Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Horrible Week

Let me complete the trilogy; Lousy Week by Puteri Kamaliah, Crazy Week by Kay_Leeda and now Horrible Week by Kak Teh.Justify Full

It has indeed been a horrible week for me; one that saw me almost holed up in my room, most of the time cutting myself off from the outside world. Summer has come back with a vengeance to London and perhaps to the whole of UK. And with summer comes the dreaded pollen. While people are out there enjoying the sunshine, I try to keep away in the shade and as far as possible from flowers and plants.

Even when I go out, these sweet smelling flowers peer out of hedges and bushes to sneer at me; they taunt me and tease me until I sneeze my lungs out. I try to avoid them, but at every turn, at every corner, they are there waiting to ambush my nostrils with thousands if not trillions of these invisible enemies of mine.

I have been such a wretched soul; going around bleary eyed and nose as red as Rudolf’s. I try to stifle a sneeze especially in crowded tubes and lifts in case I cause a panic rush, considering that swine flu is making the headlines these days. I am considering wearing a mask, with “hayfever not swine flu” written across it. My cheap fake sunglasses from the marketplace in Seamreap has been most useful.

A few days ago, just when I thought the air was clear, I made my way to the Royal Albert Hall to see Kakak and adik – talented and beautiful children of blogger Atok and his wife, Hezel, who are in the musical The King and I at The Royal Albert Hall. Throughout the show, I prayed hard not to sneeze right onto the head of the person sitting right in front of me. There were some very tense moments when all was quiet and my throat started tickling so badly and the more I tried not to cough, the worse t became till tears started rolling down my cheeks. It was that bad!

It was such a wonderful musical, especially as it was adik’s debut. Adik or Sofea had always been in the sideline waiting for kakak’s auditions and rehearsals. But her patience paid off when she too was offered a part to be one of the King’s youngest daughters. And she is such a natural!

Sarah and Sofea with Lost actor Daniel Dae Kim who plays the King of Siam at RAH

My hayfever became so bad that evening, so much so I had to give away my invite to the reception at the end of the show that evening. Thus I missed my chance to meet up with Lost actor Daniel Dae Kim, but kakak and adik took pictures with him.

Kakak and adik and another talented Malaysian actor Samantha Tan are following the footsteps of other Malaysian actors such as Sean Ghazi and Ungku Jalil who took part in The King and I when it was playing in the West End some years ago.

I did an interview with kakak, her mum and also Samantha for the community radio, nusoundradio. Click below if you want to listen to my oh so nasal voice.

The next day, we were invited to a friend’s house and while everyone was enjoying her beautiful garden, I kept myself indoors. Feeling self pity setting in, I stuffed my face with lots and lots of strawberries and double cream. So, while the sun is out, I will try to stay in. Yes, it has been such a horrible week, apart from that wonderful evening at the Royal Albert Hall and the strawberries at Annabel’s.


MrsNordin said...

Ohh... poor you! I got that too when I was studying in the UK. Pollen, hay fever... nasty!

Are you taking any medication for it? You should if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Kak Teh. It sounds like you need more than anti-histamines to get better. You need to come home to KL!!

Kak Teh said...

Mrs N, i've tried most anti histamine..doesnt work for me. Hidung sentiasa tersumbat. Next year will try to take them earlier.

Andrea, yes, how right you are. Home usually clears the nose, and the bank account! haha!

Kak Elle said...

my wishes to you for a speedy recovery I think over here the hot weather is bringing everyone down too and myself just hate that humid air.

ilene said...

Oh dear Kak Teh. Hope you've not contaminated the whole Albert Hall!

Like "Andrea Wh@tever" said, you should come home to sunny weather. Oh, on second thoughts, no don't come home as the haze is very bad over here. You just might contaminate the whole of Malaysia and everyone gets quarantined for fear it's the H1N1 flu! hehehehehe

Wishing you speedy recovery!

Zendra-Maria said...

Wonderful interviews Kak Teh. How the girls and mom opened up to you with their chirpiness and excitement. So much so I didn't notice your sengau, hahaha.

Ah well, as for the pollen, just grin and bear it then. :}

mayang mengurai said...

So,summer's definitely not your season! I can only sympathize - my son suffered the same predicament while in Melbourne.He was given some kind of nasal spray which helped. When are you leaving for Msia? Any chance we could meet up - I'll be in London from 21June? Then I can hear your stories firsthand ;) You take care now.

