Sunday, 30 January 2005

There goes my Sunday...

Its so quiet! Where is everybody? I think they are all having a nasi dagang hangover and too tired to blog! Anyway, it is Sunday. Still very early in the morning and my duvet beckons me. Alas, I have to go out and brave the cold. Work on a Sunday? Yes, the whole of Sunday!!!

Gone were the days when early Sunday mornings, we'd troop out to Whiteleys - have breakfast of hot croissants and Earl Grey tea. Sometimes, we'd just sit at the cafe poring over the Sunday papers, while the children go the cinema.

Then, to the park before proceeding to Nahar or the old Malaysia Hall for that delicious nasi lemak. Alas, no more of these. Perhaps its age. Perhaps its getting a bit too expensive now for breakfast at the cafes in Queensway. And perhaps, also, its the sad realisation that now, the children, all grown up, don't want to be seen with mama and daddy having breakfast at Whiteleys. Thus, Sunday is now precious in other ways.

This is what I will miss if I go out on a Sunday...

1) ironing. I love ironing - its therapeutic. Many a problems are ironed out while ironing.

2) omnibus version of Eastenders. This and ironing is usually the right combination. The problems they have at Albert Square is unbelievable. Almost every one running around the square is having an affair with someone elses' husbands or wives. And almost everyone is Dirty Den's bastard child. Gosh, the very thought of anyone sleeping with him at all..yearghhh. But then, when you look at Dennis...awwwwww!

These people need to do some ironing - but they all send their dirty laundry to Pauline. No ironing. They need to do ironing. And Pauline and Dot need to iron out their wrinkles as well.
And I will miss that call from Aberdeen...always at that crucial point in Eastenders!

3) repeat of American Idol. I am hooked! These Americans are just as suicidal as the Japanese in Takeshi's Castle! Imagine offering yourself to be eaten alive by none other than Simon Cowell on national TV!! But, some really deserve this!! Aaaah, what a laugh!

Yes, I hear you say, get a life!
So, I am out of here - nak cari sesuap nasi sampai ke malam!


Blabarella said...

Ironing .. therapeutic? Now THAT's a first!! Aww, wish you were closer lah Kak Teh, .. mebbe you could iron all my troubles (and clothes) too!! *For a fee, of course - no such thing as free lunch when it comes to ironing, hehehe*

Or is it because of the cold, Kak Teh? Maybe you also like ironing coz it's cold in Englund? I'll be sweating like a pig in a sauna whenever I do mine!! Eeeeeessshh!!

*Sobs* I missed the Nasi Dagang partay .. ended up with family members who joined hubadubs and me for coffee after dinner, yakking till really late. Let's hope Mokciknab is kind enough to throw another one when you're in KL and I can attend!! *keeps fingers crossed*

Nadia said...

yeah kak can iron my clothes too LOL..It has been AGES since I last ironed! punyela malas....kuar dr dryer je terus grab so takde wrinkles! pemalasss pemalasss....i guess I should revel in ironing because it is 'warming' heheh sbb kat sini sejuk gila skang, but I don't fancy the standing and being surrounded by a wardrobe.
your sundays, old sundays sounds so nice...
kak teh, email me at if you want to go to my blog..I don't publicise it *smile*...I'll link your blog from mine.

Honeytar said...

Kak Teh, I love ironing as well! but only with a steam iron.

I do miss Eastenders! Last week that Bianca (is she still in the picture?) was a guest in Kumar's No.42 (on Astro's Starworld).

Breakfast at Whiteleys & a walk in the park ??? JEALOUS nya..!! But nothing beats Nasi Dagang partayyy last night. We had lotsa fun! :)

Anonymous said...

i was commented by one of my lectures..."mr samad, you do you know that there is something called an iron?"

referring to my wrinkled shirt..

atenah said...

omigod, kak teh ironing theraputic, emm alahai, dah lebih 2 tahun i tak pegang benda tu (can imagine how i look :)
mak datuk, east enders still around, dulu masa class english (dlm kurun yg ke14 dulu) kena tengok citer tu every week. la si dot still exist ke. the last time i saw this soap dirty dan has began losing his hair, so still the player ke

atiza said...

ironing, good? ironing can't be good. wait till you have to iron about 30 odds every week, then you'll know how it felt. i'm an iron slave.

i miss 'neighbours' though, ada lagi ke?. eastenders bicker too much.

Doreen said...

