Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Sardine Rolls......

My way of saying "THANK YOU!!"
During the last few days, as I worked myself to a frenzy trying to reactivate the old brain cells, I was constantly bugged by a craving I thought I had long flush from my system. It came back gnawing and gnawing at me mercilessly as I struggled with my exam papers. Image hosted by So I decided I had to purge this demon and share it with you…my Sardine Rolls. Sardine Rolls, in my neck of the woods, is synonymous to Kak Teh, as pies to Mr Kipling, and succulent turkey to Bernard Mathews. Bootiful!

Its not fair to claim the credit all to myself, so I must mention my Domestic Science teacher, Mrs Wong who had such vision to hand down her own recipe to the likes of me knowing that one day, these sardine rolls will be the talk of the town and grace a blog for the world to see.

The reason I go on and on about something simple a child can do is that my culinary skills or the lack of it has been of some concern among my siblings who still suspect that I subject my family to takeaways. Yeah, I know it was a mistake to wash keropok before frying them, but how was I to know?

I admit that I know very little about cooking but what little I know, I do it to perfection. Thus, a whiff of my sardine rolls, to borrow phrases from our old hikayats:

yang capek datang bertongkat,
yang buta datang berpimpin,
yang bulat datang bergolek,
yang jauh datang dengan bas

Still dazed from the deep concentration I subjected my brain to in the exam hall, I came back with the necessary ingredients, with the intention to treat my long suffering family who patiently allowed me to pursue my ambition. This is to thank Taufiq, my fourteen year old, who during the two years that I buried myself in the books, has learnt to make nasi goreng and chicken curry, to my husband who resorted to cookery books and came up with chicken kiev and roasted leg of lamb to surprise me everytime I came back late and tired from the library and to Rehana and her grilled chicken, Nona and, what was that? and Hafiz with his couscous. And thank you also for making do with pizza, nandos and kebab takeaways.

I know, its just sardine rolls but, this has been my life saver at office parties where only nuts and cheese biscuits were served. It is also something the congregation at the surau look forward to during our morey throughout Ramadhan, and something children and mums alike beg me for their birthday parties: "Aunty Kak Teh, Aunty Kak Teh, can we have sardine rolls, please??? So, here it is:

For the pastry (pls do not use bread)
250grm butter (NOT margarine)
500 grm plain flour
a pinch of salt
cold water

Use rubbing in method to mix flour and butter until they become like bread crumbs. Add the salt and pour in the cold water and knead it into a dough. Leave the dough under damp cloth.

For the filling
1 tin of pilchard in tomato sauce
chopped onions
one chilli – chopped as well
a squeeze of lemon
a pinch of salt

Mash the pilchard in tomato and add the chilli and onions and salt and a squeeze of the lemon.

Roll out the dough and cut out into rectangles. Put the filling and roll.Do little cuts on the rolls before brushing egg yolk on top. Bake for about 40 mins. Have fun!

This is for Che Ngah
Image hosted by Bought the set (Royal Stafford) - one cake plate and six side plates - at an antique shop in Exeter for a mere £8.00!!!! I don't normally use all these - usually its just Royal Plastic.


MA said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh....."meleleh ayaq lioq nih"

My feveret food. Kat La Cucur KLCC jual satu bijik RM 1.50 !

Nak satuuuuu....!!!

shidah said...

tunjuk aje.... tak bagi pon!

atiza said...

la kak teh..kata nak stop blogging sat. nih dah tak tahan la nih eh?

anyway, kecur bila tengok sardine roll tuh..i normally use white bread. petua kata, steamed bread makes better sardine roll. cuba la try :)

p.s. the sardine roll dough would be using the same measurement as curry puff (karipap)?

AuntyN said...

Sedapnya!!! Bak Sikit Kak Teh. Ingat saya je kejam bubuh resepi karemel Kak Teh lagi kejam siap tayang gambaq lagi tu. Cepat lah bak resepi tu, heheheh

anedra said...

I miss your sardine rolls!

MassyLassy said...

Waduuuhhh!!!! Macam Mak Andeh jugak! Meleleh, leleh!!! Sedapnyooooooooo!!!!! Recipe boleh mai kasi bole tak????? Ooooi!!!! Ni mesti best kalau dapat rasa!!!! Exam cammana??? Alrite????

CN said...

wah.. itu plate royal dalton ker royal albert ker royal royal yg lain.. hehehe

Susan Abraham said...

Nampak sedapnya, Kak Teh!

Susan Abraham said...

Nampak sedapnya, Kak Teh!

haziq said...

nampak cantik sangat sardine rolls tu. Especially on the royal plates

Nadia said...

atiza, camne nak steam ?

k teh, thanks for sharing the recipe. and it's so interesting t hear about your children. Wish mine can end up like that, cooking :D

Kak Teh said...

