Friday, 27 May 2005

Welcome to my back garden...(yeah, right) Posted by Hello

Yes, me pottering around in my backyard...Now, where shall I put this orchid?
If only I can persuade MAS to transport this piece of Malaysia to my back garden!!!


Anonymous said...

Kak Teh, why lah hide behind the flowers?

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh

Seeing this shot reminds me of Home Improvement's Wilson, Tim Allen's next door neighbour whose face is never seen. Always hidden by something or that floppy hat of his. Beautiful flowers. Wish I was there.


AuntyN said...

Laa, hari tu blurr, hari ni dah nyorok belakang bunga pulak..

Ooish, kata kat orang no Kak teh, yg kamii hari tu nyorok belakang kipaih cina, masa makcik2 bloggers jumpa tu, hehehehe.

The flowers are so beautiful..

atiza said...

the flowers are breathtaking!..tapik strawberries tuh..*drool*

OOD said...

i agree with you. Home improvement pakcik sebelah tu. Wise beyond his hat. Dont know whaaaat he is hiding also.

awat nak semunyik semunyik ni... apa pantang? apa ilmu?

Kak Teh said...

anon : I have to lah...nanti orang tak nak tengok bunga pulak.hehe
Lydia: It is really beautiful - breathtaking!!
auntyN - kena nyorok sikit...malu.
ariza..yes, strawberries and i saw yr comments - i agree!!
OOD...Ilmunya nanti kak teh perturunkan di lain siaran!

Jade said...

kak teh!! is that really your backyard!! best nyerrrr!!! ader fountain siap. huwaaa.... nanti kalau ader rezeki i tersesat kat belah2 sana, i dapat camping sebelah fountain tu pun jadi la... okay dak? hehehe... (blinking profusely...)

Sang Kelate said...


Do persuade MAS.. who knows u are lucky..It that a small hut? That will be perfect for Sir Awang to 'lepak' there during this summer wearing his 'kain sshang'.

Oh envy you, we will never afford it .. what a hefty price of tickets!


Atok said...

nati kae, sir awang got confused, put his smuta on and sadak everything... :)

MassyLassy said...

Kak Teh! Janganlah malu-malu you! Orchids! I love them too!!!

sheSays said...

kak teh.....beautiful flora...cantek lagi orang yg kat belakang pasu bunga tuh...hehehee

pembacha said...

it might cost MAS nothing to transplant the whole garden - so, try la ask ;)

d'arkampo said...

can MAS persuade the woman holding the orchid back to Malaysia?

he he.

Kak Teh said...

hahaha, you all nih!!!
ladyjade, of course THAT is not my backyard. Kalau I Lady KakTeh, yes perhaps.
SK & Atok: perish the thought!
mas: memangcantik orkid.
shesays: aiyoooo!
pembacha : i supposed the regulations bringing in plants would be qt strict.
Po; very the funny!