Friday, 27 May 2005

A Day At The Chelsea Flower Show

A Malaysian Garden at The CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW Posted by Hello

It was such a hot day and summer is definitely here. The Chelsea Flower Show certainly heralds in the summer social calender for the British. This is the first time after so many years since I last set foot here and I had certainly forgotten how crowded it can be. The British are certainly flower enthusiasts - they came in droves. Tickets are sold out and are so very, very expensive. But no one wants to be left out. There were lots of people in wheelchairs and walking sticks but they still went to admire the wonderful and beautiful flowers and foliage from and around the world. Every inch of available space was filled with visitors enjoying the sun and sight.

I was there with a friend, Diana, to see the Malaysian Garden by Stephen Hendry in collaboration with famous chef Raymond Blanc of Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons, Malaysian Landscape designer, Lim In Chong and MAS. Eating food such as crab claws and salmon in herbs from the Malaysian garden, on the verandah of the Malay house, we felt very much at home. There was the waterfall with beautiful orchids at the back, lots of palm trees (flown in for the ocacssion)...and don't I wish my back garden is like that.
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Anyway, I am still experimenting with hello here and cant seem to put all the pictures in one post. But enjoy them!


Atok said...

i saw the coverage on tv a couple of days ago when they went to Penang and searched for tropical plants and fruits. they went to pasar and botanical gerden. there was a malay pakcik at errr... 'eco-farm' or something, he spoke in a very good english > made me really proud.

then, the pakcik introduced durian to them... and oh my god > they tried it! they said, it taste better than its smell, hahaha.

CikNi said...

wei ni kes jeles lagi nih!!! (apasal aku asyik ucap ayat yg sama ha?)

Sang Kelate said...

Kak Teh:

Envy U! both myself & J do love gardens... but since the tickets are so hefty we can really afford....We went to Portmeirion village in North Wales last weekend but feel cheated since we had to pay 6 pounds to enter the small compound and the garden is not that impressive. One of the best garden that we have chance to tour is Butchert's Garden in the island of Victoria BC Canada. May u suggest any nice garden in UK that is really worth our money to visit.

Many Thanks,

Darth Vader said...

HAAACHOM!!! HAAAACHOOOMMM!!! *sniff* *sniff*

OOD said...

kak teh, u are friends with darth vader also...

ayo ayo

lilheaven said...

Di musim panas tercatat memori
Kembang bunga harum mewangi
Kumbang dan burung turut menari
(Subhanallah) Indah terbentang ciptaan Illahi

Ihsan Kak Teh kita hayati bersama
Tak enjoy sorang dia ingat kita semua
Dikongsinya foto juadah dan bunga
Tidak di sana kita tetap gak merasa

Mekar berseri pohonan bunga
Rimbunan hijau tampak melata
Damai disentak kilauan tak semena
Pendekar Po muncul bersama light saber nya

Seloka kita di hujung minggu
Usik mengusik sahaya bergurau
Jangan marah ya bro Po ku?
Jom kita sambung tengok gambar bebunga biru

Kak Teh said...

atok, missed the programe bacause anak2 nak tengok football! but then i got to se the real thing.
cikni - tak apa ..kak teh boleh share.
SK, this is the only one i can recommend. am not really into plants.
darth: Maythe Pollens be with you..zaaaaaaapppp!!!
OOD: ya, the company gets odder or OODER

MassyLassy said...

We went to a Flower show in Harrogate and entrance fee was about £10 which I find a bit rip off but went in anyway coz never been to a Flower Show before! They have all sorts of flowers and plants and different kind of flower arrangement design from students/professionals. It was a good experience and weather was lovely too! I do agree with you yang the Brits are really into gardening! When I pass their houses on my way home, I can't help but envy their garden compared to mine that need a desperate transformation!!! SOS!!!
PS: Flowers are gorgeous & the food look finger licking good!!!

Kak Teh said...

bunga mewangi di pagi hari
disiram disunting cantik berseri
kita seloka seronok sendiri
sambunglah yang lain, janganlah ngeri

Kak Teh said...

ms bizwack, memang, kak teh pun setiap hari pergi balik office tengok garden orang. garden sendiri terbengkalai!

anedra said...

kakteh: hmmmm, since you mentioned it? How is yr backyard garden doing??

Mutiara said...

When I was a student way back in North London. ( Live near Highbury Corner). i used to walk across the park to my classes. I always carry a pair of scissors in my big bag and always came home with a bouquet hehe.
I went once to "Floriade" in Holland...That was a big one. very good garden show.

Kak Teh said...

anedra: I am cultivating natural forest for your children to roam around.
mutiara:i pun pi floriade with memento but i was suffering from hayfever so much that we had to leave.

atenah said...

when my friends first saw daffodils in UK, they thot *oh wild flowers*, kutip bercekak2 & decorate their rooms. later that evening, there was a knock on the door. polis datang kasi warning le.

bibliobibuli said...

Am so completely jealous of your trip to Chelsea Flower show. Thanks so much for sharing it with us with your excellent photos. I'm very glad that there was a Malaysian garden there too ...

shidah said...

kak teh, i luv flowers, hidup ke mati ke tak kira la. unfortunately, i don't have green fingers. bunga asyik layu or lepas sometime merajuk tak nak berbunga. bunga mati lak, tak reti langsung nak gubah... siap saya upah adik saya nak gubahkan :)

Nadia said...

kak teh..cantiknye...withhello you can put the photos in one post cuma lece skit. cam k teh kene cut and paste the coding from one post to another. cam if kak teh dah post satu gambar and nak post satu lg..buat la thru hello kan...pastu kat blogger tu nnt edit post..copy the coding the whole thing for one photo tu and save as draft (later can be deleted) and paste that post yg lagi satu yg ada gambar gak. so kalau byk photos kene wat byk kalila..that's the omly way i know how to do it.pastu publishla kat post yg dah dipastekan coding gambar dr yg lain2 tu.gud luck :D