Tuesday, 6 September 2005

I've been MEMED!

I’ve been memed left, right and centre and thanks to you all, and you know who you are, for dragging me screaming and kicking, away from my big D! So, here I had better get it done and over with. Took out my calculator and old diaries to calculate dates and see where I was and when.

Here we go:

20 years ago (1985)
At my age, (and we shall not dwell on that) its very difficult to think that far back and I have misplaced that year’s diary.
Anyway, my short term contract at the BBC was extended and I was learning the ropes, broadcasting to the world, so to speak. I made some wonderful friends, and one remains so close to my heart to this day, an inspiration and a great motivator, indeed. She started reading my blog yesterday and if you are reading this now, please know how much yesterday’s phone conversation means to me.

Just as I was enjoying having a boy and a girl, I was back throwing up into the toilet bowl again and the test kit showed positive (again!) I remember crying my eyes out in the bathroom but hubby as usual was ecstatic. But I knew that he was always there when I throw up at the sink or needed any midnight snacks. Am pampered throughout all my pregnancies, so no problem there.

But the problem was the house. The two bedroom we bought two years before was becoming too small for a family with two boisterous children, and another one on the way. Sold that and made a tidy profit, enough for a bigger house up the road. Three bedrooms and a hugeeeeeee eighty foot garden, with an obliging neighbour who tended to it until he was too old and too frail to do it. Now, its back to nature.

Ten years ago (1995)
Funny eh? After receiving my extended contract, I was made permanent at the BBC only to be told that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office had decided to axe a few services – ours included. But by 1995, I was well into the world of freelancers – a day a week at the British Library, two days at Linguaphone, several big voice jobs AND got my first book published by none other than Routledge. Its nice seeing the books lining the shelves at Books etc, and Selfridges. I’d go and check to see whether anyone had bought. And of course they did cos I keep receiving the royalties!
Did a massive project with Linguaphone and Dorling Kindersley.
Rezki anak. Oh, by now, we’ve got 4, and I wanted ten.

Five years ago (2000)
After years of writing pieces here and there, finally got my first column – London Buzz! Enjoyed that tremendously, especially when they were really nice positive feedbacks from readers.
Sorry, I lied. I had several columns before with Her World and Jelita, but was just not ready for a commitment. So those were shortlived but columns, nevertheless.

Did more television work and more teaching work. This television work took me places and enjoyed. And started doing voice work for a wonderful American company which to this day pays a lot of my bills.

Three years ago (2002)
The world opened up. I was told about Rantauan.com and since then I was hooked. Never surfed before and didnt know the meaning of chatting or ym’ing even. Was really into Rantauan.com and all the actvities it had to offer to bring Malays around the world together. We had fun with pantun wars, cerpen bersambung and most of all the wonderful friendship that I never thought could be forged even without a meeting face to face.
This year, I became bini Pak Haji, and mother not only to four teenagers but six cats! We had seventeen, but the nasty RSPCA came and took the little ones away and we cried for days.

A year ago (2004)
Quite a traumatic year. My friends were getting daughters in laws, sons in law, grandchildren and I went back to university, sitting uncomfortably in a classroom of kids young enough to be my children. My husband was all excited. Cos he thought we could relive our youth by having dates at the canteen, he’d carry my bags for me and wait outside the uni gate when the bell rang.

Did my first exam after what...thirty years? and survived. Went to Holland for my first conference as a student and then proceeded to Paris, where I presented a paper at University of Sorbonne! Not bad and was even quoted in a Thai paper! haha!

Again, with Allah's blessings, came a contract that ensures my fees for the MA is paid for. Alhamdulllah

Launched Rantauan.tv – we were holding hands – cyberspeak – with friends around the world – was in a shabby internet cafe in Rotterdam when the button was pressed in Melbourne! And there was our Prime Minister’s welcoming speech for rantauan members. I asked Pak Lah for this favour and he obliged – filmed partly by blogger Atok.

Mak was seriously ill and before I could book my ticket, it was already delivered to my house by a very, very kind friend who knew what it felt not seeing his mother before she died. Until now he made me promise to go home to see my mum at least, twice a year. Am going home again this October, Insyaallah to spend a hari raya with Mak.

