Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The day the rain came

The rain came, beating relentlessly on the window panes, and I sighed a sigh of relief as it washed away those dreadful pollens that had been making my life quite miserable recently.

But it was the kind of rain, the likes of which we have never seen here before. It was the kind of rain that reminded me of home; of hot banana fritters and steaming hot tea, on Tok’s verandah.

Or freshly fried keropok and kacang goreng cap orang tua while watching repeats of P Ramlee movies or Kabhi Kabhi.

The kind of rain that brings a certain kind of freshness in the air.

The rain came and kept coming. The road running across our little town was like a river. But in other parts of England, the scenery was as gloomy as the weather report. Hundreds and thousands of people were evacuated, properties ruined and life disrupted.

Yesterday, atok sent an email telling us that the water level at the nearby Thames was dangerously high and they had been told to be ready for the floods. His family had moved everything upstairs.

With the rain gone in our neck of the woods, I ventured out for breakfast of nasi lemak and roti canai with a newfound bloggerfriend who came with a jar of miracle. A much needed break for me for I needed to see the outside world after days of being glued to the PC and burying myself in paperwork. From breakfast, I adjourned for lunch of Nasi Ayam at Holiday Villa with husband and some other friends. We needed this, we told each other. We needed this break, away from PC and exam papers and talked about everything from Big Brother to Eastenders and Akademi Fantasia and other reality TV trash that we shamefacedly admitted we watch in the name of research.

It was also the kind of day we threw caution and strict dieting regime to the wind. As a friend was eating for two, we all decided to eat for her and with her. Our sympathy cravings were extremely sympathetic bordering on pathetic. She mentioned something and we ate. She pointed to something and we ate. And when she mentioned bubur kacang, we obediently trooped back to Malaysia Hall Canteen two streets away where we continued our discussion on anything and everything trivial over tea with banana fritters , pasembur and of course bubur kacang.

Customers came and went, waiters came and went to replenish our glasses with teh tarik and our plates with pisang goreng and we still sat there talking about nothing in particular. It was that kind of a day.

With the drizzle gone making way for a clearer blue sky, we decided that with the nasi ayam, pisang goreng and teh tarik settling quite nicely in our tummy, we could do with a walk in the park.

As we entered the park, the freshness of the grass after the rain was unmistakeable. It almost brought tears to my eyes.

The last visit to Kensington Gardens was to see Taufiq doing his silat and that was in spring. Summer and the rain had brought the leaves, green and fresh on the trees in the park. It was a nice walk – we talked about this and that, more of this than that, if you know what I mean.

And then it was in the park, during that walk, we witnessed a beautiful miracle.

Visitors to the park walking towards the lake to feed the ducks were suddenly driven back. We stopped in our tracks and wondered what they were running away from.

And then we saw it.

Not far from the fleeing crowd, was the rain. We stood rooted staring at this miracle, even with the knowledge that the rain would get to us in seconds. And we laughed like children playing in the rain before our mothers called us in. Yes, it was that kind of a day and sharing umbrellas, handlinking behind us, we walked back to Holiday Villa for its scrumptious buffet of tom yam, nasi goreng kampong, mee goreng mamak and mussles and rendang. And the one eating for two merely watched as we ate for her sympathetically.

Yes, it was that kind of a day when the rain came.


pu1pu3 said...

la..makan makan and more makan..hehe..then the rain came and more makan?hahahah.....I heard about the mishap that the rain brought too. The visitor that came to my house recently told me that he almost could not make it to Malaysia as he was stranded near Worchester where the flood got to him.Lucky thing he managed to 'waddle' through and arrived safely home, just in time to get to the airport!Hope you are well!

Kak Elle said...

kakteh saw the flood in UK during the news slot...wah ni makan marathon ke?

Anonymous said...

I like this post... something unique & sweet about it

Kak Teh said...

pu1pu3 - memang makan sakan! sebab selepas berhari-hari hidup merenung komputer dan celup biskut dalam teh, memang we deserved this! hehe and dah terover pulak!
re: floods - we are quite lucky as we are uphill. People in the north and midlands yang teruk.

kak elle - yes, marathon makan, lepas ni puasa!

anonymous - thank you - I suppose it must be the rain. It has that effect on me.

Theta said...

Haha! Eating sympathetically for the pregnant lady. That's so funny....

I'm hankering for teh tarik now...

I've watched BBC 1 o'clock news just now. Oxford is the latest to be flooded. Oh dear!

