Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Blog, woman, blog!

Looking at my list of readers and commenters, as well as the list on sentraal station, the station for bloggers here and those who wish to make their bloghopping easier, I realised that there’s a wonderful amount of women bloggers. And a lot of networking too. So, hooray to that!

Whether they are mak cik bloggers (and I can say confidently that there are quite a few here) or young ones, the number of women bloggers is significant enough to make our voice heard.

Without this world of blogging, where would we be? How many magazines and column inches of newpapers would be afforded to us to hear our say; be it to lament about our lousy day at the office, our huge contribution in the growth of our company that perhaps has gone unnoticed or unappreciated, or our silly babytalk about our sayang mamas that we refused to allow to grow up, or even about our life in the autumn years?

Here in blogosphere, we can have our say. So, on 8th March – women bloggers around the world, let us unite and let our voice be heard.

Being a member of this blogosphere, I have met many, many wonderful women. For example, I have the privilege to know the trials and tribulations of single mothers such as this one. They are no helpless, spineless human beings but women who can stand up and show that, being left high and dry by the very people who were supposed to look after them through thick and thin, need not be the end of the world. They can still walk with their head high and still make it in this world; meet the challenges that come in double if not triple, bring up their children single handedly and be recognised for what they are, and not as handicaps, just because in the marital status column, they have to write ‘divorced’.

And where else can we read about a daughter’s bottled up feelings for her father wronged by a system that was so wrong? For so long she had kept it inside her, not knowing where to let it out, whether there would be an audience who would care to read what she and her mother and her siblings went through, how she coped with being labled ‘anak komunis’? And more important, if not for blogosphere who would dare publish such raw emotions?

And again, where can we follow the ups and downs those brave enough to pursue their ambition in life, such this blogger here. It has not been easy for her to pursue her studies while missing her son and husband thousands of miles away. She lets out her feelings in her blog, and when she feels better after reading encouraging comments from her readers, she goes back to her books with renewed energy. And this one here.

Everytime I read this blogger, I am humbled beyond belief at her resilience, her strength and more importantly the way she coped with the big C. She writes her entries with wisdom and wit and gives hope to people with the same predicament. And another brave blogger must be this one, who shared with us what she went through from the moment she discovered she had the dreaded disease, right up to the operation and after. These two have shown us their strength and their resilience. And never to give up.

I read too and learn a lot from this blogger, whose serious dependency problem on books and anything at all in printed form, has enriched my knowledge on books, authors and style of writing and many more. And I read about the struggle of a blogger who persevered inspite of her deteriorating eyesight, I read the mothers who have to cope with their special children here and here, and many more.

I can write about many more excellent women bloggers that I read and stalk almost daily, but I have a plane to catch.

So women bloggers of the world, UNITE! Let your voice be heard!


Anonymous said...

Steadilah, Kak Teh!This one for you...Pheeweeeeeet! =D

Tak kisah la, makcik blogger ke...adik blogger ke....janji, blog!

Thanks kak Teh for blogging. Sampai skrg lom gie Borders cuci mata (tgk buku) or beli buku. coz reading posting from you, kak Ena and Mak Andeh, dah cukup dah!.

And lagi sekali for you and all women bloggers...

***Blog, jgn TAK Blog!***

Manal said...

Some of the good songs for the day:
1. Superwoman: karyn white
2. Independent women: destiny's child
3. I'm every woman: Chaka Khan
4. You are beautiful :xtina aguilera

Ar u off to malaysia, kakteh?

Kenny Mah said...

Great post, Kak Teh! And it's not just for women bloggers. Any pro-women men bloggers are invited to post and show their support as well. I'm gonna go and do my post now...

klmuk said...

Tabik hurmat kepada Kakteh dan semua bloggers wanita! Terima kasih kerana memeriahkan dunia blog.

X-Matters said...

Kak Teh
We are phenomenal women, as Maya Angelou puts it.
Happy International Women's Day.

Kenny Mah said...

Hi again, Kak Teh!

Finally finished my piece in aid of International Women's Day --- it's called I Am Woman.

Please read it with an open mind. It might not be to everyone's taste but I like to think it's brutally honest. My utmost respect! :)

FireHorse said...

