Monday, 7 August 2006

Can I tell it in pictures ...?

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I captured these images while on the march last Saturday to add my voice to stop the killing - of children no matter where they are. Stop the suffering, stop the torment. These are images we see on telly almost every hour on the hour, and most often than not I look away. I look away beacuse I feel so helpless. I look away because there is one other image that keeps playing in my mind, one that is so heartwrenching - A mother was in the boat leaving with a group of others for safety, her hand outstretch, she was begging the soldier to turn the boat around to get her three year old, (if I am not mistaken) left behind with her other son. Picture cut to two boys crying - hands reaching out to the mother as the boat sped away. The brother trying to console his three year old brother is a child himself. I cannot get this image out of my mind. I pray to God that the family is back together.


UglyButAdorable said...

picture speaks a thousand words..sedihnyerr..

Nazrah said...

and yet we turn green with envy at every click of red-soled Louboutins, every pointy-toed Jimmy Choos, every stolen glances into the house of Blahniks, we forget that there are those without shoes...and there are those without feet.

alinlai said...

hmmm...kdg2 tak sanggup tgk berita pasal benda-benda ni kesian sangat-sangat :(

RedKebaya said...

KT - theres outrage as well as a deep sense of helplessness... kesian tapi tak trbuat apa2.

azma said...

I cried everytime seeing kids pic.dead,crying...

bila semua ni akan berakhir?..

tee said...

i was most touched by the pic that shows two siblings killed.. and they were just babies... could OIC help ? well , we just have to wait n see. hopwfully it will get the attention of the barbarics.

lifecuppa said...

the mosque in our neighbourhood organized ceramah Aman Palestine and showed a video about a baby who got shot - berkecai kepala baby! and there's one teenager named faris baru 14 tahun but memiliki semangat yang kental lawan jews - everyday he will go out and fight with the soldiers only armed with stone! This shows that the jews really aimed to kill the younger generations so that there'll be no more pelapis Islam.

No words could describe these kezaliman Kak Teh!! Nazrah is right...and there are those without fee, without arms even headless..

ubisetela said...


I couldn't stop my tears reading yr earlier post on Mr.Haidari, my officemate came asking why I cried. aalborg said...

Kak Teh, don't do this to me!!

sriperwira said...

Kak Teh, I know which news you meant! I cried when i watched that. betul tak tahan tengok the poor little boy crying for his mum. and his mum crying so hard. the soldier on the boat mcm tak boleh buat apa2. Tak terfikir kalau i was in that position and alia crying on the bank. boleh terjun boat agaknya. :(

newkidontheblog said...

I saw on the news the mother crying out in panic with outstretched hand trying to reach her son and screaming for the man to stop the boat. It brought tears to my eyes as I put myself both in mother's and son's shoes. This is sadly one of the many sad pictures of destruction of civilian lives caused by wars.
I pray that mother and son will one day reunite.

Kak Teh said...

UbA, sedih bagi kita, bagaimana agaknya mereka yang menanggung?
nazrah: I was just thinking abt Taufiq's lost handphone - there are kids with lost limbs, for heaven's sake!
alinlai, memang tak sanggup tengok, tapi berita tu tak akan pergi gitu saja, kan?
redkebaya - memang tak terbuat apa-apa, doa saja.

Kak Teh said...

azma, entah lah azma, lepas satu satu. macam tak ada kesudahannya.
tee, there were so many pcitures of babies - dead babies everywhere.
onde-onde, that is one of the ways can help. Those who survived need to go on living. memang zalim apa yang berlaku.

Kak Teh said...

Ubi, at least Mr Haidari dah terlepas dari segala seksa ni.
ailin, i am so sorry.
sriperwira, perhaps this is only shown around here? I would have jumped too to save my babies. These people are heartless.
Newkidontheblog - yes, we can only pray. pray that itdoesnt get any worse.

maR said...

Saya tak boleh tengok.....sedihnya...

AnakMalaya said...

urgh! :(

dlt said...

Saya memang tak suka tengok perang2 ni. Dalam era milenium ni ada lagi la manusia tak bertamadun. Moga bala Allah cepat tiba kat diorang tu. 'Victory'(to those brainless n heartless people) atas derita orang lain. Soooooooooo SAD....

~ GAB ~ said...

The ones with the right frame of minds will definitely not like seeing all these. But rather unfortunate, the armies don't start the war, they just follow orders but the politicians do.

rotidua said...

I've been super mega depress reading from aljazeera. What they did is too cruel for us to swallow. Nak muntah rasa pikir jahatnya diorg ni. Allah saja lah yang turunkan azab atas laknatullah semua tu.

On another note, I couldn't find latest news on Lina J0y's trial. Some say the court approved her application. Innalillah...

may said...

such a heartbreak for little ones to go through life's tragedies at too young an age, isn't it? sigh...

Jane Sunshine said...

The real victims of the political chess game.

klmuk said...

Kakteh, the 4 days stay kat Caesars Palace, Vegas bukak my mata sebesar-besarnya. Lebanon tak exist langsung. Semuanya focus kat gaming machines, kat entertaiment. Dunia luar dont matter. Kalau ada tunjuk kat tv.. semua kita yang salah. My stress level bila tgk tv : MAXIMUM!!

MA said...

How many roads must a man walk down
Before you call him a man?
Yes, 'n' how many seas must a white dove sail
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Pretending he just doesn't see?

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

* forgive me but I would turn the channels from seeing traumatic sights like what KT described as I would be deeply affected for a very very long time *

simah said...

May Allah helps those children..they have gone super nova cruel....Dont they have a heart at all?

sue said...

semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas mereka, dan semoga yang zalim mendapat pembalasan yang setimpal..

mommy said...

i would definitely have jumped off the boat nauzubillah kalau jadi kat diri sendiri... i feel helpless and i hate the feeling...

mommy@lif said...

sedih! hanya boleh doa supaya mereka ditempatkan bersama org beriman..

where is the love?

Junita said...

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mokciknab said...

kak teh, whenever this happens, i fel terribly helpless. what can we do except protest and shout and march? in the end, wars are lost and won by diplomats. and measured by economic gains.

yang sedihnya i see that the suffering in lebanon is now used by others to gain political mileage. that's shameful. (did i send warning bells to the SB's now? sorry!)

X-Matters said...

Kak Teh,
The power of John Lennon's imagination.
If only the Zionists have it.

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It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
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bisutulibuta said...

Now, let's put our heads together. We got sad, we emphatise when we watch such evil. We cannot help with the war, we cannot help with the politics. We are not rich to donate much. BUT, all of us can pray. Let's all pray for the misfortunates.

ckutu said...

Hello 'Aunt' Teh ;-). Yasmin safely delivered a healthy 2.8kg baby Norah. Dtk Dr Wan was the anesthetist, who infact mentioned your blog site.

Here we are in KL fussing over getting a single room with the air-cond the right temperature and the flowers arranged right, and why the nurses are never fast enough. Whilst others have bombs being dropped on their heads. What a world we live in.

Lollies said...

oh your description. No I can't bear it. i feel like jumping out of the boat myself for her.

maklang said...

May Allah save them all....InsyaAllah

Anonymous said...

There are malevolent elements hell bent on mass murder and anihilation of anyone who goes against their agenda.

It is not a time for peace.
Its not a time to turn the other cheek and least of all, this is not a time to parrot canard lyrics to a song on a lost cause.

Comment is superfluous.