Friday, 29 December 2006

A Wan off experience, Selamat Hari Raya ...................and A Happy New Year

Apart from baulu, the other unknown territory in my culinary adventures and misadventures is the rendang. I have never felt the need or the desire to slave over a hot stove to make rendang. Well, not until my experience recently with none other than the ubiquitous and extremely hilarious Wan and only Wan, our celebrity Chef.

In one of his numerous text messages to me recently he told me that he was coming to London to do a cooking demonstration at a local university. I have been to numerous occasions where Wan had food demonstrations and to me he is not just entertaining but also informative. Full of anecdotes, family history and asides which can leave you in stitches.

So during this last meeting with Wan, I was unwittingly roped in to help him with the preparation in the vast kitchen area of the university. The scene, I can assure you was not unlike that of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. For someone who prefers to work alone in the kitchen, I think I coped well with two other helpers and Wan himself shouting out the orders. I was, ehem, the kerisik chef, the kupas kulit udang chef, and the kupas bawang chef, shouting out ‘Kerisik ready chef!”, "bawang goreng ready, chef!” and feeling quite important actually.

The demonstration itself went very well. Local chefs and catering students present were very impressed with his cooking and stories that go with Malaysian cooking. He does it with taste, smell and humour. They were treated to the horrendous smell of belacan and petai, and the sweet smelling aroma of the bunga kantan. He told them of the world pharmacy which is the Malaysian jungle full of herbs that can cure any illnesses and pain.

Anyway, one of the dishes that he cooked then was the Rendang Ayam Pedas. I have tried this and it is Simply Sedap so much so that I didnt have time to snap any photos. But I will try this recipe again for this hari raya which I will have with pulut. Now, pulut is another unknown and uncharted territory. Someone please help.

Wan has given me permission to reproduce this recipe here. Give it a try!

15 shallots
3 cloves garlic
6 stalks of lemon grass, slice
½ cm fresh ginger
½ cm galangal
½ cm fresh tumeric
5 chilli burung
8 candel nuts
10 fresh red chillies
2 lime leaves

Blend the above ingredients to make a paste.

½ cup desiccated coconut for kerisik.

1 ½ kg whole chicken cut into small pieces
3 cups coconut milk
2 cups water
1 tumeric leaf – sliced thinly
salt and sugar to taste.

1. To make the kerisik, toast the desiccated coconut in the oven or fry until it is brown.
2. Grind or pound the coconut until it becomes a smooth paste.
3. Mix the chicken pieces with the ground ingredients – (not the kerisik) add coconut milk and simmer for about thirty minutes until the chicken is almost dry.
4. Reduce the heat and add the kerisik, salt and sugar.
5. Add the finely sliced tumeric leaf , give a final stir and turn off the heat.

Selamat Hari Raya
a Happy New Year!

UPDATE on Missing My Sayang Mama:
Here's the story in Bernama


Anonymous said...

Yay! I got to be first to eat. Sayangnya, hard to get dessicated coconut in my area and cannot get tumeric leaf here. When you try the recipe, photo please! Selamat Hari Raya Haji and a Happy New Year 2007!

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh, now who's making who hungry? Was this cooking programme shown on national tv here? It sounds so good I want to watch.
Thank you for the recipe book and only yesterday I went to Croydon to get the serai. So many dishes I want to try but don't know which one first. Maybe I give this one a go first with lontong instead of ketupat. Same difference right? :))
Terima kasih a million.

Kak Elle said...

thanx for sharing the recipe...almost same as mine but less ingredients...and just as nice:)selamat aidil adha and tahun baru.For pulut you can cook in the microwave same as cooking rice.Just soaked the beras pulut for an hour or 2 with santan and a bit of salt to taste and yellow colouring(kalau nak pulut kunyit) and set time to 16-17 minutes on high...otherwise you can steam it.

Kak Teh said...

wonda@alice, you can also use ordinary coconut that you grate. ada ka? tumeric leaf to optional, tak apa...
Happy new year to you too.

dr ve thru, trum try and let me know. oh this was not televised. it was for students. next time he is here i will letyou know. His programmes are mostly on Australian TV.

kak elle, nak try steam the pulut because i dont use microwave oven atall. tapi sukatan air semua tu macam mana?

Anonymous said...

