Thursday 15 December 2005

Just a Snip

The doctor beckoned me to his room. He had some quiet words with me and I left, cutting a forlorn figure walking down the long hospital corridor, with abang’s comforting words to my youngest son, still ringing in my ear. He said:

“Aaaah, Its not such a big deal! Just one snip and you’ll be a man!! Masa Pak Lang dulu..heh!......” he went on narrating how brave he was when facing the Tok Mudin and his sharp, gleaming knife, batang pisang and all that. Well, that was his version. Mak had a different version of course.

Yes, I was sent out of the surgery because the doctor knew I would create a scene, had a fit, faint or go hysterical as my son was being ‘done’. He sent me off to the canteen with instructions to come back after half an hour. Is that all it takes these days??

After what seemed like an agonising 30 mins at the PMC brand new canteen, I walked up. I was almost in tears to see the little boy I left half an hour ago, now a man, walking like a cowboy towards me, holding one end of his kain pelikat so that it didn’t touch the sensitive area.

All these must have come flooding back to him last week when we visited three month old Y who had his snip. He cringed when he saw little Y already in his nappies and cringed even harder when Y’s mum gleefully described how it was done. She watched it.. Watched it? I nearly died just waiting for ‘it’ to be done.

When the eldest had his done, I was lucky as my husband was there with him. I had requested anaesthetic, a blind fold, a hard thud on the head...anything, anything to knock me out. But doctor said: anaesthetics only for patients – okay lah! On the way to the clinic in Kampung Baru, I was already having problems breathing. By the time they went in, I almost collapsed in the waiting room. Didn’t I read somewhere that a doctor had accidentally cut off more then necessary?

During the last visit home, two nephews had theirs done. I just love listening to the uncles and other male cousins who would just gloat about how brave they were sitting astride the batang pisang. They were never scared – em, perhaps, just a little. To this day, I never really know, or dare ask what the batang pisang was for.

I heard one story about someone not a million mile from this blog, who decided at the very last minute, to postpone the snip. Not that he succeeded. He spent the days recuperating, singing “Aduh, Mak sakitnya...”

That wasn’t so bad. I heard Abang and Abang Tam and the other cousins were singing P Ramlee’s “Beginilah nasib, diri ku yang malang, Oh Tuhaaaannnnn!..
When they were feeling a bit better, from their sleeping area with their sarungs suspended high up to the ceiling, they’d play cowboy and indians, shooting at each other, right into the night. Of course they made a speedy recovery when visitors came with money filled envelopes. This usually helps.

Anyway, I still have four in our household that needed to be ‘done’ – Tabby, Moaner, Kissinger and Jasper. Aaah, give me more air!


iJun said...

Just a snip? Just a SNIP? It was more like jab, jab, poke, poke, rrriiiiippppppppppppppppp!!!!!
p/s: Hurts like an ant-bite my foot!

Kak Teh said...

hahaha - sensitip nampaknya ijun! Dok rasa lagi ka???

Anonymous said...

Hehehehehehehe this entry reminds me of an elective class I took in US. I think it was Political Science kot. (if my memory don't fail me-lah). So the lecturer asked the class to write something about culture differences in each country's society. So guess what I wrote?...heh heh heh...

The Malay custom/ways of circumcision in the early days. Hah hah as If I know so much-lah but you know where I got all the infos? "The Kampong Boy comic book" by Dato' Lat. heh heh heh... I goreng the whole 9 yards!! aaaannnddd...ehhh...I got "A" tau for that paper!!! Hah hah hah hah hah hah....Aiyohh..when my dad, my brother and hubby heard what I did, they all laugh like hell!!

Now that I am a mother and I have a son, I feel so kesian la my son! I wanted him to be circumsized when he was born but my husband insist that my son should experience what the father experience!!! Yeah right!! I have never heard of a boy bila circumsized siap nak kena GA!!! Have you???


Ordinary Superhero said...

kah kah kah.

Well I have a lot of experience in this one. Honest!. I was the assistant to my late father who was quite a well known tok mudin back in my hometown.

Heheh. The 'victim' will be asked to sit on the batang pisang facing my father and I will be sitting on the same batang pisang behind the victim so that the victim could lean on me in case he was about to pass out.

At the same time, I will help my father when he was doing the stitches after the snip was done.

