Thursday, 6 October 2005

Definitely Done!

There’s definitely a spring in my steps now and I feel a lot lighter, with less load to carry on my back. Yes, it's over. A Definite full stop. Pressed print, rushed to binders and then off to faculty office, elbowing freshers along the way and submitted the big D that has been Dominating, Derailing, Destabilising my life for the past two years.

But I have to be honest, it has Definitely been two very valuable years. Had I not made that firm decision to sign up and go back to university, two years would have passed me by without me having anything to show for it. At least now, I can attribute the greying hair to too much thinking and studying.
It wasn’t an easy decision. I did it when my friends were becoming mothers in law, grandmothers and some have even left us because of the big C. Time is so precious. But it wasn’t midlife crisis, I must admit, cos I have more than enough on my plates to worry about that. But I supposed it has something to do with being away for too long – I wanted to go back to my roots and learn more about Malay literature and to be exact, traditional Malay literature. It has to do with envy too. There’s a handful of people I know, non Malaysians who are experts in this area and I thought, even if I can't be at par with them, having started at such a late stage in my life, I would at least benefit from learning from them. And indeed I have.

So, now that is over, I need to thank a few people.

Thank you AG for being so enthusiastic and supportive throughout. Never, never have you questioned about the food or lack of food on the table. What mother/wife spends so much time away from home then at home, eh? But look at it this way, your culinary skills have improved – love those chicken kiev and nasi ayam! And really appreciate those exchanging of ideas. I remember the nerves going for the first exam in, er.. how many years? You said your prayers, and sent me off on my way. And just minutes before entering the hall, again, some encouraging words! When I couldn't start my dissertation, your sms really helped. You said: Treat is as your blog! ' Thanks, it worked!

And to all my sayang mamas!!! ...hey, surely you’re proud of your mum going back to school, eh? Carrying rucksack and mulling over essays, just like you! I must apologise, especially these last few months, with daddy away and all that, you’ve had to survive with just take aways, greasy yet yummy spicy chicken wings from chicken cottage or pizzas. And lately it has been fajitas for lunch, fajitas for tea and fajitas for dinner! Sorry, will make up for it. But I must say, Batman’s culinary skills have improved too...he can make nasi goreng and curry kambing now! Once I came back from uni to find a note – “Mama, fajitas in oven, salad in fridge. Am at the green, playing football.”

And R – really appreciate the massage and back rub, especially after days of carrying the rucksack back and forth during the last few frenzied days.

There are many people who gave me that push into the world of academia. Thank you Dr UK for being so supportive and helpful, Dr ATG – I know you are reading this, I can never thank you enough – you have my love, my friendship forever and thank you for introducing me to Dayang Dang Sarat who filled my nights and days. And Dr VB, what can I say? I will always be in awe of the knowledge that you possess and will always treasure those moments of discussions about the concept of beauty, about the theory of classical Malay literature and many more. And Dr RH – thank you for being a friend and for that opportunity to present my paper in Paris.
Thank you Winstedt, Wilkinson, Amin Sweeny, Muhammad Hj Salleh, Skeats .. aah, so many!

There’s always someone at the end of the line when I felt I was about to give up. Although so far away in Aberdeen, and also in the final throes of her thesis, she’d always give me her time and soothe me with her words of wisdom. Thanks Maz.

During the first year, I was easily the oldest in class – I looked around me and saw young, fresh faces and felt so intimidated. They were as old or as young as my children, but how they accepted me...we enjoyed discussions and outings and until now, we are still in touch. The second year, there were two older ones – but so so so experienced and so knowledgeable.

Then there’s the surau members. During the first year, there was a group of Malaysians – Dr Jat from USM, Raihana from UM, Aida, who was doing her studies in school of tropical hygiene, and Yan from Thailand and a few others from UCL or Kings or LSE who’d come and use our surau. It was nice having their friendship and support. And being the Mak Cik , I would always bring nasi lemak or mee goreng to share! So, you can imagine how popular I was with the young ones longing for some home cooked food!

Now, to number 7! Although you are irregular, your drivers are sometimes rude and some days, you’d just ignore this mak cik standing in the cold by the roadside, I must acknowledge your contribution in my endeavour to better myself. Apart from making me a better sprinter (chasing after your bus), I really treasure those quiet moments transliterating my syair as you can see here here . Thank you.

And to all my blogger friends, thank you for humouring me and thank you for the words of support! To all my other friends out there, sorry to be such a pain and such a kill joy for not wanting to join in BBQ, makan-makan, theatres, karaoke etc. But now with big D out of the way, ...he he - you know my number! Am all yours!
PS Anyone thinking of studying at this late stage in life - go for it! It is like a new lease of life! (Better than botox or Viagra!)


AuntyN said...

Kak Teh I like your foot note. I would say go for it too!! I like studying or being in that environment. It was much easier for me when I was doing my Masters because I am at home. Hubby was the one who encouraged me to do it, so he had to endure those trying time as well.