Wow! You overseas people all up close and personal with famous people. First, you've got Kak Teh, than Lat and now Chef Wan! Aku sangat cemburu lah! Kak Teh, boleh ajak Lat dengan Chef Wan to come over again in Sept 2007? I can't wait to try out your simple recipe. Aku nak "pedaskan" for new year's eve - got hot hot date! heeee....heeeee...

Kak Elle said...

kakteh sukatan air sama ngan masak nasi cuma di kurangkan supaya pulut nya kenyal kalau tidak hmmm....lembik....lupa nak kata bubuh serbuk kunyit pun bolih....

Kak Teh said...

ilene, we really need to pedaskan our new year because itis so cold and gloomy and wet! As for the celebs, well part and parcel of work laa.

kak elle, thanks for the tip. will use steamer then.

Anonymous said...

for pulut you can use rice cooker as well, the same way as cooking rice with a lot less water. I prefer this as there is no need to soak the pulut rice.
wash and clean the pulut rice, together with water and a pinch of salt into rice cooker, once the water absorbed, give it a stir and leave it to complete the cooking. the amount of water just barely cover the rice. give it a try for your rendang pedas, insya Allah. it has never fails me.

Kak Teh said...

z, thank you so much. I will certainly give it a try. Cant wait to get hold of pulutnow.

Anonymous said...

looks like you're all set for Hari Raya one year in advance with that recipe. remember to take those photos next time, ok? Happy Newest 2007, Kak Teh!!

Kak Teh said...

may, i have prepared chicken and all - and duh! i dont have kerisik! but will do it kerisikless!
happy new year to you too!

Anonymous said...

kerisik ah!? got some here. want ah? can bring along tomorrow... :D

SimplyMas said...

I was telling myself that for my father-in-law birthday next year, I have to get him Chef Wan's Cook Book. He loves to cook and this could be something that he can try himself - Malay Dishes... Maybe Chef Wan should come to UK again and have like a cooking participation :D



Terima kasih di atas ingatan saudari. Saya harap Zaharah, Wan dan anak-anak akan terus dalam sihat dan afiat. Moga-moga tahun 2007 membawa kebahagiaan, kesejahteraan dan kemakmuran. Terima kasih juga kerana melawat blog saya.

Kak Teh said...

atok, thanks for the offer, got oredi!!! anak beli dessicated coconut semalam. tinggal untuk buat kerisik saja.

mamijarum, he will be coming again next year and i will let you know. Selamat hari raya and selamat tahun baru to you too.

Datuk, thanks for the visit. I do visit yr blog daily. All the best to you and your family too.

Anonymous said...

Gulai rendang masakan kita
Mudah dimasak sedap rasanya
Adik Teh jauh di rantau sana
Tapi tak lupa khazanah bangsa.

Abang Malaya pun suka masak
Tapi resepi tidaklah banyak
Lebih suka main agak-agak
Buat experiment setidak-tidak.

Kalau berjalan, Abanglah chefnya
Masak yang mudah tapi berselera
Sebab sehari suntuk mengembara
Bila berjalan Abang jugalah driver.

Dulu masa kanak-kanak
Kena ke dapur tolong emak
Masak nasi dan sayur lemak
Sambal belacan ikan belanak.

Memasak ni macam therapy
Boleh ringankan beban emosi
Sambil memasak kita menyanyi
Bunyi tak sedap jangan peduli.

Abang Malaya nak tumpang tanya
Edelweis dan Kenanga pergi ke mana
Lama tidak bergurindam seloka
Rasa rindu menusuk jiwa.

Sampai di sini Abang berhenti
Ucap selamat Saudara dan Saudari
Doa restu bahagia abadi
Di masa lain berjumpa lagi.

ManaL said...

tumpang lalu kak teh:
Abg Malaya, liked ur kahlil gibran poem.

Kak teh, as i am writing this, our chicken rendang dah ready. Later will continue with kuah kacang, and tomorrow lpas dpt daging zibaah (sembelihan), plan nak buat sup and rendang daging.

Wishing u a very happy and prosperous and productive new year and eid mubarak!

JoeBangla said...

Selamat Hari Raya haji & Selamat Tahun Baru 2007

Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Teh,

Best nya dapat masak with Chef Wan. Finger lickin' good must be the result eh?

SELAMAT AIDILADHA to you and family and all.