MA - i boleh buat bisnes lah!
shidah...ambik lah semua yang ada tu..
atiza: ni sebab tak habis exam..lepas gian
auntyN: memang kejam - its simple and I cant do fancy stuff
anedra: u have to wait until i go back
ms bizwack - ke mana lama menghilang???
cik ngah - royal stafford - murah saja!
susan: will pack some for you!
haziq - thanks for dropping by.

Ms.B said...

Ooooo!!! Yumyumyum!!! I can just imagine them piping hot, fresh out of the oven!! You are EVIL!! I am stuffing myself with a fried egg, kicap and bread as I write this!! *SOBS*

CK said...


Eh Kak Teh, kalu goreng buleh dak? kita takde oven, uwaaaaahhh!!

iJun said...

Apsal takleh pakai marjerin?

Mutiara said...

Simple and sedap. Teringat my Domestic teachers Mrs Ananda, Ms Puttucherry. I did not take Domestic Science, but in lower forms we had to do all, Cookery and needlework. I was better in mathematics, so I missed all the fun cooking.

Anonymous said...

nadia: insyaallah - mine pun banyak yang menyemakkan daripada menolong
blabs:fried eggs and kicap awso nice!!
Ck : mana boleh goreng cos its dough and made with butter.
ijun: its something to do with fatty acids and bad for the heart!
mutiara: me no good in maths - yes domestic science and needlework - another horror story - we do in the lower forms.

teek said...

aunty kak teh! aunty kak teh! nak sikittt... ;)

Jade said...

kak teh... nak sketttt...

atiza said...

kak teh, tumpang lalu..

nadia: masuk steamer (macam masak pau, pulut dll)..

Anonymous said...

kak teh,

I've been reading your blog for quite some time now. U don't mind kan??

Those sardines rolls look yummy, apatah lagi dihidang on an antique plate.

ondeonde said...

thanx for sharing this yummy recipes..boleh lag buat lepas ni :D

Kak Teh said...

teek & ladyJade - silakan! dah terhidang tu!
anonymous: eh - kecik tapak tangan royal stafford kak teh hulurkan.
ondeonde - memang kak teh can never have enough of sardine rolls. I love them.

mobilemom said...


Kak Teh, pinjam resipi buleh tak? Nampak sedappp je..

anasalwa said...

not to forget: yang nipis datang melayang.......hah...hah...hah...

Boy.oh boy..drooling at your sardines rolls, they look scrumptious.

Kak Teh said...

mobilemum, f course boleh. just let me know how it goes.
anasalwa: yes...yang itu kak teh lupa, yang nipis datang melayang! thank you, thank you!

red said...

aiyo salivating by just looking...atcherly looks good to eat osso...

Blah! said...

Laaah....meleleh-leleh air liur kiter ni. That's it! Time for a late night snack! actually washed keropok before frying eh? LOLOLOL! That made me snort hot milo through my nose! Sakit tau! :)

MassyLassy said...

Kak Teh!! Ku tak kemana-mana! Cuma busy dgn kerja dan driving lesson you!!! Ku mesti try the recipe yang you bagi!!! Mesti sedap!!! Since my hubby kan tak suka sardine, rasa kalau mince meat bole tak? I suka sangat sardine roll!!! Maybe buat 2 kira orait kan???

OOD said...

Yang tak pandai / malas masak, datang tatang pinggan.


Kak Teh said...

red, atcherlly - really good to eat! sedap di masak sedap di makan - (or is that maggie mee?)
ms biswack: just make inti currypuff - if u want let me know and then bake macam biasa.
yan: hot milo thru the nose! wasnt there any instruction that says - must be taken orally only??? Just like the keropok lah - no instruction, what!
OOD - yes, also, yang tak pandai masaak datang dengan tupperware lah!

shidah said...

kek teh: dia ngan sardine roll nya.....lama tak bertandang, ramai tetamu kat rumah dia rupanya....:)

5xmom said...

Kak Teh, Dah tengok, I ada inspirasi nak buat sendiri. Tapi pakai ready made pastry, yang frozen, beli kat supermarket. Hahaha, shortcut shortcrust.

Kak Teh said...

5xmom: readymade pastry also can. try and let me know.

mak farhah said...

kak teh, satu adunan ni dpt brape biji?


Kak Teh said...

mak farhah, salam. Selalunya bila kak teh buat bolehlah dapat 30 - 40 biji kalautak besar sangat. Selamat mencuba!

mak farhah said...

ok, tq u info kak teh. dah buat weekend lepas, dpt 30 biji. sedap sngt pastrynya, tp inti sy tukar guna inti karipap.

tq 4 the resipi

Simahmail said...

Salam Kak Teh...
Saya ambil resepi sardine rolls ni.
Nampak lazat sangat.
(Masa I..form 1-3 dulu, pernah buat sekali. Teringat lak nak cuba buat semula. Itu pun.. after 26++ years
Tak tahu...jadi ke tidak...hehehe..)