Sunday, 3 September 2006

An evening with Art Fazil

After last night, I am convinced that in my other life, I must have been a back up singer of sorts. Or even a member of a groupie. An aborted plan to go to the movies saw us back at Mawar, listening and singing along with Art Fazil. Art Fazil on a Saturday night at Mawar is worth missing the X Factor for. He was in his elements, playing to a packed audience enjoying their fried koayteow, and some appreciative ladies dancing to his rendition of ‘My Girl’.

But for me, his version of ‘Engkau Laksana Bulan’ and ‘Fatwa Pujangga’ was enough to get me singing all the way down Edgware Road competing with the Saturday night revellers making their way home. My husband has perfected the art of listeningbut not hearing, if you know what I mean, while my children pretended they are not with me.

The week before Art surprised us with an old song the title of which escapes me right now – but something about an adik manis walking in the rain without an umbrella, being chatted up by an abang who offered to walk her back. Alas, she had to let him down gently as she has ‘Anak lima’....This is what I like about Malay songs. Some are so downright flirtatious.

But an old time favourite of mine that Art knows he has to sing whenever I am around, is “Anak Melayu di Kota Inggeris "– a song that he wrote himself, and dare I say about himself! In his voice that has a kind of rough edge that would send Sharon Osbourne swooning, he lamented about life in this Kota Inggeris and missing petai and sambal tumis. And, he says, "Aku masih suka gadis Melayu!" Can’t wait for him to release this song, and it is about time too Art, after your album Nur.

Art has a knack of writing songs that touch you where it is supposed to touch you.
Take his Merindu Kepastian, for example :

Andai kau menjadi merpati,
biar ku jadi sang bayu
agar kita sering bertemu

or this one

Andai esok aku menjadi tanah,
sudikah engkau menjadi bunga,
hiasi dadaku.....

All together now............Ahhhhh!

Art should actually try for X factor and I will round up a group of supporters to hound Simon before he could even form a smirk on his face. I know I have Ewok's support.

I think, having failed to realise my ambition to be a forensic scientist, I would have loved to be a back up singer, swaying in the background, snapping my fingers in rythm. Did I not write about my debut with Raihan a few months ago? And what about the time when I sat on the steps with David Arumugam, holding the mike while he sang Hingga Akhir Nanti? I couldn’t manage the high note, though, but suffice to say, he gave me the honours to say, “Ma kaseeehhhhhhhh!”

High notes are a no no to me. Alas, my voice is one that you hear in the lift saying, “ Tingkat Satu, Tingkat Satu” or on the plane “Kita akan mendarat sebentar lagi, sila pasangkan tali...” or recorded messages that go, “Nombor yang anda dial tidak ada dalam perkhidmatan. Sila cuba sebentar lagi”. messages thatdrive you crazy!

Art Fazil can be found here and he sings at Mawar Restaurant on Saturday nights, accompanied by the wonderful and talented Mofa on drums.
(and Kak Teh in the background!)

This entry is dedicated to fans of Art Fazil who keep writing to me asking about him.


Nazrah Leopolis said...

You must, you must translate this and send to BH!!!

Ordinary Superhero said...

Eishh, banyaknya cita2 you ni.

Kak Teh said...

aaah no, Intan. its not the sort of writing they want.
OSH, aha - tu lah, back up singer, forensic scientist, neuro surgeon. Apa lagi? Ni semua angan-angan pagi Ahad.

madame blossom said...

I don't think i've heard any of the new art fazil's songs. I only know the one he did, when he was with his group, hmm.. ahli fikir.. eh.. that sounds like the new rap group.. or did i get the name wrong? i don't really remember.
But i like those songs.. 'fikir fikir'. and Ali Malas.. I think he is very talented. :)

ubisetela said...

KakTeh the backup singer,
i just want to answer to his "sudikah engkau menjadi bunga".. SUDI!!!! muahahaa :D

Nway, nice song!

melayudilondon said...

hallo KT, sori tak dapat berbual that day. kita nak gi tengok wayang jugak. I saw how happy you were when he started on Hingga Akhir Nanti. Alleycat lagi. Utk Blosson, his old group is Rausyanfikir.

anedra said...

hehehehe! nak tegolek baca ni! YOU? A backup singer?? I just keep remembering yr Whitney Houston stuff..ohhhhhh tidaaaaakkkk!! ;p

Angah said...

art fazilllll?? oh mannn.. i wish i am in london tengok dia perform. i fall in love with his merindu kepastian!! kirim salam kat dia, kak teh, eh?

p/s: blossom, the group is rafsyanfikir, rasanya. definitely not ahli fikir. tu group baru tu.

