksa,
anak di malaya berseuka ria,
nak kena telefon bertanyakan dia.

sue said...

everytime balik AS mesti tak lepas pandang Gunung Jerai especially waktu pagi dan petang..camping kat sana best, ada orang cakap kat bawak air terjun tu used to be tmpt pertapaan...tak sure betul ke tidak

Kak Teh said...

sue, now that you mentioned it, I think i heard abt this before. thank you for reminding me and i think i will explore this matter further. Thanks.