I sincerely hope that summer weather will come back soon to most parts of Europe!

Kak Teh said...

theta, we use any excuse to eat!
and as for the rain - this is summer.
what strange weather.

wonda said...

Ooh.... we have sunny,hot,humid weather here these days. Our rain must have traveled to your place. Envy you; you could even find some of the local food there while I am craving for it here.

Nazrah said...

my kinda weather...

i can almost picture myself outrunning your race to the buffet.

JBingkasan said...

what is rain in London compared to what we have in malaysia. raining in my hometown Kota Kinabalu Sabah mean `sleeps all day drink all nights', that is no man in their right of mind will want to go out. rain in London, i am still roaming around, walking to hyde park without getting wet. one day in feb 1998, snow came down which caught thousands surprise. i took refuge at the King's Head at Baywater. the others inside said to me `what a strange weather we have here'. i just nodded and down my larger.


Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Kak Teh
When I went on the flood relief mission to Johor early this year, one of the food we had was ubi goreng with kopi panas. We didnt want to leave that particular relief centre.
So yes, time hujan ni macam time winter jugalah, where makan becomes a favourite pastime.

jaflam said...

I always enjoy the rain but when it turns to flood..... wow so much trouble. The new similarity between London,Klang Valley and Kota Baru ... floods. Solidarity in the rain …. You never walk alone!!!!

Manal said...

kak teh main ujan???

Ee ee....macam budak2....tak pi carik berudu kat water puddles or those drains... ;-D

Glad to know u r full of zest again....hujan yang turun bagaikan mutiara....

Jane Sunshine said...

What a lovely description of the lovely day that was had by all says Mrs Preggers. I was just thinking how shameless all you people are, using poor pregnant lady as an excuse to eat, eat and eat. And the rain that evening that started beating on our faces was so invigorating.

One of those days that will be remembered in sepia toned memories always.

PrincessJournals said...

Kak Teh, I so envy u. The way u tell the story, kalau tak mention the name of the places, mesti orang ingat kat Msia. A buffet of msian yummylicious food outside msia. i wish. sigh..

Pi Bani said...

Kak Teh,
Your friend was eating for two, eh? How come it sounded as though you ate for twenty??


WANSHANA said...

Salams K.Teh,

I have been an avid reader of your blog, and (I think) have only commented once before - I'm more of a silent observer ;)

Reading this entry, I could picture everything vividly - including the yummylicious food! (And may I add - I could also smell and taste everything, too!)

(And I agree with Pi Bani - sounded like you ate for twenty! Hahaha!)

meandbaby said...

Kak Teh..we watched in horror as we saw pictures of Oxford flooded,places
that we went. Teruk sungguh.Anyway,hope you are doing fine.

zabs said...

Salam Kak Teh,

Good news that the flood does not effect you. Kalau boleh makan, makan and sambung makan dan makan lagi, tentu seronok hujan mari. . Alhamdulillah. Di sini pun jarang makan goreng pisang. Minyak gorengan diguna berbanyak kali.

Judy said...

I tell you what. Good thing it rained hard because it made you blog! :P

Where are you living actually? Sounds like you are in Malaysia, walk here to eat nasi ayam, walk there to eat bubur kacang, pesembur, .... mmmm, I want to live on your street!

Karipap I see in the photo?

Kak Teh said...

wonda@alice, Yes, its a strange weather condition - someone's got to answer for it. About the local food? London is almost like home. Yesterday I ate keropok lekor!

nazrah, i bet, i can beat you to it - let's fight the next time we meet! :)

jbingkasan, hahaha! I know you - rain or shine you'd be at the King's Head in Bayswater! I remember our trip to put the Germans to shame. Anyway, the rain in London this time is not unlike the ones in malaysia - no joke one you know. You'd have to be really thirsty to brave a dash across to the King's Head!

Kak Teh said...

fauziah, yes, i remember your relief work. We are now thinking whether to stock up on water as there is sure to be drinking water shortage. I am so rry for our friends up in Oxfordshire and further up.

jaflam - how true - such is the world without borders these days - everything sort of spills over.

manal, nak release tension kenalah main hujan macam budal2 sekali sekala...hehe, lepas tu demam! Yes, I think I'm out of the woods and can think clearky now.

Kak Teh said...

jane, it was such a lovely day and I am going to miss it. But the picture of us sharing umbrella, walking in the rain, handlinking and talking abt this and that and more of that, will have a special place in my heart.

princessjournals, i tell my story as it is. and the beauty of it was the moment and the company - and not to mention the food, of course. hehe!

pi bani - you see, I am such a good friend..full of sympathy that I had to eat for her! and now I am paying for it. Must diet!

