Friday, 28 August 2009

Something to share

My new toy came in the post two days ago and I was itching to share the good news. I tore the package open, and there it was all gleaming and nice and inviting.

"Hi, I am calling from my new Blackberry Curve," I said, barely able to contain my glee.

"Mama, you mean you called me just to tell me that you've got a Blackberry?" asked the second sayang mama at the other end of the BC.

"Yes," I said smugly.

"Oh, there goes your hassanah. You're not supposed to boast during Ramadhan," she added.

Oh dear, have you ever felt like a deflated balloon? I felt like that. I know The Curve is getting out of fashion and I am just getting it because I was due for an upgrade and while in Malaysia I stepped (yes, stepped) on my old faithful Nokia and the screen cracked and it went all black. (So those who had sent me sms'es while I was there, will know that there was no way I could read any of my messages.)

And now I am the proud owner of the Blackberry Curve. I still don't know what else I could do with it other than making and answering calls and sending messages, but I've been looking at it in case it vanishes before my eyes.

I made several calls to all other sayang mamas and they were all quite amused by their mama's excitement over her new toy.

Doesn't take a lot to make me all excited, does it?

A call finally came through that new toy of mine with a ringtone so sweet to the ear. I had to refrain myself from answering ala Mrs Bouquet, "Hello, yes, this is me answering my new slimline Blackberry Curve with its wide screen and oh so very small typepad!"

It was just as well I didn't for the call came from a very significant member of the surau. It must be quite an important phonecall - a serious one, I gathered.

It was a request and once again, I couldn't contain my excitement. Someone actually remembered something that I cooked and during this Ramadhan, the craving for my special dish was getting to her. I felt quite elated actually and promised to make and bring the dish for that evening's morey, after Terawikh. I despatched the other half to get the necessary things and after the preparation for iftar, I proceeded to make this special dish. And for those of you who are interested, read carefully as this can really change your culinary experience.

Carefully open the can of chickpeas and drain them in a sieve.
Slice onions and some dried chillies.
Heat the oil and throw in the sliced onions, dried chillies, curry leaves and mustard seeds. Then pour in the chickpeas. Just add a little salt.

There - all of 10 minutes flat!

I just love it. People at the surau bring other interesting dishes which require more culinary feat than opening cans. They kneed and roll doughs for karipap pusing, slave over steamers and ovens to produce tepung pelita or seri muka and I whipped out something from a can.

Well, as I am sharing the dish with others and I am not boasting, do I get my hassanah back, my precious sayang mama?

Health warning - this dish is best eaten after terawikh. Chickpeas is known to affect the digestive system in a way that it can affect your wuduk and others around you.


n.i. said...

salam ramadhan kak teh :-)

After this iPhone 3Gs or Blackberry Storm should be in your list hehehe

enjoy your new gadget! :-)

Kak Teh said...

n.i., yang ini pun belum tahu nak guna semua functionsnya. My daughter has an iPhone but i find that difficult to use. aaaah, atthis age i need people (read: my children) to teach me what to do. But yes, I will enjoy it.

lizaimen's blog said...

hi mak teh, hehe be sure not to serve the chick pea dish to mak ngah!! selamat berpuasa...the whole penang and bukit pinang clan will converge @ mak su's for raya...wish you and your entire clan can join'll be sooo meriah!! luv, oli

Pi Bani said...

Amboi, excited sungguh dapat toy baru yang masih belum reti diguna sepenuhnya! Lepas ni you kena tunggu Blueberry le pulak...

Kak Teh said...

Oli, mak ngah IS the chickpea machine! Aaah, as much as I want to, I dont think we can make it this raya...terlalu dekat, and kenduri kendara december and march ini pun belum tentu lagi. I wish everyone wld get married at the same time - buat mass wedding. azril, zhafri, adam, hilman, yaya, syajie and all of am's children...kan senang cerita?

Kak Teh said...

pi bani, i selalu juga tersasul antara blackberry and blueberry. asalkan I tak sebut strawberry sudah! i wonder where they get all these name.

Ms B said...


u'll love it! Qwerty pad is so much easier (i've been using those for past yrs but nokia). Only recently i discovered the joy of blog hopping & leaving comments using this baby. Senang!

Ps: i'm using it nw. ;)

Naz said...