Everytime I read your blog Kak Teh, I smell my home.

Heh. You know, the warm, cosy, yummy, familiar smell of mom's kitchen, the bedrooms, and mom's ironing room! I love sitting at the door while she does her ironing in there (it's too small for both of us to be in there at the same time). It's a small stuffy room. But I think mom finds comfort being in there doing her ironing. We will talk and discuss things as she diligently iron out the crinkles as beads of sweat trickle down her neck.

I tell her she should get the room air-conditioned. She says no. I think the heat is therapeutic as well. Like being in a sauna. Heh.

Kak Teh said...

Dear all, thanks for your coments. Came back quite late last night and crashed out. It was a very cold night as well. Hah, I know this thing about ironong will get everyone jumping. I know its not everyone's cup of tea - but I love it. When I am in the mood, i'd iron everything - even the smalls!! Hey, luckily I'm not into starching them...imagine my kids jalan a-kengkang wearning starched and ironed underwears!! -perish the thought! This brings me back to days when mak had to make the starch - tepung ubi kayu and mix with hot water - the consistency must be right so that it wont be lumpy - then, soak your clothes in it before drying. Then, before ironing with one of those big, heavy iron with real hot burning charcoals inside, you sprinkle the intended cloted with water and crumple them into small balls and wrap them up. Just before ironing, take a piece of daun pisang - test the iron on that. And the next day, you'll be the smartest kid in the school assembly!
EastEnders update: where do I begin? Denis is Dirty Den's child he never knew, came back searching for him - fell in love with Sharon - Den's adopted little Princess and actually slept with her - but this is not incestious as they are not blood related. Den did his best to stop them. Denis pretended to be in love with zoe - zoe stopped denis from going to spain with sharon by oretending to be pregnant. But she - no bun in the oven - so, this is where Den comes in (literally!). Stupid girl! Dary ca't accept the fact that Mo's child was borne out of rape - aiyah - you're right - too much bickering - am off to do my ironing!
Neighbours? - stopped watching them long time ago - don't know where everyone is now since Kylie left to become all sexy and famous. But I did meet Natalie Imbruglia (sp) at a friend's shop. Of course I had to take pix with her, excuse - need this for my children.

Kak Teh said...

oooh - my typos (in the last comment)!!!
and Doreen - I think your mum and me will get on like house on fire. Imagine both of us yakking away in that small room, while ironing! To complete the picture, I'd have some everygreen songs on tape - especially Uji Rashid or Abba in the background! I can promise you, none of my children will enter the room as I sing along!

Marlene said...

I think that if you´re good at ironing you don´t find it so boring or hard. Some people just don´t have the skill.
About Sundays, I can´t help but recall a Chris Christopherson´s song :"There is something on a Sunday that makes everybody feel alone." How do you like it?

Berisman said...

That reminded me of my breakfast with Awang Goneng at Whiteleys some years back. I like the place and also reminded me having supper with Awang Goneng and Tok Bilal of Malaysia Hall on the pavement along Bayswater Rd.

Honestly, I love to be in London during spring time:-)

Pak Adib

Kak Teh said...

Woman in the well, thank you for visiting my site!! Such an honour! And thank you for the return comment. I am sincere in what I said about your jottings. Pls write more. I have been going back for those delicious stories but nothing yet. As for Chris Kristoferson's song - mmm i can't remember that one, but its a wonderful line.... Ya, I supposed Sunsay can be lonely, you want to be alone and iron, while the husband reads the sunday papers, children tidy up their rooms (if only!).
Pak Adib - yaa, now its too cold to be having breakfast along the pavements in Bayswater! Come lah!

Atok said...

therapeutic for me is gardening. though i've been a bit lazy for the past couple of years and sadly neglected my gardens.

when i was working on site for the new msd at bayswater, i used to run to whiteleys' toilets when nature called; the on-site toilets were, errr... tahu je lah, those workers.

Honeytar said...

Kak Teh, thanx for the Eastenders updates but I don't know half the names you mentioned. I started watching them in 1985 when I first set me foot in London. When I left London in 1997, half of the cast has changed. And now, I think only Dirty Den rings the bell! :p

Kak Teh said...

honeytar (anita?): actually Dirty Den was supposed to die - but they brought him back to increase the ratings, but he personaly was involved in a scandal. rupa2nya - dia ni kena tangkap sebab dia post gambar lucah dia sendiri di internet!!! Boleh buat satu lagi soap!