Kak Teh said...

wamshana, thank you. Yes, I remember your nick cos I have listed it in sentraalstation. Thanks for visiting and making worth my rantings and jotting. and like I said - i ate a lot for my friend - what excuse have i got? well, am a good friend. hehe!

meanbaby, when we watch the news on tv abt the floods, we too couldnt believe that its UK - or even London. We are lucky that we are somewhat on a higher ground. Thanks for your concern.

zabs, oh i do know abt the minyak goreng yang berkali-kali pakai tu! not just with pisang goreng - but mee goreng and everything else. In our household, if I am not watchful, minyak once used will be thrown out - by my husband!

Kak Teh said...

judy, hahaha - I sense the envy inyour voice! Next time you are here, and if you are not dashing off to the train station so fast, we will go on an eating marathon! and as for the karipap - that's malaysia hall. When we meet on 1st september - will try to bring sardine rolls for you.

msiagirl said...

dear dear Kak Teh! Waah continued the eating marathon without me - I am so happy though you had a nice break and sorry not to have kept talking all day! (because I would have if I could have!)Look forward to seeing you in my part of the country too, if it keeps raining like this I'll have to make you some keropok! *hugs*

Kak Teh said...

msiagirl, you should have stayed on and witness the food marathon. But it was lovely meeting you and yes, hope to be in Bath before the end of summer. Did I hear keropok?

Manal said...

kak teh,

Umbrella ella ella ella...thats rihanna (similar to ur 1st daughter's name) song for u!

Kak Teh said...

manal - thanks for that bit of info. I rather like that spelling of Rihanna - but i wonder if the pronunciation is the same.
Yes, my rehana did mention meeting you on the number 7. and you remember!

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh (shouldn't call you Kak since I much am older than you!!)

How nice to read about such pleasant and enjoyable day and the lovely responses from your readers. I always read your blogs because at times I can't stomach any more the critisisms, jibes, insults, name calling, holier than thou attitude of some of our popular bloggers. And yet I am addicted to those blogs and kept on reading them and then stressed myself by wondering why are people so critical and why are there so much hatred towards our PM, so much uncalled for comments on Islam and such usage of rude words.
Your blogs are like fresh air and reading them make me have faith in human being again and you reminded me that there are still nice people (and bloggers) around who enjoyed life and simple things.
May Allah bless you at all times.

Kak Teh said...

NanaDJ, that is such a nice thing to say. Thank you. I am afraid, I am just a simple person with simple pleasures, writing abt simple things in life. And i dont think I can be up there with the popular bloggers.
Thanks for the visit. and May Allah bless you too.

abang malaya said...

And you said:
The rain came and kept coming
The road running across our little town was like a river.

And may I say:
Does it sounds familiar?
Isn't our lives not like a river?

Starting in the mountains, away so far
That we know not where they are
Flows it does through the valleys and fields
Through the vineyards and fields of daffodils.

Bringing joy and bountiful harvest
Sustaining life and quenching our thirst
But the river has its temper
Bursting its banks spreading its anger
Because we are disrespectful of mother nature.

And of the rain, my dear.. oh my dear,
Sudirman's song I do now remember
"Hujan yang turun bagaikan mutiara ...."
And that daimond shall shine forever
Sudirman, my friend
A kind man a great entertainer.

So my dear,
Curse not the rain
Nor the river
For you and I all of us are
The flowers and the fruits of nature
Of love and joy
Tears and laughter
Today, tomorrow and God willing, forever.

Wan Sabariah said...

Salam, cantik sungguh bahasanya, Kak Teh. Menyentuh jiwa nostalgik, halus dan lebih daripada sekadar berbahasa mengenai makan.
Ada senyum, ada sebak. Truly, it was that kind of story, touching you in all the right places, bringing something to the eyes.

Nazrah said...

be still, my heart, be still...

sesungguhnya bergoyah tempat berdiri bila abang malaya bermain kata...

kamalariffin said...

just wanna say hi, assalamualaikum sekarang niee asyik hujan... camna nak buat projek milion2 kita. ini my blog masuk la... the words more like a note to myself


D said...

oh, kak teh.. it sure is wonderful to binge in the food in such dreary weather. Pity the kids who have this for as their summer hols. Waah, when I go down to London, will you makan-makan with me?