Mama Huptihup said...

aduhhh, kesian kak teh...sure mata merah, hidung berair je kan...xpa, nnt baiklah tu :D

Kak Teh said...

kak elle, di sini pun panas rasa macam dok di Malaysia. and kalau malaysia panas lagi, macam manalah nak balik??? Thanks for your wishes.

Ilene, can you imagine if i sneeze in the plane? But one thing about hayfever, once i am out of this country, i dont suffer anymore. It is the reaction to the pollens, andrea's suggestion is certainly worth thinking about.

Kak Teh said...

zendra, kakak is chirpy with me because i have known her since she was small. dah laa kenal the family and parents very dedicated ferrying the children here and there for their rehearsals and training etc.
sengau can be a trend, no? afterall banyak penyanyi kita sengau, bukan?

MM, i did try some nasal spray - but my nose blocked up totally.I am taking some tablets - it doesnt help, but i take them anyway, before i try others.

Lyana, tak sabar nak baik...gatai idung, mata, tekak!

D said...

Get well soooon Kak Teh!!

Hugs and buckets of strawberries for you!;)

ummisara said...

Kak Teh,

Laa kesian sungguh kat kak teh. Tak pa tak pa...Insyallah nanti u baiklah.

teringat pulak summer 1997....

Wan Nordin Wan Hussin said...

Kak Teh
Hope you regain the feel good mood and back to your cheerful self in no time. If you gila durian, it's the best time to be back home. They are everywhere. Just a whiff of that pungent fruit can make our eldest pening whole day. Am curious to see the reaction of our youngest when we suap him with a dollop ...

Pi Bani said...

Get well soon, Kak Teh! Ada siapa-siapa tak manjakan you kat rumah?

kay_leeda said...

Oh poor you Kak Teh. I know how it felt to be bugged by the pollen and gang.

I experienced hay fever during my first summer. Urgghhhhh.....horrible!!! It somehow went away the following summer. Dunno how it happened, perhaps it was my body becoming more accustomed to the weather and the works :)

Really hope you'll get better. Cepat-cepat lah mai balik sini. Take a break from the UK weather.

NanaDJ said...

Kak Teh,
Kesian dengar your suffering. I can understand how unpleasant it can be. I for one suffer everytime there's haze -I had to be hospitalised during the bad haze in 1997. Two days ago I get breathless and nearly passed out because of the haze. Nak lari pi Englandlah!

Memorable trails... said...

Kak Teh, hopefully you will recover fast.
Even in Msia,it s hot and hazy.It s just not healthy in most places.Nak lari mana ya????

Pak Zawi said...

Kak Teh,
After being in London for a short while, hayfever, Atok and Royal Albert Hall are now familiar names to me.
My friend Suhaimi messaged me he was down with hayfever. Sent Atok a 'semutar' via his nephew Nik Azmi and visited Royal Albert Hall which was across Hyde Park from the Hotel where we stayed. Now I can relate to most things you write about.

Real Woman said...

Hi there! salam perkenalan..well selalu bertemu di udara saja. I've just found out about your lovely blog and will definitely be a regular after this! Anyway..take care ya!

Ordinary Superhero said...

Hope you will get well soooon. Take care.

Kak Teh said...

D, thanks, never mind the hugs - just give me the strawberries! I was such a glutton last night - had loads of strawerries with cream, double cream!!!

Edelweiss, summer of 97 must be bad - I think I remember that too, there was a time when my nose clogged up and I couldnt even speak.

Kak Teh said...

GUiKP, i bukan saja gila durian, I hantu durian, so am so looking forward to eating durian if/when I go.

Pi Bani, adaaaaa, memang ada yang memanjakan saya, kucing pun banyak yang nak manjakan sayang - keliling, tak nak jauh dan lagi lah teruk saya bersin.

Kak Teh said...

Kay_leeda, nanti balik Malaysia with all the haze lagi teruk pulak. Hopefully the haze clears up by the time I decide to go. Insyaallah.

NanDJ, come lari to England, but you must withstand the pollens. Minute wretched things!!!

Kak Teh said...

Madam Gold, come lari to England. I hope you have recovered. So tell your husband you need to recuperate in London, hehe!

Pak Zawi, inilah yang dipanggil jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan kan? I wish we had more time together.

Kak Teh said...

Salam perkenalan Real Woman, thanks for visiting my blog and are you orang udara as well?

OSH, thanks and I do hope to recover soon, real soon. Dah tak sanggup lagi dah!

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Kak Teh...get well soon and take care...and wear face mask too...;-)

Kenny Mah said...