Right on kak teh, I am definitely with you on this unite thing. Oso agree with kenny mah's comment about pro-women men bloggers.


Hi Ah,

Can't wait to see you! Do tell me when you dah sampai!

and here's from one woman to another : SALUT!


Has said...

Kak Teh; I fikir you ni layak dijadikan Penghulu kita semua kat alam virtual ni. Tahniah.

Ms. Blabs said...

As Bogey put it in Casablanca - and this is for ALL of us fairer maidens,


Have a good time in KL, KT!

Theta said...

Hear ye! hear ye! You go girl!

I'm a woman, hear me roar!

Enjoy KL & thereabouts in all its splendour (hopefully it's not haze season)! :D

NJ said...

"All for one, one for all"

Hidup Kak Teh and all lady bloggers out there!!!

Have a safe journey back home Kak Teh.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Kak Teh,

Happy Day!'re flying already. Please do sms and we'll fix a day to meet. Looking forward. Excitement indeed. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning me in the company of these superwomen, I am humbled.

Kak Teh balik kg for how long? Dan dak kita nak berjumpa?


bibliobibuli said...

lovely post kak teh

and thanks for the mention. blogging makes me happy, helps me to learn too.

mak andeh said...

Kak Teh :

Thanks for the mention - the acknowledgement that single moms are not the downtrodden ones and not the ones to be avoided like the plague is truly welcoming.

I am proud to be myself - worts and all - status like ones to be filled in forms, just like age are numbers - remain just that. Insignificant.

It's what you represent, inside - with beauty of a soul - that makes you shine.

Here's to all women of the world - bloggers and readers alike - rejoice, and may we make the world a much better place.

Have a pleasant flight, Kak Teh. (or have you landed already? Call me)

wmw said...

You said it for me and the rest of us...Penghulu? ;o)

wonda said...

I read this blogger who wrote this wonderful post and salute her, and other women bloggers too. Truly humbled to be mentioned by you again. Thank you. BTW, where are you blogging from? Thought you already "sampai ke sana".....

Pi Bani said...

Kak Teh,
I've been visiting your blog from time to time but never left a comment before (low profile le konon)

Since it is International Women's Day, am taking the opportunity to tell you that your blog is one of my favourite blogs.

Makcik ke tak makcik ke... keep on blogging!

loveujordan said...

kak teh dear,
happy women's day !!
You are the inspiration of my blogging mood and spirit, so here I am one of thousands of makcik bloggers will keep on blogging ...:D:D:D

UglyButAdorable said...

kak te, happy women's day... sentral station memang rawk!!

Kak Elle said...

hurray to women bloggers!!

tokasid said...

Salam to kak teh and all women bloggers.

Selamat Hari Wanita.
Keep on blogging. Kalau dulu goncang nndoi/buaian dan goncang dunia, la ni goncang blogsphere.

pokmang said...

kak teh,

moga sihat sokmo dan diberi kesihatan dan rezeki yang baik.

MULAN said...

happy belated iwd to you kak teh..

specially to you, one kind hearted woman i've known in blogworld..

Queen Of The House said...

I never really realised that blogging has given women more opportunities to have our say ... so true!

Happy women's day. And Kak Teh, have a good trip home.

Budiey said...

hidup woman

Honeytar said...

Kak Tehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... !!!

You are backkkk...!!!

Let's unite women bloggers at Tok Li's !!!!!!!!!!!!

Call meeeeeeeeeee... ! If my phone jatuh longkang, call me brother! If still can't, call MA !

Ordinary Superhero said...

KUDOS to Kak Teh and the rest of the Gang!

Ibu said...

Askum K Teh,

I've been so-so-so busy that I felt like throwing in the towel at blogging. And then I read yours and it automatically re-charge my battery! Thanks for turbo boost to keep me (& i'm sure the rest of the women bloggers) to keep on blogging.

Safe journey, kak teh! Put on your seat belt and don't try to help the pilot with left & right directions, ok?


mobilemom said...

*woman power* kak teh ;)

Thanks for the support. :)

Anonymous said...

welcome home, kak teh :o)

keep on blogging, ladies!

Mama Rock said...

woo hoo! women bloggers rock! happy intl women's day to all!