Tunku Halim said...

Wonderful rain. Beautiful food. It's the simple things in life that we should cherish. Betul tak?

wmw said...

Reminds me of Neil Sedaka's song "Laughter In The Rain"! Yes, I have a few of those kind of rainy days myself :o) Good post....

Kak Teh said...

Abang Malaya,

Oh dear!
Now you mentioned it,
it does sound familiar,
the beating of rain,
so loud and clear,
bringing not a little fear,
to those far and near.

I curse not the rain,
nor the river untamed,
but a tad ashamed
for we are to be blamed,
this weather...ah..what a shame!

Kak Teh said...

wan sabariah, thanks for the visit. I think I know you and thanks for the kind words.

apa kurang nazrah kita,
mengulit kata,
menganyam seloka,
menenun luka
suka,duka boleh belaka.

kamal, well done! been to your blog.

Kak Teh said...

d, hope you are alright where you are. Sure, give me a buzz whenever you are coming.

tunku, i know what you have been up to! Congratulations - so productive!

wmv, a duvet, hot tea and keropok on a cold wet day! aah!

NJ said...

Salam Kak Teh,

Your writing never fail to bring that pleasant feeling among your faithful readers. Yup, sometimes the hustle bustle of the fast-paced city life makes us tend to forget that simple pleasure of life and living.

God Bless You Kak Teh!

Lightnur said...

thanks for bringing back memories. ingat waktu kecik-kecik dula main hujan. ingat m'sia. ingat goreng pisang. ingat keropok lekur. ingat lagu Hujan oleh Sudirman.

hujan yang turun bagaikan mutiara
berkilau bersinar berkerdipan
subur menghijau bumi terbentang
dan bayu berpuput lembut

cinta yang bersemi di waktu hujan turun
menyirami ketandusan hati
dan hujan turut mengiringi
engkau pergi

selembut hujan bercurahan
begitulah cinta ini
semesra bumi yang disirami
begitulah hati ini

hujan yang turun bersama airmata
bersama pedih bersama rindu
kau datang dan kau pergi jua
rindu lagi

Kak Teh said...

Nj. thanks and how we wish we can have more such simple pleasures without the hurriedness of modern day living. Alas, it is too rare.

w'salam. What an impressive blog you have. and thank you for the visit and kind words.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Aunty Teh,

I hope all is well in UK, even with River Thames bursting its banks...

It's sad how food soo easily tempts us huh? I know the feeling of just listening to the word 'food', and making a beeline to stuff it in my mouth...

Come to think of it, I am of the belief that just the mere thought and/or mention of the word 'food' is enough to make me balloon...

Which means by the end of this comment, I would have ballooned a little bit too, what with the number of times I typed the word 'food'...

Ooops, there I go again...

Whatever it is, hope all is well with you =)


Atok said...


kami dah lepas the risau stage rasanya. though Thames burst its banks... tapi air tak naik tinggi here, setakat melimpah sikit ke, alhamdulillah. but, dok nampak, org2 belum take aways their sandbags just yet.

nway, thanks for your concern and phone calls.

now, nak kena kemas semula all these stuff; our house looks like store room at the mo :(

proly time to find another house at a higher ground too; we'll miss the great river though.

Kak Teh said...

daphne dear,
we are fine, thank you. the weather every where around the world is a bit of a nightmare. But we are coping.
and food? hmmm...

atok, yes, pindah naik bukit! Imust admit the river is beautiful. Still remember the walk. Take care.

J.T. said...

Hi Kak Teh

I will be back to read this post. In the mean time, I am officially tagging you for the Music Shuffle game.

You mentioned that you are so tempted but did not want give in. But here's the good news. The tag is valid forever. Take as much time as you need. Do it when you can - no pressure. Just copy and paste the rules and questions that need to be answered.

Have fun! :)

Kak Teh said...

jt! jt! jt! my children's Ipods and MP3 and Itunes are full od THEIR songs. My husband's Ipod is full of prayers and ayat Quran...what do I do?

never mind - i will think of something and make it fun!

J.T. said...

Hi Kak Teh

Sounds like you have an interesting range of music. I can't wait to read your random selections because I have a feeling you will come up with something good.

Anyway, this post made me hungry. All that food you mentioned sounds like you were in Malaysia. You are fortunate to have access to local food - where you don't have to prepare it, if you don't feel like it. I am just too far away from establishments that prepare scrumptious Malaysian delicacies.