Mama Rock said...

oh kak teh, i remember the anak lima song but can't put a tune to it :)
art fazil is a vision I have on my freddy - he is so into guitar now and thinking to do performance arts later in life. thanks for art's myspace link, will get freddy to explore into that space :)

Naz said...


i can imagine the atmosphere that nite tho for u. for i wld feel the same too, or i'll be melting away whenever he sings... hahhaha...

i love all the songs in the 'nur' album, and 'yakin' is the best tho. the song to me, is a definitely 'pick me up when i am down' kinda song. it really makes me stand on my two feet back whenever i feel down.

thanks for the entry, mummy. *hugs*

blossoms... its rausyanfikir. *smiles*

Kak Teh said...

Blossom, the other commenters have given you the correct name - rausyan fikir. Yes, his lyrics are amusing and thought provoking.

ubi,andai kau menjadi ubi, aku menjadi kelapanya...

sriperwira, ya - what a shame you couldnt join us. Ya - Art's Hingga Akhir Nanti hasnt got enough 'sengau' element in it.

simah said...

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh sedap suara dia... since i tettinggal keretapi..kak teh mamat ni penyanyi lama ker penyanyi baru? saya tak pernah dengar nama dia sebelum ni..sebab tu saya tanya...

Kak Teh said...

anedra, my dear anedra, yes, I really must erase that vision from your mind. ANDDO NOT RELEASE THAT ON YOUTUBE!!!!

anakmalaya, yes, his merindu kepastian is really something. I am very touched by the words.

mamarick, yes, he has finished his studies and is contemplating going a bit further.

Kak Teh said...

sweet naz, I knew u'd flip over this. and you can more from his myspace! Enjoy!

simah, well, he has been in the business for sometime, I guess. Its just that he has been away from Singapore for a long time, studying and making a living here.

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh, The name of the song is "Anaknya Lima" and could be sang by Titiek Sandhora & Muchsin..(I hope not wrong lah)

Its something like..

Mahu kemana adik yang manis
Jalan sendiri tiada berteman
Di tengah rintikan hujan gerimis
Badan basah kuyup aku kasihan

Aku hendah pergi kerumah paman
Yang tiada jauh dari kampungku
Tiada ku sangka harikan hujan
Hingga basah kuyup seluruh tubuh

Mahukah adek kalau abang tolong
Mari bersama kita berpayung
Aku sangatlah terima kasih
Asalkan abang senang di hati

Omong punya omong abang bertanya
Adik sudah kah ada yang punya..
Sayang-sayang abang janganlah marah
Adik sudahlah punya anak lima...

How I know? My dad used to sing this song during his bandboy days..

Btw, Salam untuk Art Fazil. I pun minat lagu menanti kepastian. Betulke Art stands for A Rebel Teenager??

Pak Tuo said...


Remind me masa busking kat Protobello Rd dan Marle Arc dulu

Macam mana rupanya sekarang ekk...?

Mawar masa Halim Operate ke Kak Teh


Kak Teh said...

norabella, thanks for the lyrics. Now I can be Titiek Sandhora to Art's Muchsin's.
So yr dad is also a Mat Gitar Bawah Block? And ART - A Rebel Teenager? How apt!! So very apt although he is no longer a teenager!
Insyaallah will convey yr salam.

Kak Teh said...

Kutu Malaya, Oh so u were basking here as well! Art is almost always at Portobello as well. But not basking there. Halim gave up ownership of Mawar a long time ago. Went into someone's hands - someone called Imran and then now - Faisal Philip - an Irish who is more Malaysian than Irish!

Pak Tuo said...

Faizal Makan Take Away tu ke

Kak Teh said...

Kutu Malaya, I dont know any Faizal Makan Takeaway - butthere is a Makan in Portobello. Butthatis run by Azhar and ANi who once managed Malaysia Hall Canteen. Mawar is now run by Faizal Philip.

Pak Tuo said...


Mama Zaharah ada lagi "Shawal Rest"?

Bali sedap ladi ke S'pore laksanya?

Pak Tuo said...

Kak Teh dimana?
North ke South ke East atau West London?

Tempat lama lagi dikenang Kak Teh.


Kak Teh said...

IT is not Shawal restaurant but Satay House that was run by Kak Zaharaha nd her late husband Abang Shawal. The resturant was leased out to MIsah who is now running Malaysia Hall, but has gon eback into the hands of Kak Zaharah's children.