Anonymous said...

kak teh, sedapnya aroma sampai ke rawang! timely indeed. boleh la try.

salam aidil adha & selamat tahun baru!

p/s chilli burung? apa tuuuu?

Anonymous said...

Drop by to wish you Selamat Hari Raya and Happy New Year, may your 2007 be filled with good health and plenty of success. Oso will try recipe lah tankiu, maybe can serve it at my kopitiam.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Kak Teh
We're spending Raya in KL. Mom is cooking Laksa Johor. The other half has been asking for Kuzi Ayam and Harisa, so I'm making them for him under Mom's supervision. I've never done it before. Let's see if it turns out well.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha and Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh,

Selamat Hari raya aidil adha dan selamat tahun baru. Thanks for the rendang resepi, nampak macam sedap aje. Dah cuba masak rendang ni ke belum? Kalau dah, bolehlah pos gambar ya...:-)

Anak Melaka of Rantauan

Kak Teh said...

abang malaya
rendang ayam hidangan pagi,
ketupat nasi masak sendiri,
khazanah bangsa tak ke mana pergi,
disanjung disimpan tiada terperi.

masak memasak memang terapi,
dapur menjadi syurga sendiri,
apa direka semua menjadi,
habis dimakan seronoknya hati.

masa kecil dimanja bapa,
dilarang masak tak belajar apa,
bacalah buku janganlah alpa,
siang dan malam di bilik bertapa.

setelah menjadi seorang isteri,
tak pandai masak menggigit jari,
telefon emak tolonglah mari,
macam mana mak, nak buat kari?

Itulah intan, itulah sayang,
masa mak masak ke mana melayang,
mak berleter begitulah panjang,
air matapun berlinang-linang.

Nasib baik suami tak kisah,
masin tawar semua dia belasah,
lama-lama bakat diasah,
semuanya senang tak ada yang susah.

Itulah kisah masakan kak teh,
masakan melayu bukan orang putih,
tak pernah segan untuk berlatih,
kerja di dapur tak pernah letih.

Di sini saja kak teh bermadah,
kalau tidak kerja tak sudah,
jika lambat buruklah padah,
tidak ada masa untuk beriadah.

Lain kali kita berjumpa lagi,
kenanga dan edel muncul kembali,
menceriakan lelaman berkali-kali,
selepas tahun baru barangkali.

Kak Teh said...

manal, silakan, silakan.
and by the way, made the rendang without kerisik last night and only added the kerisik pagi tadi...ishishish!

joe, selamat hari raya and happy new year to you too.

Ruby, kitakan apprentice saja...but it was fun.

Kak Teh said...

ibu, dalam resipi dia bird cili - so cili burung kut? but i leftthatout in my cooking as I cant take really hot food. Cili padi kut?

firehorse, try, try! then let me know.

x-matters. laksa johor!!! oh God, one of my favourite dishes! boleh hidup kuah tu!

anak melaka, nanti kakz/kak teh post gambar. dah ambik gambar tapi rendang dah habis.

Anonymous said...

(been reading yr blog from dubai)
December 31, 2006 10:37 AM

Wan Taufiq Ali Osman Learns More About Being A Malay

By Ahmad Kamil Tahir

REMBAU, Dec 31 (Bernama) -- Wan Taufiq Ali Osman is very much a Malay but confesses that he knows nothing about life in a kampung (village).

The 16-year-old was born and bred in London, to Malay parents Wan Ahmad Hulaimi of Terengganu and Zaharah Othman of Kedah, both of whom have been working in the United Kingdom over the last 30 years.

Understanding the eagerness in him to learn more about Malay culture, Wan Taufiq Ali Osman's parents did not hesitate to allow him to participate in the Malay World Youth Exchange Programme in Negeri Sembilan.

"I really wanted to taste life in a kampung and look forward to participating in various kampung activities and learn about the life of Malay kampung folks from my foster parents," he told Bernama after the launch of the programme by Negeri Sembilan Youth Council (NSYC) President Khairil Jamal at Dataran Rembau, here.

Clad in Baju Melayu and wearing a songkokb (Malay traditional costume), he said that though there are many Malays in the United Kingdom, there were not many cultural activities except during Hari Raya or weddings. Wan Taufiq Ali Osman said that though they lived far away from their ancestral land, his parents always reminded him of their roots in Malaysia.