"A Foggy Day In London Town" turned out to be rainy, huh? So sad for those whose lives were disrupted.

Keep well, Kak Teh. :)

Kak Teh said...

jt, yes, we are fortunate that it is almost like home. What i miss is the guy with his kereta sorong - selling mee goreng. - the hawkers!

The rain has stopped for now - the weather is getting better. But I am still cooped up in the house. Still lots to do.

kina said...

ooooo Kak teh

The rain ooo the rainnn

come again another day,

Its been raining on and off here jugak, not the stormy type, casual rain je.

The rain, ubi rebus, or biskut lutut with good cuppa coffee, the perfect combi for me

Kenny Mah said...

The day the rain came? What a lovely title for a post! Though the floods are unfortunate. We have plenty of rain right now in KL/PJ and the (flash) floods may soon follow as they inevitably do, every year, like the haze.

But the sheer joy and light-heartedness of your musings of that day of rain... it's some sort of childhood magic come this way again. I want a comfy bolster to hug around now... :)

Baharudin Kadir said...

Hi Kak Teh,
I 'stumbled' into your blog by accident really, happened to be reading Noriana Samad's blog... Anyway, it is really great to read about the rain thing... especially when one is in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, with the temperature out there at 47C (and feels like 55C, with the humidity added in)... and no rain for the past 3 months since I got here with my family. I'm sure all the chocs will melt or even vaporize at this temperature! Love to read the stuffs on your blog... thanks and salam.

ms.lamb chop said...

Dear Liz.....I just had pisang goreng with Veena in KK a few days ago.....awesome....went there to rejuvenate before joining back the "hell chamber" after 5 months of lepak-tion in Christchurch.....:) donch wanna go back to, u know anyone who needs au pair? Promise I won't "food marathon" at their house :)Bila mau skype daaa...I am so high-tech now :) Cheerio

Kak Teh said...

kina, ooooh why did you remind me of ubi rebus!! that would have been the icing on the cake!

kenny, a comfy bloster would have perfected the day too. Its a shame I left mine behind.

Kak Teh said...

salam encik baharudin,
yes, we do take certain things like the rain for granted - until we dont get any and we miss them. I remember on the flight back from Jeddah to Kuala lumpur. I was sitting beside a young young from saudi. As we touched down, it was raining heavily in KL. She looked out of the window of the plane and she had tears in her eyes. She told me she had never seen such rain. It was a blessing.

ms lambchop, dont go back to work yet. You can be au pair to nona - she is going back soon - so dont go back to work yet! and er...sms me again.

thewailer said...

hello kak teh, how have ya been?

I became gullible audience of reality shows too, all out of boredom :)

Baharudin Kadir, Dhahran said...

Hi again Kak Teh,
You're right and thanks for the reminder about taking things for granted... the rain... and a host of other things in life... including goreng pisang, keledek, keladi... miss those already... maybe I could ask my wife to goreng cukodok tamar here?
Hope those folks in Oxford etc. will not be having too much rain soon. Salam.

ADIEJIN said...

kak oi, lama tak mai jalan sini. kak sihat. Anyway, take care tau.

U.Lee said...

Hello Kak Teh, we saw on TV here England betul kena terok this time re the nonstop hujan, countryside like a lake.
Fortunately the Thames did not break up near London.
Glad you not affected.
You keep well, Kak Teh. UL.

elviza said...

Dear Kak Teh,

Your post today is a walk down the memory lane for me.

When I was studying there, I got hooked on weather report, most of it x betul pun...

good day Kak Teh

demonsinme said...

Madam KT:

Though this is unrelated to what you wrote, I gift it to you as a gift with a wish, present it to your spouse, significant others, children, brothers and/or sisters. Let them know that you love them much. Their smiles are my reward and prayers for my loved ones.

This place of yours is a mecca for good souls, and this pilgrim is blessed to have encountered it.

Thank you, and forgive me for the trouble.



worry not when it rains,
close your eyes and let go your pains,
and let all tears be slain,
happiness is yours to gain,
brought down by the my midnight saint,
helping this hands that have long been waned,
tugging away your nightmares chains.


hate you not the chilling winds,
let free yourself and feel it caress your chin,
put away all the ale and the gin,
welcome it with a great wide grin,
let not your mind dance in a spin,
for the winds come with a hint,
that haven is colored with my love as the paint.

Count Byron said...