Blood? You'll get used to it after a while.

Ordinary Superhero said...

mobilemom, now private hospital such as Ampang Putri do offer package either local or GA including one night stay at the hospital.

SimplyMas said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Kelakar lah! Snip jangan tak snip!

Katanya sekarang they use a laser to snip it off! Less painful and it will heal much faster than the traditional way! Iyerker?

may said...

1. I can't imagine how it feels like.
2. I can't bear to even start imagining how it would feel like.
3. I squirm just thinking about it now!

(yup, mobilemom, my sentiments exactly... ouch!)

anedra said...

i think Jasper, Kissinger, Moaner and Tabby would look so cute in a row on one batang pisang! hehe!

anggerik merah said...

My son had his few months ago through GA at APSH. The GA was meant for pulling several teeth at once which need surgery. Then the doctor recommended for snip since my son has low tolerance to pain. As I walked out from OT leaving my boy in the hands of doctors, i felt as if I was walking without my two feet on the ground!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Z,
Glad to bump into you and yr pretty daughter today at Sainsbury's! Lama tak jumpa! Nanti kita jumpa lagi.. makan-makan, okay? Miss our little chats.. :)


mama irma said...

Kak Teh, after my "puteh" was spayed, dia tidur tengah2 katil in-between my hubby and me for 3 days sebab demam. My tears was pouring and I kept on apologising to him assuring him that it was for his own good.Tip of the day: get a good vet for your 4 kiddos to avoid them getting infection.

Anonymous said... to take this ah? I remember the first time the pædiatrician took blood from Akif's foot. I cried buckets. Padahalnya, he just pricked the tapak kaki and squeezed 3 drops of blood. Well, that was the first time, as I said.

Ni said...

my son (now 8 yrs old) insisted nak masuk 'jawi' tahun ini (dec 2005), saya dah register untuk majlis berkhatan beramai-ramai tapi sayangnya last minute kena tarik diri sebab sama hari dgn wedding adik saya.

anak saya sedih

now ada kaedah 'smart clamp' invented by local doctor, dengar cerita bagus, donno apa yg bagus


Betul ke boleh guna laser?If can then I nak guna laserla for my 2 sons nanti. Tapi according to Mokciknab,masa anak dia pegi, takde pun using laser for snipping.
I personally wanted to do 'it' to both my sons when they were born, tapi my mum in law cakap, nak buat majlis kat rumah dia nanti. Also, org cakap if snip masa young, nanti kena snip lagi when they r older. SO how?

Bergen said...

Thanks for sharing this, Kak Teh.

Kirra Khairuddin said...

kak Teh,

My eldest son pun baru sunated a couple of weeks ago, using the new method - sunathrone Ada a bit story & pix kat their fotopage. -

Mr K siap amik gambar throughout the process hehe....memang sekejap je and tak sakit, within a week dah g swimming!

AuntyN said...

Kak Teh, will only know the feeling if I Live long enough to see my grandsons being cicumsized, :-(

MA said...

Hahaha...I remembered when my son went for his "snip". He wanted to get the GA ! I said, no way.

We settled for our family GP and assured him that it is just like an ant bite ( well, that's what we ALWAYS hear people describing it.)

After it is done - I asked him, so how ? Just like an ant bite, kan ?

To which he retorted :


More like a MILLION ANTS !!!



Nazrah Leopolis said...

heh heh, i remember when our hafidz got it done, my mom langgark all the pantang makanan, kesian punya pasai. he recovered only after about a month.

Count Byron said...

Kak Teh

We do forget the batang pisang very easily!
1.The batang pisang is for the sound effect. Zaaap!!.
2.It also acts as an absorber.
3.It is cold so takes away heat from that place where it means the most!
4.How else could you dangle your legs, give a spread and take it all like a man? Well, a small man? - Batang Pisang
5.The name says it all--- hadn't we heard it before? - Batang! Pisang! -- sorry for this academic porn :)
6. Just like the story... it is a never ending story.

But now.. what batang pisang?

Anonymous said...

