Thursday, 20 September 2007


Please extend your condolence and salam takziah here.

Its' Nurin. The girl in the bag is Nurin!! I looked at the pictures in The Star which puts both pictures of Nurin and the girl in the bag and I thought how that lifeless one had lost her smile. She was tortured, she was sexually abused by the bastard who is still walking the streets. Find the beast! Please find the beast!

It was not surprising that the parents couldn't identify their beautiful baby. She had lost her original looks, her long hair while in captive. Nurin had been alive until two days ago, while people were searching for her.

Please find this beast before he/she does this beastly inhuman act again.

Please, please find the beast.

Sleep peacefully now, my angel. Al fatehah.

This is the story from The Star:

DNA tests: Body found in bag is Nurin (update 1)

PETALING JAYA: The police have said that DNA tests on the body found stuffed in a sports bag on Monday in Petaling Jaya indicate that it is that of missing girl Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.

Petaling Jaya OCPD ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed on Thursday said that DNA tests have so far indicated that the body found in a shophouse at Jalan PJS1, Petaling Jaya Utama is that of Nurin, 8, who had been missing since Aug 20.

Police are waiting for confirmation of the DNA tests.

At Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Nurin's father Jazimin Abdul Jalil, 33, a taxi driver still denied the body was that of his daughter, reports BERNAMA.

"I am Nurin's father ... I know my daughter better than anyone else. In my heart I know that that is not my daughter.

"If the police ask me to take the body (of that child) home, I will accept it, I will conduct the burial ceremony and I will bury her. But I want the police to continue their efforts to search for Nurin because I know that Nurin is still out there somewhere," he said, speaking to reporters outside the HKL mortuary.

Jazimin added that he was sure the body was not Nurin because of the teeth and the scar that Nurin had.

According to Jazimin, Nurin's teeth did not have gaps between them and she also had a scar on her thigh.


jaflam said...

KT, its one of the saddest day here in KL, how could they did that to the poor helpless child. They even have the cheek to put the body in a bag in front of a shop. Very very very sick persons that need to be stoned to death. For the Police force they are actually challenging your credibility and capability to catch them!!!!!

I prayed that Nurin soul will be among the martyrs in Allah heaven. Oh God pleased helped us catch these animals and punish them the way You would.

To all friends with children out there please be extra careful and make sure our children are well protected & guarded at all times.

Kak Teh said...

Jaflam, my initial feeling of sadness gave way to one of anger and despair. Eight thousand miles away, I am sitting here in my front room in tears.
The parents have not accepted the fact that the body is Nurin's. If it is and even if it is not, our prayers to the poor victim of a mindless pervert.

The pervert/beast should not be allowed to walk the streets.

mekyam said...

Dear KT,

It's almost 4:00AM where I am and I too am sitting here in front of my screen (after reading Rocky) with tears of deep sadness and impotent anger.

I echo you KT that the damn monster has to be found soon, before he/she preys again.

Poor little one. One can only take comfort in the thought that she is not hurting anymore now.


I do believe it's little Nurin. I think the poor distraught parents so wanted their baby to be alive, they are in complete denial.

After almost a month of torture, Nurin probably lost a lot of weight too. But that beautiful face in repose, even with signs of torture, has strong resemblances...

Kak Teh said...

Dear Mekyam, I am now filled with so much anger that this beast was not found when he/she did the terrible act on two other girls some time ago. Let us pray that this this horrible beast is captured soon.

OOD said...

Semoga balasan Tuhan cepat tibanya. Dan balasan dari Tuhan tentulah amat setimpal dengan perbuatan makhluk bukan manusia itu.

Dalam pada itu, semoga doa kita semua membantu polis menyelesaikan kes.

Dan semoga keluarga aruah, tabah dan redha dengan ketentuan Allah.

sue said...


I hope the beast will be tortured..

I was so scared since the photo been released in the's a cruel world we live in

p/s hari ni kat ofis ramai yg takde mood kerja..sedih dgn berita ni


Pi Bani said...

I don't understand how anyone could do such a thing even to animals. Yes, please find the beast and torture him just the way he tortured the poor girl!

Hi&Lo said...

I am too numb to react. Anger mixed with fear and terribly sad this thing could happen to a harmless, innocent child.

What satisfaction could this pervert derive from this sadistic act?

Malaysia has lost its innocence.

Kak Teh said...