Lovely rain Kak Teh. I had that funny encounter with the rain here in Kelantan, way back in 60's, half the kampung was drenched, the other half was playing football, quite unashamedly, dry.
Thank you for your support.. and Sir AG too.

Ewok said...

The one food we didn't eat was mee rebus. That will be on the must-eat list next time, eh Jane?

IBU said...

Salam Kak Teh,

Been reading your entries in silence these days.

Ni tgh ngantuk ni. But fresh from the oven in my blog, re In Search of Salhi. Pls read and see if it fits for you to kindly cascade and disseminate.

Thanks v much.


Kak Teh said...

the wailer, i have been so busy and drowning under work - not to mention dashing here and there to nooks and corners of England. thus I have been neglecting the blog. I must admit i do watch some reality TV and i justify it as wanting to see how people behave. But...its all tv - and its not real.

en. baharuddin, i have never tasted cucok tamar! must be nice as it is sweet. I wonder if you cana lso make pengat with buat tamar. perhaps your wife can give it a try.

adiejin, kak teh pun lama tak pi mana-mana - tengah dok sibuk! You take care okay and jangan nakai-nakai nanti kak teh mai tarik telinga.

Kak Teh said...

uncle lee, thanks for the visit - yes i am snowed under at the moment. ithink it will be october before i can breathe properly again. am missing your fantastic stories!

elviza, the weather report is another entertainment programme - hehe! we dont take it too seriously. Thanks for the visit.

demonsinme - thanks once again for your poem.

Kak Teh said...

count byron, what a lovely surprise - u have been gone a long while and my husband and i were wondering if you are okay. In fact he wrote you an email. I hope you have received it. Keep well and salam to countess.

ewok, i had laksa last night - too pedas for me. mee rebus - must remind them to put mee instead of too much taugeh.

ibu, thanks for showing me the write up. it is sad. We will pray that they will be reunited soon.

LifeBloom said...

Salam K Teh

Just been back to blogdom after a long hiatus. Enjoyed your posting about the rain....I had a similar experience when I was in Kota Kinabalu a few years back - we were walking back from makan/dinner and had a long way to go still until we reached the hotel...Suddnely out of no where angin datang and with it a torrent of rain. We tried to outrun it by scrambling to the opposite side - but no uselah we then let the rain "get" us and suddenly like magic - all of us started to act like 5 year olds - splishing and sploshing with wild abandon (and for some reason laughing like crazy hyenas)...When we finally arrived at the hotel - all of us got stared as if we were aliens from outer space...But we all buat "derk" ajer and proceeded to the elevators as if butter wouldnt melt in our mouths.....It was such a carefree moment in my otherwise "jaga tingkah-laku" existence - that I still count on that memory to lift me up when I am blue...

Kak Teh said...

lifebloom!!! you are back! yes, you've been gone for quite some time. I bet you've had some quality time. I am just plodding along - updating only when i can manage it. Life is hectic at the moment. But alhamdulillah hectic is good.

oh,some times it heps that we forget 'jaga tingkah laku' moments. Especially when there's no one to recognise us - esp. away in a town thousands of miles away from home ..hehe! Welcome back!

baharudin kadir, dhahran said...

Kak Teh,
Thanks for the encouragement - will update u on our experiment for pengat & cucuk tamar... salam.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Kak Teh
Rain used to be elusive in Riyadh, but do you know that when we moved there in Sept last year we brought the rain with us. While we were there, we witnessed rain several times, and, sigh, road accidents not too infrequently too involving the local drivers. I guess the Saudies are not used to driving in the rain.

baharudin dhahran said...

Kak Teh,
We tried cucuk and pan cake with tamar (fresh ones masak from pokok here, but I'm sure dried one will do as well). Its GREAT! & healthy too, since we didn't need to add anything - just tamar (without the seeds of course!), water and flour. It tastes kind of 'brown-sugarish', must be the fructose. The kids just love em. Ideal for rainy days... will update on pengat tamar - suspect must use dried tamar, otherwise, hancuk. Try it out & salam.

simah said...

that sounds like a wonderful rainy days.. n the mention of the various malaysian food...hmmm... memang kan bila hujan mesti otak pikir nak makan...:0)

Kak Teh said...

baharuddin, thanks for the update - you must have a blog and write about your life there. I am sure it is interesting.

aMiR, you are another one who should be blogging abt your life abroad. Thanks so much for your input here. Met your friend recently...i tell you, he dies a good rendition of SM Salim!

simah, i really did enjoy that day. and it must have been the company too...such wonderful friends.