Friday, 15 July 2005

Good Luck to the MERDEKA RALLY

At exactly 3pm London time 48 Malaysians in 11 4WD and 7 motorbikes were flagged off in front of the Malaysian High Commission in Belgrave Square. They will be heading towards Holland and crossing several countries and Insyaallah will reach Malaysia on 31st August!
God, how I need stories like this! The flagging off ceremony was so much fun, so exciting. I nearly phoned home to ask the family to get their own dinner as I was really tempted to go! The dissertation can wait, the cats can go to the neighbours and I'll blog along the way. What fun!

There are couples, families, doctors, lawyers...what a way to see the world!
Let us wish them luck!

Ready, Steady,Gooooo!! Posted by Picasa

Good Luck, says the Lord Mayor Posted by Picasa

Wish us luck! Posted by Picasa

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The Merdeka bikers Posted by Picasa

The Al-Bakri's Posted by Picasa

What a way to see the world, said Danial Al Bakri - the youngest in the team! At fifteen and already doing this kind of adventure! At his age, I was just cyclng around my town! Tu pun kena marah!


Anonymous said...


cant wait to read the story on Msian papers tomorrow. You gonna write about it, rite?


anedra said...

yeah, sure sounds like fun!! nak ikut? knowing you, half'll start missing Mr kak teh, the kids, cats and all, and then on the phone 24/7. but it would have been interesting if u went along wouldn;t it?

hv a good weekend dear not-so-old aunty!

MassyLassy said...

Wow Kak Teh! What a Historic Moment! Sounds very gerek kan???!!! Man you? Tak nampak pun?

Nazrah Leopolis said...

patutlah kakteh penat!!!

i am sure u felt the malaysian spirit especially strong then eh?

Kak Teh said...

anon, yes, insyaallah
anedra: how right u are...but are you free to babysit and catsit?
mas: kak teh ambik gambar, mana nak ada kat situ..
nazrah, yes, i always feellike this.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see Hj Yusoff Hashim mug there (the gentleman with the moustache). What a guy, he just had hernia surgery prior to the trip.

Sunfloraa said...

Owh, to have that sort of adventure in this lifetime.

Anonymous said...

hey that's karamjit kan, ala the rally driver tu kan? aiseh, yg naik moto tu sure sakit belakang bila sampai mesia nanti

Anonymous said...

That's so fun! Was in a rally once but itu pun round Singapore. This is around the WORLD! envious..ah well all the best to them and may their trip be safe and sound. Ameen.

narfnarf said...

Grrrr!!! :o) SO BESH! Makes me wanna drop everything and go join them. Hehe, don't worry, I won't...I go to the moon instead :o). InshaAllah.

bibliobibuli said...

We need this fun news from London! Good luck to them all.

AuntyN said...

You should have ask Mr Kak Teh to come along lah, hehehehe. Then you won't feel so guilty. It is really is "what a way to see the world". Best nye kan Kak Teh?

iJun said...

Vroooommmmm!!!! Vroooooommm!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kak Tehhhhhhhhhh.

Awat Kak Teh tak ikut sama XPDC tu? Buleh balik Malaysia free!.

Kak Teh...really glad and relieved that u are a okay over there.

kak teh, buckle up's a bumpy ride!

shidah said...

me... too late for expedition. too many excess baggage :)

Anonymous said...

hehe =)