So now that the Big D is out of the way, ni boleh beronngeng sakan ni yeayyy!!!

Nazrah Leopolis said...


bila nak kenduri ayam golek?

syabas kakteh, syabas!

elisa said...

Kak Teh,
Congratulations on ur achievement. Feel proud of u. U r my source of inspiration! Been reading ur blogs and enjoyed every bit of it. I'm one of the mak ciks and realy hope that one day I'll follow ur footsteps.

elisa's mom

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh
Tahniah dan tahniah dari mar. Semoga berjaya dlm endeavour yg lain pulak

p/s mar pernah ada classmate yg umurnya 83 thn *sengeh*...bersemangat mar nak belajaq ni haaaa... :)

Anonymous said...

just one more to go kakteh!! the big D to the bigger T. you can do it! by then, i can help you lahh ie watch telly on your behalf :) thanks to you, i am now a little bit "clever" in the hikayat..hehe..

k.d said...

congrats k.teh. i hope someday i have the courage you have to go through this. enjoy your achievement and i'm sure a lot more to come

Unknown said...

Salam ramadhan from our family to yours.
Now its time for me to make my ramadhan rounds to all bloggers.

Happy to know now that you've done what you have to do and now you really, really can relax and enjoy ramadhan.
Planning to make your own cookies for raya?

Ni said...

Tadi almost terbaca 'present paper kat Perlis' (actually Paris, bulan2 posa ni 'laloq' pulak dah....)

Ruby M. said...

Now it's Done!!! Congrats!!!

anggerik merah said...

Kak Teh,
Congratulations for your big D!! Proud of you! Feel more motivated to get my big D ...

It is not a matter of age as long as there is enthusiasm and energy and moral support around..

Nadia said...

it has always been my dream kak teh to do what you did once I decided to forsake everything and stay home with the kids. Reading this post just strengthened my resolve to pursue this in my later life (With Allah's will) though I am now mulling over how I'm supposed to get recommendation letters from professors who would most probably be dead by then..:) but that is needed if I'm doing assisstantship, but then it came to me, kalau ada rezeki, ada la tu...insyaallah.

hugs kak teh
love you for your upbeat outlook on life.

minah blur said...

congratulations kak teh !! bila nak buat makan besaq ?

you are definitely ..WORLD :)

AdieJin said...

fiuhh..dia punya thank you tu macam speech Halle Berry masa menang grammy award..hehe..TAHNIAH MAKCIK KAK TEH

narfnarf said...

ALL RIGHT! *pumping fist in air* :o) Wahoo for kak teh!!! :o)

EM&EM said...

Kak Teh

They say age only matters if you are a bottle of wine. In your case of turning the big Dissertation into the big Done, age does not matter. Congratulations Kak Teh!

Kak Teh said...

auntyN - beronggeng?? hahaha...lepaih tu jebuh sakit urat!
nazrah...nanti, nanti..kena tunggu dulu.
elisa, thanks for the kind words.Go for it while you still have the energy. I regretted not doing it while my eyesight was still good.
marlinda - thanks..i know - di sini pun depa tak kira umur.
klmuk, i still need you around to be my cheer leader.
kd, insyaallah - i have the will , for now and pray that Allah gives me the strength.

Kak Teh said...

halela, thanks for lawatan balas. No, i tak pernah buat kueh, cuma beli or order from home. tak pandai buat kueh.
cik ni - kalau kak teh present paper kat perlis, dah pi cari cik ni dah!
maknenek alhamdulillah - boleh lah lama sikit berYM!
anggerik merah..thanks, kadang2 memang bersemangat sangat tapi kadang2 i do need a big nudge!
nadia, u are still young - do it. Wish i had done earlier too.
minah blur , thanks..and am glad I have inspired enough people..maklumlah dah dewasa ni..kena tunjuk yang elok2 sikit, kan?
adiehin..ish, halle berry panjang lagi!

Kak Teh said...

ayu! YESSSSSSS! (punching the air as well!!)
em& so glad to have all these wonderful support and encouragement makes it all the more easier to know that people care, bukan?

shidah said...

Kak Teh, Congratulations! Boleh bernafs dengan tenang balik eh? So, jadi ke nak balik bercuti ke malaya?

Atok said...

Boleh celebrate eh... belanja buka, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kak Teh!! make think about my MA lak. Tinggal thesis je sangkot sebab medical reasons.

Anyway, see you in K.L insya'ALLAH. We'll celebrate together gether. Ada orang tu nak bentang red carpet kat KLIA, but i suh dia masak for you and mandikan kucing kucing kak teh dulu!! heh heh heh!! Ok tak?? :P

ubisetela said...

wah.. raya sakan la nanti!

pembacha said...


Ely said...

Congratulations kak teh!

kak teh boleh!

Queen Of The House said...

CONGRATULATIONS Kak Teh!! Boleh urut dada tanda lega. Boleh blog lagi lagi banyak/ lagi kerap!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kak Teh and all the best :D

mama irma said...