Ood, memang makhluk bukan manusia! I am still filled with rage.

sue, here sex offenders and child killers are usually taken care of in the prison by the inmates. They loath people like this.

Kak Teh said...

pi bani - i never thought any human is capable of such atrocities.

Hi & Lo, i believe this pervert wants to be caught. he /she cld have disposed the body somewhere else. Why left it at a place that is so public?

demonsinme said...

Madam KT:


And I prayed and wish taht animal who did those horrendous things to Jazlin be cought soon.

And pray to God that this animal would never cross my path for of he ever did, I will, god forbids, do unto him things that only the devil could thought of.

Ms Istanbul said...

Kak Teh,

I was very sad upon knowing the news. How could someone do something so evil???? She was just a child, only a few years older than my own.

I know it's ramadhan but I cant stop swearing at the bastard who did this! If it turns out to be a woman (the news said there was a woman in the CCTV), I wish similar torture be done on her!! said...

kak teh,
i got the news few minutes earlier from the media from my beloved whom happened to be indirectly involved with this case. ya Allah.. whoever did this adalah sangat binatang! nurin was suffered to death. biarlah dia pergi daripada dia hidup.. lagi dia terseksa.

al fatihah untuk nurin & takziah pada keluarganya.

UglyButAdorable said...

kak teh...the sicko bastard!!! i hope he rot in hell!!!

berat bahu memandang..berat lagi bahu parents nurin memikul beban ini..every parents fear this..

my doa for nurin, may she rest in peace dan semoga keluarga nurin tabah menghadapi dugaan ini..

demonsinme said...

Madam KT:

Dedicated to Little Nurin
from a father of none

On this day that I saw your dried tears,
I pledge my vows and lifted my spears,
and let loose a war cry so all could hear,
I paint my eyes black and pay homage to the devil’s lair,
and wage my soul to barter this unjust despair,
I ask him unto me he would give the hideous of stare,
so that I find this son of an unholy night mare,
and hunt him down with out any care,
once he lays under my anger snare,
I will gnaw his heart bare,
while life still dangles in sinful hair,
and I will drink his blood in cups of pair,
then I will pluck each and every one of his beastly hair,
and make a lace out of that bastard stare,
so all bestial man be aware,
this world shall never be his damned soul's lair.

Pak Tuo said...

Kak Teh Dear,

It reminds me of the time England was haunted by 'Jack The Ripper' ie.Peter Sutcliff the physco ripper.The whole nation goes haywire.
Hmmm....yes but careful not to put trial via blog or public sentiment.Lets justice prevail.
Its Ramadan Kak Teh!
dosen't Allah is a better judges(minus the Judges issue at the moment)
No one,sebesar zara pun boleh escape,but in order to catch the mad fellow one must also be mad.Like wise,
an old proverb goes "It take a thief to caught a thief'
As a civil resilience,what other way to protect our children Kak Teh?

PrincessJournals said...

KakZ, for this case, im voting for syariah law! to many young lives were taken unexpectedly and in a horrible way. Nothing less than an eye for an eye! let tht be a lesson to those bastard or soon-to-be-bastards!

J.T. said...

Poor, poor little girl. So sad to read what she went through.

I hope that devil incarnate is caught and punished appropriately.

I pray her parents find strength to get through this horrible ordeal and may that sweet angel rest in peace.

pu1pu3 said...

I cried in my heart when I read the news. Though I have boys, I too worry that something bad might happen in this weird world that we live in. I read with fear that worse things might happen to little girls, our children and our loved ones. Ya Allah jauhkan la...
Salam Ramadhan KT.Take care.

wonda said...

I was reading The Star online this morning. The photo of the dead girl does bear some resemblance to Nurin, esp. her eye brows and nose part. What a heinous act! My heart goes out to the devastated parents of the girl. Hope the pervert is caught soon before another girl falls victim to this inhuman act.

raggedyanne said...

find & KILL the BEAST! I'm saddened, horrified, appalled & simply dumbstruck...


Hi Ah,
Ena told me you called her to get a confirmation on Nurin's DNA. You were crying on the phone.

It's hard to retain a macho facade in the face of such a thing.

When little Nurul murdered in 2002, I was the Malay Mail editor. I remember the sleepless nights, worrying about my kids and the safety of those little children out there. It concerned me every time I saw little boys and little girls walking the road alone, or even in pairs. I thought parents tended to think that it could happen but not to their kids.