Kak Teh,
I think you purposely stepped on that NOKIA la...haha!
Anyway, enjoy the new gadget. Where did you kebumikan the old one. I hope it was a respectable funeral ;P

OK, chickpeas ada dalam almari kat dapur. Thanks for adding another dish on the table today :)

btw, i'm also thinking of suggesting mass weddings for people back home hujung tahun ni. senang sikit!

Kak Teh said...

ms B, you must help me with this internet thingy via blackberry. I just dont understand how to use it.

Naz, how did you guess I did it on purpose? hehe! Like all arwah mobile phones, they are buried somewhere in old handbags.
As for the chickpeas - memang sedap naz, buat banyak2 and kalau nak pedas, add more cili kering tu. kalau makan sambil tengok cerita P ramlee tersangatlah best!

I'd suggest mass weddings esp if they want us anak perantau to attend them. And tak payah buat baju banyak2 pasang lagi, kan?

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh: *laughs* You sound so excited with your new toy. Am sure that you will sleep with it by your bedside and smile at it before you close your eyes and go to sleep! Hee hee.

I guess after a day of "playing" with it, you would have realised that it has cool stuff like an in-built GPS, video streaming/ and recording and that you can also surf the Net on it. :-)

But I must warn you -- it is VERY addictive *grins*

xplorer said...

salam kak teh , i'm still using the black and white screen 2st generation non polyphonic nokia phone.somehow it had found its way in my washing machine a couple of time and it is still usable.I bet your blackberry won't survive the washing machine , he he.

lizaimen's blog said...

laaa macam mana nak kahwin.. **** pun tak sunat lagi!!

aliff muhammad said...


Ha!ha! Kak Teh, Kak Teh (kata Aliff sambil geleng-geleng kepala dan senyum seorang diri depan komputer).

Enjoy your new gadget!:). For me, the only thing I need from the phone is to receive calls and messages.

Bahaya wo! Aliff pergi balik kerja naik motorsikal, kalau dibantai dek hujan maunya berladung hp dlm kocek macam kuah gulai kalu tak sempat berhenti (in case tiba-tiba hujan ditengah-tengah highway!). Sudah ada pengalaman dua-tiga kali. Mujur hp murah, tak le terasa sangat.

3yearshousewife said...

Saya lagi lah tak de HP sejak dok sini. Tak tau la apa yg hip atau tak hip. Blacberry utk makan tu saya tau lah.
The chickpeas dish is truly a wicked idea.

Queen Of The House said...

Kak Teh, surfing the internet will be a breeze with the Blackberry. Boleh update blog, bloghop, FB'ing, emailing .... oooh best, best!!!!

Kak Teh said...

Andrea, sleep with the phone ? Oh no! The first thing that my husband does before sleep is to make sure that all phones are miles away. Its the radiation, he says. Already he has warned me that Blackberry has increased radiation compared to others. abt the other functions, i have yet to explore them and so, at the moment I am contented to just stare at it until someone rings..heh!

xplorer, your phone survived the washing machine? wah! that should be a good one for advertising the phone. I just need a new one after i stepped on the old one. the old one has all kinds of plasters and tapes to keep it together.

Kak Teh said...

oli, oooh, in that case, do it during one of the kenduri's. senang sikit. Am sure he is ready for it.

Aliff, ya, i too need the simple functions. But i think now that i have a big camera (NEW), and difficult to carry, the camera on the BC is quite useful. The voice recorder is also very good.

Kak Teh said...

3AS, cubalah chickpeas tu - memang sedap dan makan sambil tengok TV!

QOTH, selamat berpuasa to you and yours. and yes, that's what everyone keeps telling me. am waiting for someone to show me how now. and i can have all the fun and get totally addicted to it.

kay_leeda said...

Kak Teh,

Ah hah!!! Yesss, welcome to the BB club :) Beautiful, ain't it the BB Curve?

I was just like you when first introduced to BB. Phone canggih but tak tau how to use. Now I take it ever where. Blogging is average, but FB is just perfect. Tengah-tengah traffic jam pun boleh buat FB status updates. Over the weekend I watched the much talked about TV3 soap "Nur Kasih" which is posted on Youtube on BB. Okay, enuf with that as teasers. You go discover yr new toy yah :)

Chicpeas from the can and so yummylicious? You so smart one lah!!

Kak Teh said...

kay, whoaaaa!semua tu boleh buat ka dengan BC? ish i really need someone to help me with this. kalau ada crossword puzzle or scrabble, i'd really be hooked.

yes, guna kacang kuda dalam tin - senang.