The family has visited relatives in Malaysia several times but this is the first time that he has come alone and said that he felt great to be here.

Along with Wan Taufiq Ali Osman are two other Malays, Lazim Yademe, 23, of the Cocos Islands, and Hassan Zainuddin, 22, of Saudi Arabia.

The trio are in a group of 20 people from the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Malaysia participating in the 10-day programme jointly organised by the NSYC and the Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (Abim).

Besides taking part in cultural activities, the participants will stay with foster parents in Rembau and Jasin under a homestay programme. Lazim, who is fluent in the Malay language, said the programme would enable him to learn much more about Malay culture which he said had eroded in his place of origin.

He said that though his people back home could speak Malay they did not practise the customs and traditions as they were much influenced by western culture.

"Therefore, an opportunity like this programme enables me to learn more about Malay customs and traditions, and I will convey what I have learnt to my people when I return," said Lazim, who is a ninth generation descendant of ancestors from Java in Indonesia.

He said the Malays in this country are fortunate that they are able to safeguard their culture, religion and customs for generations in the face of strong western influence.

Meanwhile, Hassan said that despite being a Malay, he is more an Arab due to the fact that he understands and practises Arabic culture more. "I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Both my parents are from Kedah and they came to Saudi Arabia many years ago when my father pursued his studies in Islamic knowledge. That was the reason I am more comfortable in Arabic culture although I am a Malay," he said.

Hassan said that staying with foster parents under the programme would enable him to have a taste of Malay culture, like wearing baju Melayu and songkok as well as eating Malay food.

The participants had called on the Undang Luak Rembau Datuk Muhamad Sharip Othman at Balai Undang Luak Rembau here and were entertained to a silat (Malay martial arts) performance.


Kak Teh said...

sdr fudzail, terima kasih. seronoknya kak teh dan suami membaca berita ini. dan ada juga versi bahasa melayunya di sini:

dan kepada pembaca blog yanglain yang juga turut memberi link di bernama, terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

thanks 4 the recipe akak!! kerisik from desiccated cocunuts!! kenapa saya tak terpikirkan bab nih? hmm..
galangal n a few other things taka der..but maybe the rasa will be not so bad (minus the haruman)..thanks kak teh..and chef wan!

eh akak.... chef wan tak ada jual ker buku masak dia online?

Kak Teh said...

simah, kak teh fikir kalau kita improvise sikit tak apa. Chef wan is all for improvisation. Bila dia datang nanti kak teh suruh dia bawa and boleh post. nak tak?

Jane Sunshine said...

Wow what an adventure, sous chef! I love Chef Wan's style too. Next time, let me know when he is here, then we can enjoy. The recipe looks yummm and will enjoy it virtually.

Also, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to you and the family as well as young Taufik yang berkembara. Don't miss him too much-he will be back in a jiffy.

Kak Teh said...

jane sous chef sounds too glamorous for me -I will just settle for kerisik and bawang goreng chef.

happy new year to u and M too.

Anonymous said...

Rohaya & Taufik said...
Hi Kak Teh,
We've just came back from Cairo. Yes, we are glad to be part of the Malaysian blog community. Thanks for your invitation. Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family.

Theta said...

Sounds like a WAN-derful experience (can't resist the obvious pun)!
I once bumped into Chef extraordinaire in Midvalley's Secret Recipe with some of his friends, but do not fancy the idea of invading someone's (whom I hardly know) privacy just for an autograph or the like. He'd like to be left alone to enjoy his day, I bet.
An exception to this rule is of course, Brad Pitt ;-)
Wishing you a Happiness and Good Health in 2007!

tokasid said...

Kak teh....kan kalau pasai masakan and makan semua akan terliur!Saya baca artikel Taufiq di rembau. Alhamdulillah dia okay and he is not the only one who has to ' sopeak proporly' there.

Selain dari ayam, cba try rendang kelempong(paru-paru/lungs. Ada yg sebut lempong, paru, ghabu(ni sebutan org melaka),pelampong).Tapi kelempong kena rebus dulu several hours baru hiris nipis-nipis and buat rendang. Atau boleh buat goreng kunyit saja.

Atau boleh rebus and cicah air asam belacan(macam perut kitab juga lah..)