Bali?? - no...i have not been there. Butthe best laksa Singapore is Melati. in soho.

Pak Tuo said...

Uncle dah meninggal bila kak Teh?

Anak lelaki atau Liza take over kak Teh.

ekkkk..alah dah besar budak-budal tu ya Kak Teh

Kak Normah High Com still there Kak Teh?

MA said...

Kak teh :

I remembered singing Anaknya Lima for my school concert di zaman not-not dulu and I jadi the *guy* - the whole hall roared with laughter bila the last line went : ANAKNYA LIMA???!!

I siap pinjam baju melayu my brother and songkok lagi....

Hehehe..nostalgia and I was only 10 !

Anonymous said...

Art Fazil..what can i say.

Ter'discovered' talent dia masa Rausyanfikir buat their first album yang tidak di jual di pasaran malaysia (ketika itu), hanya di Singapura. (terjumpa di celah2 timbunan keset di sebuah kedai muzik di Puduraya).

For those who didn't know, one of Rausyanfikir's member, (Khayas rasanya) died about 2 years ago.

Nama Art mula dikenali apabila banyak lagu2 ciptaan beliau dinyanyikan oleh Papa Rock, Ramli Sarip termasuklah lagu merindu kepastian.

Suatu ketika, Rausyanfikir dan Art terus tenggelam dan apabila Art muncul di konsert Palestin di Stadium Merdeka kuala lumpur. Beliau mengubat resah seluruh peminatnya sehinggalah beliau kembali diam.

Album Nur diterbitkan tanpa impak yang besar kerana tiada promosi.Rasanya ketika itu, Art sudah pun berada di London.

Art Fazil..what can i say...

"Blues Generasi Baru, Blues Kepala Batu.."

Ruby M. said...

i know i know.,.

Cik Abang :
Mahu kemana adik yang manis
Jalan sendiri tiada berteman
Di bawah rintihan hujan gerimis
lalala..(tak ingat)

alah..tak ingat lagi..hahaha..
jeles kat kak teh *jeling* (pasal dapat makan kat mawar dengar musik)

Kak Teh said...

KM, kak teh di west london, yang take over satay house tu semua adik beradik. Abang syawal meninggal a few years ago. Kak norma dah pencen.
Mak andeh, hish mesti hebat!!

Po, thanks for the extra info! President Art Fazil fan club ke - cawangan terengganu ke?

Maknenek woi, apa lu jeling-jeling, ? Lu jeles ke?

anggerik merah said...

Kak Teh,

Teringin nak dengar suara kak Teh.

best best..nice song by Art.

Like this I must be at Mawar on Saturday nite.

madame blossom said...

ah yes.. yes.. rausyan fikir. fm own country also cannot remember.. ceh.. ;p

but really u all shud buy that album - i like the songs. perhaps can ask era to play that rausyan fikir song.. ?

and I shud perhaps go get that Nur album :)

AuntyN said...

Isyy, isyyy Kak Teh ni. Boleh lah tu jadi penyanyi latar tu. Lain kali kalau Datin Siti pergi Royal Albert Hall, senang nak cari back up singer. Tak payah nak bawak dari Mesia dah hehehe, ada sorang local veteran back-up singer kat London tu :-)

Kak Teh said...

blossom,. yes i can get it -but i can also ask art to sing the nexttime i see him.

AuntyN - itulah yang dinamakan angan-angan and merapu pagi ahad.sebelum kena kopi , memang tahap kemerapuan lebih tinggi.

Pak Tuo said...


Kak Teh Bilal kat London.hmmm.
Salam buat Emma diH.Com ,Kak Teh ya.

Teringat saya keluarga arwah Bang Jamil dan isterinya lupa namanya yg.berkerja di Brunei Hall. Anak-anaknya dah besar agaknya

Balik cuti jemputlah kerumah makan durian sama-sama

Kak Teh said...

anggrek merah, datanglah ke mawar - tapi jangan bulan puasa sebab mawar tutup bulan puasa sebab renovation.
Kutumalaya, kak teh tak faham the first part of yr comment. Sah..mmmm,
and then kak teh bilal london ????

anyway, isnyaalah akan sampaikan salam pada emma, tapi nak kata daris apa? kutu malaya?

Arwah jamil pernah bekerja dengan kak teh dulu di bbc. ya anak2 mesti dah besar.

Durian? durian??? naaak!

Pak Tuo said...

Sorry,I cuma gurau

Kak Teh what I mean was you orang Lama kat London.
Kak Teh kan boleh mengajar mengaji anak-anak kita di London.