Atok said...

dear all,
sengau, hayfever or whatnot...kakteh still looks & sounds fab! i can assure that :)

pak zawi: many thanks for your cenderahati; x ambik lagi though. ming will pass to me after thursday show next week.

kak teh: many thanks for your write-ups. [kena belanja makan ketam ni]

siakap said...

La kak Teh, macamana nak balik ke Malaysia makan durian. Dok deman dan batuk-batuk tu.
makanlah ubat banyak-banyak supaya cepat baik.
Lah ni kalau deman, selsema dan batuk-batuk sampai kat airport, dia orang tahan kena kuarintin takut pembawa H1NI.
I always looking forward for summer in London. I hate winter the most. It kills me. I love Malaysia b'cos it sama all year round.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

alaahai kak teh sayang.. semputlah pulak dia..kesiaaann..come back quick! kita pi ronda2 KL!

Kak Teh said...

MM, you will be here 21st June??? Call me , contact me -

Kak Teh said...

Danial, thanks - a mask is too late.

Kenny, awwwwwwww, hugs back !

atok, I think ketam is the answer to everything. Sambal ketam and just say the word, I'll be there.

Kak Teh said...

siakap, tu yang kak teh takut tu. Balik malaysia kena tahan! Butkalau hayfever, dalam kapalterbang dah hilang dah. Tapi takut pulak kalau orang lain yang bawa penyakit. Kalau sakit macam manapun, durian satu kemestian!

puteri, ronda juga satu kemestian, semput and mengah aside.

xplorer said...

salam kak teh ,thank you for dropping by my blog , i was there in london last christmas and stayed at kensington.How long have you been living in london?Hope you get well soon.

Kak Teh said...

xplorer, thanks for the visit. Oh, i 've been here too long - y the end of this year, it will be 30 years. Too long to be away from one's homeland.

xplorer said...

jangan balik mesia selagi tak baik demam n selsema,nanti confirm kena tahan n you will be spending your yime in a hospital for quarantine

Kak Teh said...

thanks for the advise, that s quite worrying, actually.

Mama Rock said...

oh kak teh, i hope you're feeling much better these days!

atiza said...

Oh dear..take care K Teh..

Kak Teh said...

Mama Rock, it gets better when it rains , thanks. Er, will call you for prawn noodles at Little Penang, ok?

atiza, thanks. You too, take care.

anak si-hamid said...

Dear Kak Teh,
I do feel for you. The flowers and gardens at this time of year are just lovely - they lift your spirit and it makes the outdoor life very enervating.

Never mind, it will soon be autumn and you can the go out scuffing the autumn leaves.

Ms B said...


Darn! I think i'm down with a bug and it started after our meeting. u sure it's not contagious? *grins*

oh, thank u for sharing ur hardcopy review. i am tempted to sign up the young lady to those performing arts clubs.

mekyam said...

poor kak teh!

i know with hayfever saying hope u'll get better is in vain. it's a seasonal scourge for unfortunate sufferers.

the best way to control an allergy is to avoid the trigger. but how do you avoid pollen, particularly during the summer months.

short of immunotherapy or desensitisation treatment, available products only treat the symptoms. and as u said can only do so much.

but here are some tips from a fellow sufferer i know that u can try [that is if u haven't already]:

~ pollen count is highest in the early evening. so it's a good idea to avoid going outdoors at this time.

~ apply vaseline around the edge of the nostrils to stop pollen from entering the nasal passages

~ keep windows and doors shut

~ avoid cutting the grass

~ invest in a pair of wrap-around sunglasses

~ keep car windows closed and consider buying a pollen filter for the air vents

~ keep fresh flowers out of the house

~ vacuum and damp dust regularly

~ do not smoke or let anyone smoke in your house

~ keep pets out of the house during the season [tall order this for u and yr many feline children]

if all else fails, fall back on that lotsa yummy strawberries and dollops and dollops of cream, naturally! ;D

Chahya said...

I couldnt really follow the interview coz the conversation went putus2..maybe due to my slow computer, the buffering really took a long time and not smooth.
But, oh, you've got lovely voice! Sounded so sultry and sexy...
Keep it nasal, I'd say :)

Please get well soon though. I can imagine how it felt...somewhat similar to my sinusitis attack.

tireless mom said...

Hi Kak Teh

Tak perasan pun the sengau in your voice. Take care kak Teh. Take lots of vitamins, errr... will it help, tak sure. But if you come back to KL pun it is as bad. Dah jadi macam pandemic pulak kat sini.