Kak Teh said...

rohaya and taufik, welcome back, Am sure you had a wonderful time there.selamathari raya and selamat tahun baru to both of you. Will add you soon.

theta, was indeed a WANderful experience, a Wan off experience too. hope you had a wonderful hari raya and new year celebration.

tokasid, laaaa, janganlaaa dok sebut perut cicah ayark asammmm! sini baru pukoi 0545 ! mana nak pi cari perut?

Anonymous said...

kak Teh,
selamat hari raya aidil adha dan selamat tahun baru..

Boleh cuba resepi nih...

Kak Teh said...

ajzie, selamat hari raya dan selamat menyambut tahun baru juga drp kak teh sekeluarga.

macam mana London? seronok?

Anonymous said...

Selamat Hari Raya, kak teh. Last night midnight ada buka pintu besar besar for good luck masuk kah??

Kak Teh said...

firehorse, di sini buka pintu besar-besar, bukan good luck yang masuk...pencuri atau perompaklah yang masuk!hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Adik Teh,

Bukan nak sedih bukan nak marah
Bukan juga tengking dan sergah
Sekadar rasa hendak dicurah
Tentang hidup berbatas, belah.

Kerana Adik Teh orang mulia
Ada kawan merata-rata
Anak ke luar negara jadi berita
Satu dunia tahu cerita.

Syukur Alhamdulillah Abang Malaya ucapkan
Menumpang nasib adik yang berkedudukan
Dapatlah berpantun meluahkan perasaan
Sebagai insan kerdil manusia jalanan.

Itulah hidup kita hina dan mulia
Ada yang menderita tiada siapa tahu cerita
Ada yang gembira satu alam turut berdansa
Kerana manusia masih berdarjat, berkasta.

Bukan Abang Malaya cemburu dengki
Abang dah cukup tua untuk mengerti
Hidup ini penuh bayangan dan illusi
Penuh dengan khayalan dan mimpi.

Sampai di sini Abang Malaya berseloka
Dalam hati terasa duka
Langit mendung gelap cuaca
Tahun baru tak tahu apa maknanya.

Hidup di Malaya makin keliru
Harga naik bertalu-talu
Tol naik hadiah tahun baru
Menteri kata: We care for you.

Nak ikut Adik merantau pun dah lambat
Umur tua badan pun dah tak larat
Duit dalam bank pun sikit sangat
Jadi dok lah di Malaya macam kamjat.

(PS. Kamjat is a Penang mamak term that denotes a good-for-nothing layabout.)

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh, wonderful article on Taufiq and the other two boys. You must be more at peace now that you've read your son's comments and know that he is fine and happy. Both you and your husband must be ever so proud of him and his achievements and he mentioned that his parents never let him forget his roots. I think he really treasures this gift.....his roots.
What a great start to the new year!

Ordinary Superhero said...

Salam Aidil Adha to Kak Teh and Famliy.

And happy new year too. How was the new year message, Your Majesty Queen?

Ely said...

this posting reminds me of the chat that we all had with chef wan at he was so hillarious, pecah perut hehehe.

i shall try that rendang, bestnyer! and i want to buy both his books!

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh,

Saw you son's pix in the papers. Waduh! What a good looking boy. Anyway good experience for him this.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum pembuka bicara
aduhai kak teh yang bijaksana
kenanga muncul untuk menyapa
dah lama benar tidak bermesra

bukan tak rindu, bukan tak sayang
setiap hari hati terkenang
mulut menyebut mata terbayang
cuma waktu yang tidak terluang

kerja rumah, kerja pejabat
sama banyak, sama hebat
di hujung tahun macam2 nak dibuat
ikutkan hati memang tak larat

yang ada hanyalah cinta
pada keluarga, suami dan kerja
sebab itu kugagah kan jua
meniti hidup penuh pencaroba

namun kesal tidak sekali-kali
kerja mungkar Allah murkai
langkah dihayun doa diiringi
moga usaha melimpahkan rezeki

apa khabar kak teh di sana
kenanga di sini sihat sejahtera
edelweis pun lama tak berseloka
yang rajin abang malaya kita

terima kasih bertanyakan kenanga
abang malaya usahlah gundah-gelana
hidup ini hanya sementara
terlampau dikenang badan merana