I hope Malaysians will remember Nurin better than Nurul.

Kak Teh said...

demonsinme, we praye for the capture of these perverts soon. He/she wants to be caught. that is why, the body is left somewhere very, very public. Insyaallah, he/she will be caught.

ms istanbul, i know how you feel. And i was shaking when I wrote this post because I was feeling not just sadness but anger and despair. We read of child abuse in this country that we both live in, but Nurin's case just takes the biscuit! Please take care of your little one. See you around., thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think the whole nation is mourning and also outraged that such atrocity was meted out to a helpless child.

Kak Teh said...

uBa, i know what you mean. How can the parents now cope? We hope and pray that they be given guidance and support in these difficult moments.

demonsinme, thank you.

Pak Tuo, there had been many cases of child abuse/murder in this country. Everytime a child goes missing, I worry because the next few days will find the child in a ditch somewhere - lifeless and molested. I have not read anything close as hideous as Nurin's case.
I know this is Ramadhan, I know we cannot hold a kangaroo court here, BUT all I am asking is that the authorities get the beast as soon as possible so that our children can walk safely again in the streets. Of course Allah is the best judge of all.

Kak Teh said...

princessjournals, these people are sick, almost inhuman. Something about this one tells me that he/she wants to be caught and wants to the world to know his signature.

jt, i am feeling such despair. I talk of nothing else. Crime against children are quite rampant here. Come summer - children go missing and they turn up dead and molested. And I am always affected. This brought to mind Bulger's case - the two year old who was tortured and left to die by two teenagers. For years I was haunted by young Bulger's sweet face. The teenagers are now free with new identities. Bulger's life was terminated cruelly by these two teeagers who are now enjoying a new lease of life. What justice???

pu1pu3, as mothers we want to shelter them from pain. There's only so much we can do. When they grow up, we still want to shelter them...but its a cruel world out there.

Kak Teh said...

wonda, my sentiments exactly. I hope they get him/her soon. The ba£t"&d!!

raggedyanne, killing him/her would be too kind. We must not be that generous to these perverts. IN the UK, child killers/molesters are in danger of other inmates. Sometimes, they are even driven to kill themselves.

Rocky, It was very early in the morning here when I got the news. It was after sahur and subuh. I was watching the two pix that the star put together and I thought - the eyebrows, the forehead - there's similarities. I thought the parents couldnt identify because it wasn't the image that they had of her. She had suffered so much that she lost weight, she lost that lovely sweet smile. and then when I clicked again - the newsflash!! I was gutted. So I phoned Ena immediately. I then phoned Nona in KL. sms'ed my sisters and sis in law to keep watch over their children. This beast needs to be caught, Rocky. And I think he/she wants to be caught. Thus the very public display what he /she has done.

Ordinary Superhero said...

Kak Teh: I'm lost for words to describe the despicable and heinous act. He will definately be caught very soon. InshaAllah.

Al Fatehah to Adik Nurin Jazlin.

hawaiichee said...

Let us hope this AWAKES us MALAYSIANS that Malaysia needs some revamping. This atmosphere of no accountability will spread to every segment of society into every area.


WE NEED TO ENSURE A MORE OPEN AND TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT AND CRIME FIGHTING IN THE COUNTRY. What is all this corrupt IGP allegations, kawan with kingpin stories including various evidences, true or not, we need to DEMAND TRANSPARENCY. It will be more sad news to come but we need to be STRONG and BUILD A MALAYSIA THATS FOR OUR CHILDREN. FREE MALAYSIA FROM ALL THIS CRAP. We need to be the freedom fighters so that we can shout Merdeka meaningfully next year.

Its all about transparency. We have lost that since we are not proud of hard work that we do. We have lost that since we believed we can choose easy way outs. We have lost that since the environment suggest that no one is watching us since the top post go away with corruption easily. We have lost that since no one will really bothers when something bad happens, and we have ourselves to blame.

But, when there is a WILL, there is a WAY

Where is Thy Will, O Malaysians,
Where is thy spirit to seek after justice
Where is thy compassion to comfort the loss
Where is thy anger over injustice

Has it been silenced by ISA?
Has it been tamed by uncompetitiveness?
Has it been confused over misreporting of the mass media?
Has it been screwed up by the powers that be?
So that we do not know what is praise worthy and what is shameful?

