Saturday, 3 March 2007

Al Fatehah kepada Ibu Intan Nazrah

Assalamualaikum semua,

Ibu Intan Nazrah, Hajjah Barirah binti Hajah Delma, telah pulang ke rahmatullah pada
jam 6 pagi 3 Mac selepas beberapa lama menderita penyakit cancer. Al Fatehah. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya dan menempatkannya di samping mereka yang beriman. Amin.


mak andeh said...


Al Fatihah.

klmuk said...

Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiun. Kakteh, tolong sampaikan salam takziah kepada Nazrah & keluarga.

Have a safe trip!

simah said...

Al fatihah..

saw ur message... thanks 4 telling me.. akak.. do u have her hp number?

nadya said...

thanks for the note, mak teh.


thewailer said...

innalillah wainna lillah

Hi&Lo said...

Deepest condolences to the bereaved family. May they find strength in their hour of grief.

tokasid said...

Salam to kak teh and all.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi roji'un.
Semoga Intan dan ahli keluarga akan banyak bersabar dengan ujian ini. ALLAH telah menjanjikan ganjaran yg besar kepada hamba yg bersabar bila di beri ujian.
Semoga anak2 ALLAHYARHAM yg soleh dan solehah sentiasa mendoakan ibu mereka kerana ALLAH Azza Wa Jalla telah menyatakan apabila matinya seseorang anak Adam, tiada yg berfaedah kepadanya kecuali 3 perkara: 1)- sedekah jariah ketika hidup (2)-ilmu yg diperturunkan dan(3)-doa anak yg soleh.

Semoaga ALLAH menempatkan Allahyarham dalam orang yg mendapat balasan Jannah.Ameen.

Count Byron said...

My condolence to Intan on the bereavement. Thanks KT.
Thank you for the info. May Allah keep her among the chosen, and May Intan be strong.

NJ said...

Innalillah! Alfatihah.

MULAN said...


MakNenek said...

Inalillahwainalillahrojeeeun. Al fatehah to the soul of Ibunya Intan. Salam Takziah.

Hi&Lo said...


Losing our mother is like a part of us has died.

No matter how prepared we are, we cannot help feeling the sense of sorrow.

Don't deny yourself the process of grieving. Allow yourself as much time as you need.

With your faith in God and the support from friends and strangers, may you find comfort.

pu1pu3 said...

Innalillahiwainnailaii rojiun.
Moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat oleh Allah.
Takziah buat Intan sekeluarga.

maklang said...

Al Fatihah...Salam buat Intan dan semuga arwahnya di cucuri rahmatNya...

AuntyN said...

Alfatihah to arwah.

Semoga Allah meletakkan rohnya bersama orang2 yang salleh.

Lydia Teh said...

Kak Teh, my deepest condolences to you and family.

simah said...

got the no from my tesl friends..thank for the news.. cant get thru her thru phone.. i wonder how she is.. any news akak?

Hi&Lo said...

Lydia Teh,

I think you meant Intan Nazrah who lost her beloved mom.

FireHorse said...

My condolences :o(

mobilemom said...


ruby ahmad said...

Hi Kak Teh,

Thanks for informing us.

My deepest condolences to Nazrah and fmy. It is surely a sad time for Nazrah and fmy, I know, as I have been through this myself.


Nazrah said...

Thank you kakteh for informing ur visitors, some of whom are my dear friends...most of them called, upon hearing the news. i found great comfort and solace in the encouraging words from you and AG especially, and those from my extended blogger family fr all over the world. i truly appreciate ur kind words, prayers and thoughts.

i will get better...dunno when , dunno how..but i have no other choice.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. God Bless All of You

Lydia Teh said...

Kak Teh, forgive me for the slip-up. My deepest condolences to Nazrah.




Hi&Lo said...


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Berat dipandang lebih berat bahu yg memikulnya.

Altho everyone has good intention of seeing you strong, let it be said you have a right to grieve.

Take as much time as you need to go thru the process. On average, it's abt a year to three.

But if your grief paralyses you from normal function, it's a sign for professional help. Nothing wrong with this either.

The comfort is that your mom is now freed from physical agony. Besides you had done your best for her.

Take care of your health.

What would your mom do for you when you are feeling sad? Likewise act as if she is wiping away your tears and soothing your pain.

Let go and give your mom permission to depart.

Nazrah said...


when I am feeling desolate and lost, when I am sad adn when I am in pain, Mak would let me cry it out. I would seek that place where she carried it me for 9 months and place my face against her tummy.When I am too consumed with my own emotions I forget that Mak had always stroked my head ever so gently as I would my own daughter when she is upset. Magically my pain will be salved and I become invincible again.

Whenever I said goodbye to her, I have to psyche myself up that that was potentially my last goodbye.

But nothing had prepared me for this hollow feeling I have right now. Like I have lost a limb.i actually feel physical pain.

Most heartbreaking is watching my dad cope with his loss. Bcuz of that I need to get out of my sadness and help him.

But I am taking it one minute at a time.

Thank u for your soothing words.

Hi&Lo said...


Am very impressed by your courage in the midst of loss.

Your mom's greatness outlives life. She did not die. She just passed on in another room.

I believe she is an extraordinary wife and mother.

Her love lives on in the hearts of your family and those who know her.

Please tell your dad to give your mom permission to go to a better place where there is no more pain and suffering.

Thank you for reminding me of my own mom. So, I am also walking the journey with you, your dad and family. We are not alone.

Hi&Lo said...


I was reading your last post again. How your mom comforted you. She will do the same if she were here.

Your dad took his loss badly. On the positive side, he is not afraid to express his sorrow.

Don't stop him from his grieving. All he needs is your presence and assurances.

If you put up a brave front for his sake, you are not reaffirming his right to miss your mom.

Tell him what your mom would like him to do like carry on living. In this way, you all are pleasing to her as if she is still around.

Nazrah said...

thank u hi&lo, the passing of my mom has brought my realtionshiop with dad to a different level. he's actually talking to

it gets quite tough when he longs for mak every now n then. :(

with prayers and determination, we'll get pass this trying time. InsyaAllah. thanks for your encouraging words and recommendations. saya sangat menghargainya.