banding dengan orang berjaya
banding juga dengan yang menderita
barulah hidup lebih bahagia
badan segar, fikiran lega

seronok baca pengalaman kak teh
bersama chef wan kuat berceloteh
rakan yang pergi usahlah sedih
si teruna di rembau biarkan berlatih

di sini hujan, di london winter
teringat masa dulu kala
waktu kenanga di sana bekerja
ke rumah kak teh pun pernah tiba

teringin juga nak jenguk semula
kota london yang pelbagai cerita
dah lama benar rasanya tak ke sana
bertahun ditinggalkan rindu terasa

di tanah air macam2 berita
pembesar suka, rakyat berduka
air naik, banjir merata
minyak naik, tol berlipat ganda
kepada rakyat, cuti-cuti malaysia
pembesar bercuti di luar negara

bukan menyampah, tak juga benci
bukan kesal, tak juga dengki
jalani hidup di tanah air sendiri
semakin hari semakin tak pasti
kepada Ilahi minta diberkati
segala usaha minta direstui

sampai di sini kenanga berhenti
hingga berjumpa di lain kali
edelweis janganlah menghilang diri
yang lain pun berseloka lah di sini

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh, you are not feeling well not because of the weather but because you're missing Taufiq terribly! Remedy: do more shopping!

Kak Teh said...

dr ve thru@judy, my heart stopped when i read the news item but thank God he said the right things. I understand thathe was also interviewed by RTM and he was asked to give impromtu speeches. I think his past few months has deputy headboy has helped him to be more confident and certainly this experience in rembau will help him further.

OSH, selamat tahun baru to you too. If I slept right through, does that mean it is still the old year? aaarggh..nothing has changed. the weather is bad, really bad.

ely, being around chef wan, you risk pecah perut. yes, i remember that online chatrantauan had with was hilarious..and for me who was there with him, i just had to stop myself rolling on the floor!
yes, do get his latest book.

Kak Teh said...

ruby, he is enjoying the experience and i think he is sounding more confident. His sister cut his hair so short before he left. ya, i agree that it is one experience that he will treasure.

ilene, memang rindu, tersangat rindu!

Kak Teh said...

abang malaya dirundung rawan,
pilu dan sedih tiada tertahan,
lihat keadaan tak dapat dilawan,
apa nak jadi apa kesudahan?

adik teh juga tak ada jawapan,
bukan tak hirau, manglipun bukan,
walaupun jauh segalanya dirasakan,
pahit dan manis dan rasa tertekan.

sabarlah saja abang malaya,
hidup di dunia sementara saja,
baik di rantau atau di negara kita,
sama saja politik bersandiwara.

alhamdulillah adik teh baca berita,
anak di sana pandai juga berbicara,
nak kenal adat dan juga budaya,
itulah saja tujuan dia.

Kita buatlah apa yang boleh,
mendoakan anak-anak yang soleh,
menjadi generasi yang serba boleh,
yang boleh diharap berganti aleh.

abang malaya janganlah bimbang,
tenangkan jiwa yang bergelombang,
doakan yang baik tahun baru yang datang,
rezki bertambah kesihatan cemerlang.

siapalah adik nak beri nasihat,
jagalah diri supaya sehat,
badan dan minda perlulah rehat,
kepada Dia doa kita bertempat.

Kak Teh said...

kak teh faham urusan kenanga,
sibuk di rumah di tempat kerja,
mencari makan di mana saja,
sampai nak rehat tak ada masa.

kak teh di sini sama juga,
macam tak cukup masa berjaga,
nak kejar sini, nak kejar sana,
sampai tak adamasa nak lena.

kenanga dah sampai ke rumah hamba?
pernahkah kita kerja bersama,
duduk makan minum dan berseloka,
dengan teman-teman nst dan bh semua?

jemputlah datang kak teh pelawa,
kita bersembang kita ketawa,
ingat kembali kenangan lama,
semasa kita muda remaja.

London biasalah masih sejuk,
cuaca di sini menjadi tajuk,
muram cuacanya macam merajuk,
kekadang rasa dah tak boleh duduk.

tapi di sinilah rezki kami,
pahit dan manis sudah dialami,
pengetahun banyak perlu didalami,
sementara ini, inilah tempat kami.

kak teh pohon berundur dulu,
agar edel muncul melulu,
mungkin dia sibuk selalu,
tapi kedatangannya masih dialu.