London change human but we could change London how to live,Kak Teh

Yes Arawah Bang Jamil a first class man.He was with BBC at one time lepas tu cuba jadi disrributed Rempag Ratus Adabi.

Good Men are difficult to find kak Teh and he is one of the. is her health after the breast cancer?I wonder.
Salam dari Budak Fermoy Road W9 1980/86 tu aje.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Teh,

Hmm..after viewing the video, Art Fadzil is talented. Wow! He writes and sings too.

Cuute, he still likes gadis melayu, and petai and sambal tunis. I like the ring of that. Ha ha ha! Can't take the melayu out of him after all these years in Kota Inggeris. The food must have tasted extra nice with Art crooning in the background I bet. Glad you had a good time. Cheers.

Kak Teh said...

Ruby, yes, Art is all we have - and bless him.
The Dancing in the Streets that i told you about is an ongoing musical - a celebration of motown music. I cant remember which theatre now, but its the one near embankment. Such beautiful music and such beautiful songs!

bisutulibuta said...

Kakak aku ni...enjoy sana enjoy sini..makan sana makan sini..kesian kat kiter.

Kak Teh said...

btb, alahai, kalau kak teh tak makan macam mana pulak?? Kalau tak enjoy dan ke sana sini macam mana nak tulis blog?

LifeBloom said...


Punyalah vivid your blog entry on Art - days after reading it - I had a dream you belting the song with Art on the guitar. Lepas tu some children in the audience caid :"turun Mama - kitaorg nak makan". And you pun turun and gottle fed your little boy!!! Ada ke!

Anyway - whenever our paths cross - we must have a sing song session!

Queen Of The House said...

Seronoknya baca ....

And that Anak Lima song ..... teringat zaman kanak-kanak dulu, siap berlakon bila nyanyi lagu tu!! Ye lah, back in those days, mana ada video game or computer apa ..... one way we kids entertained ourselves was to hold 'talentine' contests among the neighbourhood kids :-) Pangkin jadi pentas (hahaha, rumah2 la ni mana ada pangkin lagi, kan Kak Teh?)

merapuman said...

Just curios Kak Teh. dah brapa lama u dah menetap di sana.

merapuman said...

patutla depa panggil makcik blogger. lol!

Kak Teh said...

merapuman, kak teh dah jawab, kan? Baru 26 tahun! Yes we are teh MakCik Bloggers Brigade!

Lifebloom - I will remain a backup singeratyour service.

QUOTH, menyanyi atas pangkin tu besa lah , lepaih tu sembunyi bawah pangkin sebab tok cari sapa yang dok melalak waktu orang nak smeayang!

Anonymous said...

i notice dia selalu zikir masa menyanyi

ya hayy ya hayy

he is a man of the path

Kak Teh said...

saudagar mimpi, thanks for dropping by. Agaknya lah! next time nak kena dengar betul2. Hopefully, its the right path!

Nurilhansiz said...

i loike him of his songs->merindu kepastian; everytime i hear it, it giv s me goosebumps..bulu rome pon ternaiK..its juz sooo soooo feeling.....lalalala...mcm syahdu gtu...*aiseyman mak bedah...*

Seeking Solace said...

Oh thanks for this post on Art Kak Teh. I gotta make plans for a vacation there soon :) I haven't been back in London in 10 years and I still remember the times watching Art at the Rock Garden at Covent Garden back then. Thanks for the video and links :) He's still sounding so-o good!
I'm a big fan :)

Unknown said...

Just stumbled upon this blog...FYI saya sekadar nak perbetulkan komen yang diberi oleh d'arkampo:

Anggota Rausyanfikir yang meninggal dunia itu bukan Khayas, atau nama sebenarnya Mohd Khair Mohd Yasin. Abang Khair masih hidup lagi, sekarang ada kumpulan baru yang bernama Projek Sirrfillsirr. Diaorang ada myspace mereka sendiri.

Yang meninggal ialah Allahyarham Esham Jamil. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya.


Herman Mutiara

amaye said...

i was just passing fazil, still in london! Kak teh boleh tanya dia tak dia ingat lagi tak kat kengkawan dia di canterbury back in 1995? (His hair was much longer then..:))Kimslam kat dia if he still does ok?Is there any way i cd stay in touch with him, blogspot or anything? Dia dah kawen ke blum? Tq kak the way, i lurrve yr stories..

ella arie said...

merindu kepastian always gives me the goosebump,but i'm hook to anak melayu di kota ingeris lately,he is sooo talented.