No regret when i decided to snip my son when he just born "to be exact 3 days after delivery". I do hear same comment as what mobilemom mention, let him rasa sakit like all other kids. Wah if he haven't snif i think i yang dok nangis lebih dari dia so kesian. BTW mother out there my suggestion is do it while he is still baby, senang nak jaga baby mana gerak sangat. Macam dia pakai cincin aje once the cincin terbukak baik dah :) But the cost is about 3 times higher than normal. Hehehe untuk anak sanggup ku korbankan apa saja....


Anonymous said...

Lady K mentioned a new circumcision device called Sunathrone. There is no image of the device on the Sunathrone website, only a rather vague description. Can anybody here provide a picture or diagram, please? Any comments by way of comparison with the older Malaysian device, the TaraKLamp? [Direct reply:]

Anonymous said...

I am Lim Kah Hui. Saya baru disunat oleh mak saya. Sebenarnya mak saya adalah seorang jururawat di Hospital Besar Melaka. Suatu hari, selepas seminggu hari jadi ke-14 saya pada November 13. Pada hari itu tinggal saya dan mak di rumah sahaja, semasa saya melayari internet, mak panggil saya ke ruang tamu dan baring diatas sofa. Saya pun tak tahu mak nak buat apa, saya tanya dia pun tak jawab. Tetapi saya nampak dia ambil jarum suntikan, sebuah alat yang berbentuk bulat, gunting dan barang lain from beg yang mak selalu ambil pergi tempat dia bekerja. Tiba-tiba mak saya menanggalkan seluar pendek dan seluar dalam saya dan beritahu that saya akan disunat olehnya. Apa boleh dibuat oleh saya, sebab saya selalu mematuhi arahan ibu bapa saya. First, mak tarik kulup saya ke belakang lalu mengambil satu kad yang ada beberapa bentuk bulat dan mengukur saiz glans penis saya. Kemudian dia mengambil jarum suntikan dan cucuk di base of my penis. Jarum suntikan itu adalah ubat bius. Semasa konek saya dicucuk jarum suntikan yang amat menyakitkan itu, kawan karib saya tiba di rumah saya dan ternampak seluruh bahagian bawah saya dalam keadaan telanjang dam mak saya beritahu dia bahawa saya tidak senang sekarang dan datang selepas luka berkhatan saya sembuh. Pada masa itu, saya berharap kawan karib saya tidak pergi mengheboh that saya disunat. Selepas konek saya dibius, mak mengambil marker pen dan tandakan berapa panjang kulup saya yang hendak dipotong. Agak banyak kulup yang hendak dipotong that dia tandakan di kulup saya. Then mak mengambil sebuah tiub dan masukkan di glans penis saya, kemudian dia gulungkan kulup yang ditanda tadi di bahagian tiub itu dan mengambil lagi satu alat untuk mengunci kulup yang ditanda tersebut. Saya diberitahu that semua kulup yang ada di tiub itu akan digunting sekejap lagi. Semasa mak mengunting kulup saya, kawan karib saya membawa beberapa lagi kawan-kawan saya dihalaman rumah saya. Saya berasa amat malu pada masa itu. Semasa proses penguntingan kulup saya, saya tidak merasa sakit lagi! Mak saya break 4/5 of the alat yang ada di konek saya, dan tinggalkan 1/5 of the ring which clamping the cut foreskin with the locking cuff mechanism fully secured. Akhirnya saya diberitahu ring tersebut akan ditanggalkan selepas seminggu. Selepas seminggu, di bahagian hujung kulit konek saya berwarna hitam ditinggalkan, mak say jangan mengopek bahagian kulit berwarna hitam itu, sebab ia akan menghilang selepas beberapa hari. Pada hari itu saya baru tahu alat yang mak guna untuk potong kulup saya itu ialah Sunathrone yang baru dipasaran selama 6 bulan. Saya merasa glans penis saya sangat geli semasa saya pakai seluar berbandingkan sebelum kulup saya dipotong. Saya adalah budak cina yang bersunat dikalangan kawan-kawan saya dan saya asyik diminta untuk menunjukkan konek saya untuk ditengok oleh mereka. Saya menunjuk gambar yang saya mengambil selama proses penyembuhan luka berkhatan saya yang diambil oleh sendiri di handphone saya. Adakah anda telah bersunat, boleh share story anda ke Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Like Chris I would be very interested to see pictures of the new Sunathrone clamp.

Lady K mentioned a web site with pictures at but this seems to have been removed. Perhaps she can send the pictures directly to me at