And while recovering from jet lag from that trip, I started this blog and thus this addictive habit that connects me to so many out there who have again become so precious in my life (now that I have lost all my real friends because I have been a student/recluse) and who infuriatingly made me do this memed thingy.

This year (2005)
Am no longer the oldest student in class. There are two others.
Worked on a very old syair that has consumed a large part of my life.
Attended another conference in Exeter – an eye opener.
Lost more friends because I refused to go anywhere because of my studies and dissertation.
My Batman is sounding more like his father. Yesterday he brought back good news that he scored the highest ever grade for English and Science! Helped my eldest through his heartache. And right now am missing my soulmate who just logged off after a short, too short a chat.

Next year
I do so want to do my PhD – if my eyesight permits. Its not for anything – I just want to go back to the library and spend time with the books. And, AG, will you take me to do the Haj? I so badly need your guidance.

Am signing up fo Creative Writing classes and will write THAT book. Insyaallah.

Ten years from now? – Who knows? At my age, I count a year at a time.

Now, over to you Lydia and Jane and AuntyN and Pak Ajie!


Lydia Teh said...

Kak Teh

What is Memed?
I no understand really. But I do enjoy that blog entry. Also please quickly amend that typo on the last year... you're 20 years ahead my dear.

Lydia Teh said...

My calculation salah. You're 200 years early!

Jane Sunshine said...

Ha ha I really enjoyed walking the years with you. And now, I've been memed!

Lydia, meme's are those things that go around with a list of q's on various blogs. Same q's different answers. Always fun.

zaireen said...

Wahh..marvellous things to write and remember!
My childish/weirdo dream was (and still is) to step foot in UK's varsity...

This reminds me to look back, reflect and start charting a new journey ahead..

faux diamante said...

Your meme is more fun than mine.Woo hoo!

May you future be filled with more hurrahs!

Atok said...

mmm... keep getting this on many blogs these days; seems like the current thingy in blogworld eh.

anyway, great life so far lah KT, couldn't be better, kan.

wot do u think of last nite's BBC2 special programme ['Battle for Islam']? [Pak Lah looks old lah in that interview... kan?]

Nadia said...

waa kak teh..I really enjoyed this entry. great read. So inspiring too. had a bad day today so this entry really lifted my spirits somewhat. Thanks for sharing :)

miniME said...

A'kum kak teh...just wanna say hi! Sorry didnt get the chance to see you in ldn, nxt time maybe?
Take care!

bibliobibuli said...

Hey, meme me too - I wanna play! Enjoyed reading this very much. Am gonna be jealous re. your creative writing classes.

bibliobibuli said...

P.S. A "meme" is a unit of cultural transmission. Always a cikgu ...

AuntyN said...

Kak Teh : with all those accomplishments, I malu nak tulis anything about my past life. But to honour you as a very dear friend, I will and will memed others as well OK.

faux diamante said...

sharon, u have been memed!

Lydia Teh said...


Why you meme Sharon so fast? I want to meme her mah. Now must think of someone else.


Look forward to your meme.

Maya said...

Always knew you were an accomplished lady - just never this accomplished! Heres wishing you that all your dreams come true and may you and yours be always happy, loved and cared for.

Methinks you have miles to go my dear... that's what capable women need to do - go the full distance. Its wonderful you have the support and love of both him and Him. Yes I wanna see the PhD too :) Heres to you Kak Teh!

fidah said...

ok i still dun get what meme is but i want to say that kakz, u are one cool... err.. how do i say this politically correctly... err... cool oldie? hehe.. boleh panggil u tu? well, u r not old old like my parents are but u old enough to be like my aunt, so... ok.. maybe i shdnt use the word old too often here.

BUT yes...u r definitely cool. tak ramai org yg dah berumur hv the ability to achieve as much as u did. u my role model lah kira ok? i salut sama u, kakz. :D

selamat maju jaya dan semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki so that u can continue all these that u are already doing and more. :D

*chanting* go kakz GO! go kakz GO! ;)

anedra said...

1995 I remember your book project too! I was one of the voices in the cassette! But being flat-toner me, selalu kena re-take! I remember, the person saying "Anedra, you have ti throw your voice out more!". haiyo..but it was fun!!

And yes, go do your PhD, we are all behind you as tukang sorak!! *and tukang kacau*. Mybe can also attend yr graduation then! YAYYY!