Tahniah Kak teh, a big burden off your shoulder. Time to enjoy Hari raya, eh!

anedra said...

YAAAYYY! CONGRATS!! Nanti we go makan-makan ok??

Unknown said...

Kak Teh,

Congrats for the suceess. and in Malay literature! wowwww.. well done!

atiza said...

now there's no more excuses for not blogging then, huh?

OneEE said...

last word tu POWER!!!!

CONGRATS KAK TEH..lepas ni kena la rajin2 blog!


OneEE said...

last word tu POWER!!!!

CONGRATS KAK TEH..lepas ni kena la rajin2 blog!


miniME said...

Congrats kak teh!!! really wish I can have half of your willpower to finish my project :P Well done!

atenah said...

omigod, *somebody* said the same thing to me "just write as if you're writing yr blog"

termalu i, kalau blog boleh tulis berkajang2 pak malau, bila academic paper dok terkebil2, 2 mugs of teh tarik baru half a page.

satu kepala depa ni noooo

Mumsgather said...

Congratulations Kak teh. You've just proven one can never be too old to do anything their hearts so desire.

Kak Teh said...

shidah, insyaallah, tiket dah beli!! mesti akan pulang beraya bersama mak.
atok - hahaha! kadang2 tu macang tak dang jugok!
MM - Insyaalalh ada masa , dah sehat boleh sambung lagi! Abt that anak menantu tu...hmm macam2 gara2 dia nak mengimpress!
ubisetela, pembacha and ely - terima kasih banyak2!
QOTH - hahaha - kerap berblog tu boleh diusahakan - Insyaallah
Anonymous - thanks for dropping by .

Kak Teh said...

mama irma, memang i feel its a load off my shoulder! and its not only the rucksack!
anedra - sure makan - but u pay lah!
jiwa - that is how i feel - not only malay literature - BUT traditional malay literature!
atiza and onee - sememangnya akan lebih gigih lagi berblog!!
minime, am sure you have the strength and energy!! MINIME CAN!!!
atenah: Really?? hmmm...
mumsgather - its in the mind - nothing is impossible, kan?

elisa said...

Kak Teh,
U make my day by leaving a TQ note in elisa's blog. Still tersenyum kambing sampai Elisa tanya kenapa? Saya jawab, coz my idola K. Teh leave a message for me. Dia tunjuk muka heran, awat la ... mak dia lagu tu.

Elisa' mom

Adib Noh said...

Kak Teh,
Tahniah! You have done it:-)
Next is me,insyaAllah.I hope to go for my masters in management next year;while half of my time will teaching JKR professionals in project management.

thinktankgal said...

KakTeh - Congrats and I am so proud of you!! Now boleh lah ber karaoke and bermasak-masak eh....Take care and Selamat Berpuasa...Bila nak balik AS ni? Our holiday house in Lorong Shariff is available if you need to stay :-) My parents OK aje :P

bibliobibuli said...

When I couldn't start my dissertation, your sms really helped. You said: Treat is as your blog!

Very good.

Am truly happy for you.

Now for the Nanowrimo and your next challenge.

Lydia Teh said...

Finally! Can let your hair down now and prepare for Hari Raya.

lion3ss said...

Congratulations and selamat berpuasa Kak Teh!

Ewok said...

congrats! dah tak blur dah kot ye..

Yes, we definitely should have a date in AS. I'll go looking for your house, hopefully 2nd day raya, if you're still there.

Honeytar said...

Kak Teh! Congratulations ! Well done! Kak Teh balik Msia nanti kita makan besar! :)

Anonymous said...

Kakkkkkkkk Tehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Selamat Terbang Pulang.

Empty Heart said...

Kak Teh ... wwwoww ..
watsa secret to keep inspired eh?
I'm only about to start doing further studies ... how to keep the dugaan at bay eh? ... hmm.. me must priorities somehow ...

About Blogreader said...


elisa said...

Thank you mak cik kak teh for visiting my blog. Please visit again and leave some comments.

Kak Teh said...

elisa, thank you for visiting and yes, i have visited you too! Kak teh link kat sentraal station, boleh?
pak adib, go go go for it. You are more than capable to do it. I just enjoy gping to the uni and be among books.
thinktankgal - thanks - kak teh raya in alor star. salam to your parents.
sharon nanowrimo??? aaha...will have a big think abt so tempted.
lydia - will certainly let my tudung down now.
lion3ss and ewok, thanks ..hope to see you in AS.
honeytar and PO - thank you - memang hajat nak makan besar di Malaysia nanti.
EH, you've got yr priorities - yes..and then i think you should persue it.
Blogreader, thanks.
elisa - sure..Insyallah, i will.

Blabarella said...

Congrats, Kak Teh. :)

Really tabik spring (or "sprong", if the mamat would have it his way!) to you!

Jo Kontan said...

Kak Teh,

CONGRATULATIONS !!. Just Like AuntyN, I lurve ur footnote.

Something to seriously ponder in the future..

elisa said...

boleh- link kat sentral station tak de masalah