Oldstock said...

Amboi Kak Teh dah pakai blackberry sekarang ni ye! Canggih tu... lepas ni Kak Teh kena download games yg Kak Teh suka. Crossword, scrabble, sudoku... semua ada.

Eh... macam mana pulak kita berdua boleh post pasal resipi at the same time ni? Resipi kacang pulak tu...

Justiffa said...

Waaaah KT sronok nampak :D i've been getting hand me downs from the hubs since i dont know when.. maybe its time i got something hip & trendy too ;)

Slamat berenjoyz hehehe!!

Kama said...

uh oh.. ada orang sudah canggih pakai "Beri Hitam". Kak teh, kalau I dapat Blackberry, I dok pegang dan telek aja la kot.. taktau nak pakai. lani mobile phone Chokia ni pun tak pass pass lagi function buttons nya..

Zendra said...

Kak Teh, a new toy is just the thing to play with while fasting hehe.

How convenient to have chickpeas in a can. Combined with curry leaves they help speed things along too, I was told.

Shahieda said...

Hahahaha!! How very beguiling, Kak Teh.

I am the same when it comes to new technology, be it phones, laptops, etc. My kids would have the upperhand in knowing how to work the goodiegats before I do, hehehe!!

Have lots of fun discovering what your new toy can do :)

Chahya said...

Wahh! many would follow your footsteps after this...step on hps!
Kalau tak crack juga, buat2 terjatuh...hehehe

Happy playing :)

NanaDJ said...

Kak Teh,
Dah pun dapat new toy. Alamak, was just thinking that Blackberry would be the next parcel that one day the postmen could suprise you with. Enjoy your Blackberry but as somene says it can be very addictive and anti social. i saw someone fiddling with it while the poor groom was nervously trying to lafadz nikah.
Will try the kacang kuda recipe, its something very mamak in taste and typical Kedah/Penang dish.
Enjoy your berries (Blackberry and strawberry yang kat blog you)

Pi Bani said...

Speaking of old phones... I remember one of my older phones, entah berapa kali jatuh terguling mengalahkan cerita Hindustan. When others had handphones boasting of dual band or triband, mine had an additional band... the rubber band... to keep it together lah... hehehe...

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Kak Teh...great that you have upgraded your hp to a sleek blackberry! you must be proud to own one, and yes the keypad is too small for my fingers and i just stick to my iPhone...hehehheee...and the dish, so simple yet yummy with a good side effect too...;-)

p.s.: so you can do mobile blogging...

Kak Teh said...

Oldstock, hai nampaknya tak jadi kerjalah macam ni, esp if I can get scrabble online!
as for the kacang recipe, that was what I was thinking too when i saw your post. My husband used to like kacang pool and I thought of using your recipe for iftar tomorrow. Will see! Mine is only a side dish best eaten while watching a P Ramlee classic!

Justiffa, I bet hand me downs from your hubs must be a canggeh one. Tu pun dah cukup. My hubs didnt use hp but recently masa balik msia i invested in two cheap phones because as we were living apart - one in bangi and one in Gombak, it'd be easy to communicate. So, now dah bawa balik msia i bought him a sim card - masih dia tak pakai. Tak apa, its there when he needs it.

Kak Teh said...

Puteri, nampaknya buat masa ni dok pegang dan telek sajalah sebab tak boleh nak venture to other functions lagi. Insyaallah weekend ni boleh nak perosah tengok macam mana.

zendra, you mean the curry leaves do help speed 'things' along? You mean to say it is like julap?

Kak Teh said...

Shahieda, we are indeed at the mercy of the children. I remember my 10 year old then helping me to connect the internet. That was years ago! must admit I have gone some way in improving myself but need to learn more. This one still baffles me.

Chahya, hehe, that is the first STEP so to speak! The STEP in the right direction. But honestly, it was an accident...and I was amazed at the way the darkened area just spread on the screen - it was like abstract art!

Kak Teh said...

NanaDJ, seriously? while someone was trying to lafaz nikah? that is quite bad. Yes, I think to some people these gadgets are security blankets and they feel secure just holding and fiddling with them whereever they are. I see most people in tubes and buses just preoccupied with their handphones. and not necessarily making calls. ph yes, the chickpeas recipe is very mamak style.

Pi Bani, hahaha ! I like that - rubber band. Mine - the arwah one - had a big masking tape to hold the battery in place. But it worked alright - that is until I stepped on it.