Kak Teh said...

Lydia, now you know why I am not an accountant. cant count, cant type! and i see that u are meme'ing others - good!
jane - i still practice self-censorship and have selective memory - just remember the good ones!
zaireen - u must be youngstill - do it before your eyesight fails u. and while u still have the energy.
nazrah - dont lah say like that!
atok - if he looks older - that means kita pn semakin meningkat juga usia. Pak Lah will be in london this weekend. Eh, atok, u never aged!

Kak Teh said...

nadia, thank you! u always say such nice words! and I am glad you found Lydia - ermmm, i think i pointed her to your direction cos I know she'd like your writing! i do too. can i now link you?
sharon, u got memed and u didnt know? come and play lah...and thanks cik gu!
auntyN - hey, tell us abt yyour climb up the corporate ladder!
maya - aiyoh dont be like dat! I want to meme you BUT.....
fidah...yes, pls cheer me on! I appoint u kakz cheerleader!
andera - oh dear , i forgot that one too - that u did that v/o for the book!

MA said...

Kak Teh : aiseh...I baru baca today and memed you !

p/s : how do u put the verification to avoid spammers ?

ailin...in aalborg said...

Mak Andeh,
Go to your dashboard>change settings>settings>comments>
show word verification for comments?

choose >yes

BQ said...

Wah, Really enjoyed this entry! Put a smile on my face. 8)

Sandra said...


About Blogreader said...

Creative writing! I'm so excited for you (and for myself, because of the things I'll be reading :) )!

Jane Johan said...

Kak Teh: such an interesting journey you've had! I'm sure there's be that "DR" before yor name in few years time! Go Kak Teh !!! :)

Ely said...

kak teh, advertise ur books here lah! then we all can buy!

Kak Teh said...

MS, u dah terlambat - and there u are - your wuestion has been answered.
Minime, thanks for calling - next time, Insyaallah.
ailin - thank sfor answering the above.
BQ - glad you enjoyed.
sandra - yes, we've all been memed!
blogreader - waitlah - let me enrol first!
honeytar - how i wish i'll be Dr Kak Teh. How does that sound?
Ely - kalau tak laku macam mana?

Anonymous said...

aduh KT you make me question what the hell i've been doing with my time lol... you've got so much under your belt and studying summore.

sentiasa akan mendoakan ur success KT :)


OOD said...

Kak Teh, i got here after AuntyN's comment. I actually left one tapi tak lekat kot... happened selama ni only at nazrah's and auntyn's, Think it is my server ka system ka apa lah.

kak teh, this meme is actually good for berkenalan? i know now more things about you that i would ever be able to cover over tea or lunch.

i know now that i want to grow 'up' to be like you!

CikNi said...

seronoknya baca ur successful stories

Anonymous said...

kak teh balik raya eh ? I balik gak. jom kita raya sama2..jomm


Mutiara said...

kah kah kah..memed? abislah mereka yg nak berselindung di sebalik nick name, nu....

apples4me said...

Kak Teh, may you be granted the time to do your Haj soon! Insyaallah..and thank you for your b-day wish for my mom!hugs**

Kak Teh said...

redkebaya - terima kasih . i need all the encouragements i can get.
OOD - dont be like me!...sampai ke tua cari makan sendiri!
cikni - cerita cik ni pun tentu seronok!
mutiara, memang tak boleh sembunyi dah tu!
nour: terima kasih kembali.

drbubbles said...

hallo ..i am back to malaysia. baru survived jetlag. yeay boleh jumpa raya nanti...err nak bawak skali dulang hantaran ke? hahahaha...

Kak Teh said...

Nak hantar dulang? Isikan segantang hati nyamuk, sepuluh cupak tulang bilis, satu dulang mata kiri semut.

Nadia said...

aiiiii kak teh...I'm not ready to be linked :)bukan apa, I'm not ready to make that particular blog public :)

I like Lydia's blog..you do know my taste kak teh :D

nyway..I do hope I can grow up to be like you too :) study study study study :) You're truly an inspiration.

Kak Teh said...

elisa, you balik also? tell me when and where you will be, ok?
nadia...yes, i think i sort of know. and thanks for the encouragement! ...and kind words.