Typhoon Sue said...

dah byk kali jumpa ur blog tapi tak penah komen... hari ni terpanggil nak komen sebab citer pasal food.

hmmm... macam sedap aje tgk recipe tu... tapi i tak berani cuba sbb i tau makan ajer... kalau masak, hancus!!!

When ilene said, "Wow! You overseas people all up close and personal with famous people", I agree with her totally; Lat, Chef Wan, Jemima Khan, TDM and a whole lot of other ppl, makes me wanna pack up and move up to join u guys over there! hehe..

cakapaje said...

Salam Lebaran kak! And soon...Salam Ma'al Hijrah too ye!

Kak Teh said...

typhoon sue, selamat datang ke blog kak teh. give the recipe a try. I did and it turned out okay.

cakapje, selamat hari raya dan selamat menyambut tahun baru to you too.

Arena said...

Kak Teh,

I read about this dalam column kak teh hari tu. Chef wan ada cerita the fundementals of mesak masakan melayu ye, probably like tumis, pecah minyak dll kot..

Kak Teh you must be so proud of your son ya. Hope he has a wonderful time here.

Kak Teh said...

arena, I am glad that he is enjoying himself and learning a lot. The experience will do him good, am sure.
as for chef wan - ya - quite an experience too.

edelweiss said...

Wahai abang malaya yang bijaksana
edelwiess dah kembali hendak bersama
Tapi di hati sayu terasa
membaca luahan abang yang dalam maknanya

Benar bagai dikata tiada lagi dusta
rakyat tertekan dengan kenaikan harga
apa ini satu petanda
kepimpinan di atas tidak berwibawa?

Janganlah abang berduka cita
gunakanlah kudrat yang masih ada
penamu itu jadikan senjata
sedarkan semua anak-anak bangsa

Wahai kenanga yang baik bahasanya
edel setuju apa yang dibicara
pembesar bersuka, rakyat berduka
apakah daya kita semua

tiada yang kuat untuk pertahankan kita
banyak sandiwara berbanding fakta
Seloka madah sering diutara
tapi hakikatnya janji kosong belaka

banyak pembaziran berbanding keuntungan
tapi siapa yang berani persoalkan
untung nasib kita orang bawahan
dimana kah letaknya keadilan?

Kak teh di sana mestilah bangga
anaknya di Malaysia berbudi bahasa
walaupun tanah sang ratu tempat lahirnya
adat isiadat masih tak dilupa

Abang Malaya, edel undur dulu
Kak Teh, kenanga insyallah nanti kita bertemu
di lain masa tapi tetap di blog yang satu
semoga seloka akan terus maju

Kak Teh said...

Edel dah kembali dengan seloka,
indah sungguh disusun kata
dikarang dengan sekelip mata,
untuk jadi tatapan kita.

sungguh benar edel berkata,
usah abang gundah gulana,
bakatmu masih boleh diguna
untuk menyedarkan kita semua.

kenanga pun sama indah berbahasa,
kak teh terpegun masa membaca,
seloka dan madah kebanggaan kita
diteruskan juga janganlah alpa.

sandiwara ada di mana-mana,
dilakonkan pemimpin serata dunia,
kita yang menonton mulut ternganga,
bila dah habis baru sedar tipu daya.

Jangan ingat kak teh tak sedih,
walaupun di negara orang putih,
kita bangga kita serba boleh,
nak lawan dunia mat salleh.

tak salah kita nak jadi maju,
itu kehendak yang ada diteraju,
hidup kita mestilah bermutu,
semua rakyat mesti bersepadu.

banjir dan kenaikan harga menjadi berita,
kak teh sebak hingga tak terkata,
mengenangkan nasib negara kita,
macam dah jatuh ditimpa tangga.

Ini semua dugaan Tuhan,
sejauh mana kita boleh bertahan,
bukannya sampai jadi sumpahan,
cuma kini tak nampak apa kesudahan.

Terima kasih kak teh ucapkan,
kenanga, edel, abang malaya tak ketinggalan,
meriahkan blog kak teh berbulan-bulan,
jenguklah lagi bila berkesempatan.

Gladies said...

Kak Teh, where can I buy the CANDLE NUTS?
Thankz a million!