Kak Teh said...

Danial, you are either sleeping late or you have woken up early! I saw your comment coming in just now. Ya, the keyboard is a tad too small. I've yet to get used to it as well. You'll know when I am connected when I comment in your blog using it - okay? :)

Zendra said...

Dear Kak Teh, here is something I got off Medicinal properties of curry leaves:

Curry leaves possess the qualities of a herbal tonic . they strengthen the functions of stomach and promote its action. *They are also used as a mild laxative*. The leaves may be taken mixed with other mild tasting herbs. It is used for digestive disorders, diabetes, burns & bruises, eye disorders, insect bites etc.

Acccording to my new sis-in-law who prepares her own jamu, she mixes in curry leaves into her concoction for that mild effect as well.

Her jamu, seems to have improved my brother's diabetes and excema. And his belly's gone too. Mungkin pasal isteri baru ada jugak kot.

I'm also trying it - for awet muda hehehe

DrSam said...

Nice new toy Kak Teh. You are not only keeping up with the appearances, but also keeping up with the current technogadget as well. Now you can save all the wonderful recipes in the bery-bery gitu :)

D said...

kak Teh, new assignment: google for a blackberry pie using the Blackberry Curve for iftar today. Hehe..

Kak Teh said...

Zendra, if i know how to google using the Blackberry I would have retrieved the info earlier. Hey, thanks a lot. That's quite useful.
Your story re: brother and new sis in law reminds me of brother and new sis in law too. During the last trip back, I noticed that he was so trim and slim - macam orang muda and I honestly do not think my new sis in law added any curry leaves in any form of concoction. The other theory holds true.
I am past awet muda, never one for ulams and whatnots so i will be an old hag before I could learn the functions of my BC.

Kak Teh said...

Dr Sam, this this a case of Keeping up With The Children. They have all kinds of gadgets. If only one can help me to cook and tidy up the house - and yes, remind them to come back early etc, etc.
Pssst, am not big on recipes. I have all kinds of books but never consult them. My daughter is going to invest in a new oven before Raya and I do hope this will rekindle my love affair with the kitchen.

Kak Teh said...

D, belum boleh gunaaaaa! Oh by the way yesterday I added you to the contact in the contact section. that was easily done.

So, hari ini masak apa?

masterwordsmith said...

Dear Kak Teh

Like you, I tend to go goo-goo ga-ga over tech gadgets and would die if I did not have my handheld...Once you get addicted to it, you can't live without it :-)....Hope you have many hours of fun with it.

Thanks for sharing the recipe. Looks simple and healthy. I have been told by many that chickpeas are great for our system :-).

Take care and selamat berpuasa.

Salam to you and yours

siakap said...

Kak Teh,
Wah, wah, dah up grade nampak. Ingat Kak Teh, binatang tu boleh gigit tau. Jangn dok main sangat nanti dia tokak jari dan mata pedeh. BTW that toy really helpful and practical dia boleh buat kita lalai dan terlupa kerja lain. It is like drug and very addicted.

ilene said...

You dengan Judy ni sama saja! When she was down here, she kept on pestering me to buy the Blackberry Curve saying how easy it is to use and the features are really great. Once you've got it, you wouldn't want any other!

Kak Teh said...

paula, i find it difficult to fiddle with the small buttons but am sure i will get the hang of it. I think my husband will make sure that I wont get addicted to it. He will just take it away.

siakap, la ni pun mata dok rabun dah. semua ni gejala dok beradap pc/laptop and handphone, kan?

Kak Teh said...

ilene, janganlah kata gitu. Kak teh tak suruh pun ilene beli. I think i will soon get the hang of it. again, i must stress the buttons are too small for my chubby fingers. hehe!

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh,
Re: the chickpea recipe.. I bought something like this at a Ramadan stall yesterday. The Makcik had added a dash of kunyit to it for the Oomph! factor. So perhaps you would like to give it a try.

Kak Teh said...

andrea, okay, so it'll be a dash of kunyit the next time i make it. thanks. more tips fr pasar ramadhan, please!

ilene said...

oooppsss...soli Kak Teh. I actually meant to say that both you and Judy are sama in the way that you're both in love with the Blackberry Curve!

Soli ah!

Kak Teh said...

hehe, ilene, tak apa, no worries. am not in love yet, just fascinated. so many things to discover.