Kerja halal harus dipuji
Penat lelah datangkan rezeki
Yang lemah menerima subsidi
Yang tamak hukuman diberi
Sistem adil mendorong kualiti
Kerja halal tak patut disembunyi
Biar yang miskin mendapat DEB
Yang kaya diskaun rumah tak dikehendaki
Lebih bangga dengan amalan terpuji
Sejak bila kita tidak ingin disegani
Selepas mendapat easy money?
Tetapi melupakan pahala Ilahi
Jalan yang benar biar diikuti
Adil dan saksama dijadikan polisi
Berkat Ilahi melimpah dikehendaki

My condolences to Nurin's family. But Malaysians let us be responsible for our actions. Let us not be sorry for Malaysia. Let us live righteous lives and reform Malaysia.

Kak Teh said...

OSH, i have never read so much public outrage and my sentiments exactly - find the beast!

Haiwaichee - let us hope that nurin's death will bring about something positive.

elisataufik said...

kak teh,
I was so saddened by the news that I ahd to cope the only way I knew how: I blogged about it.
I am sad, I am angry, I am afraid.
rasa macam takut lak nak balik malaysia.
I think we as a community need to change lah, we need to start caring about each other.
isy pening dok memikir benda nih.

Kak Teh said...

elisa, when i read about child crimes here in the UK, I wanted to go home. But now it seems nowhere is safe. We can only pray that Allah protects us and our loved ones where ever they are. Take good care of yourself and your children.

mak andeh said...

To say that I am upset is an understatement.

Like everyone else, I would love to have a go at the bastard and shove it up to him (or could it also be a "her"?)

What sick a mind would inflict such torture to someone so young and helpless? We would never know the answer - and I hope that when we do catch the perpetrator - find out why he did what he did, and how he lived his life before - whether or not he himself was tortured and abused as a child.

Understanding all these issues will help us guide and understand the problems of the young and to correctly diagnose and rehabilitate them before they turn out to be monsters that prey little children. Lest the cycle never end!

I remember the psychiatrist who evaluated Botak Chin who said, if he had been properly rehabilitated as a young person, he would have turn out differently.

Prevention is always better than cure.

Al Fatihah to the sweet little angel in Heaven - Adik Nurin Jazlin.

Kak Teh said...

Mak Andeh, ya, this pervert must have had a very disturbed childhood. You read this all the time in the mitigation plea in cases like this. They were abused, they lacked love, and they want to see others suffer the way they did.
But we must not discount the fact that people are exposed to all kinds of sick materials these days over the internet. TV, reading materials, DVD,. All these are so easily accessible and can corrupt the mind.
And they pick on defenceless children to play out their fantacies. How sick and how sickening!

J.T. said...

Hi Kak Teh

I looked up Bulger's case - that's just heartbreaking. Poor innocent boy tortured and left by the tracks for the train to finish him off. Brutal! And those two teenagers are now enjoying a new lease of life?!?! Where is the justice?
They may have been 10 year-olds when they did it but a crime is a crime. They knew what they were doing. There was clear intent.

Our world is just not safe anymore. Gone are the days when we could roam the streets with our friends or walk back from school/tuition alone. There are just too many cruel and sick people and society, in general, seem to care less about the next person.

FireHorse said...

I really don't know what is our world coming to, when I was home in July/August, a 5 year old was chopped up and her body parts scattered in various places. Now this.......I pray hard that the "bastard beast" will be caught soon.

Kak Teh said...

JT, after the Bulger case, I wouldnt let my children out of my sight - i was that paranoid. The culprits actually dragged the poor two year old from the supermarket, screaming. People thought they were brothers and didnt intervene.
They did to him exactly what they had seen in a sick horror movie. And yet, it was decided that they didnt know what they were doing was wrong!!! I felt sick.

Firehorse, alas we read more and stories of this nature. What can we do?

Hi&Lo said...

are the polis our friends or enemies?

Hi&Lo said...

Aunty Choc,

Just found out Nurin's family live in a two-room flat. How can her parents think it was such a big risk for her to walk to the familiar pasar malam at the corner?

Just cos polis not doing their job making their presence felt, children have to be curfew. What kinda country is this which once pride itself for its public safety.

I pray with all my heart the parents and family can find healing in God. Humanly, it's impossible.

The Kg Baru serial molester(s) is still on the loose after so many months have passed. What abt some of the high profile rape-murder cases which were thrown out of court cos of 'shoddy' investigations? Can the polis diRaja be sued for negligence?

Arena said...

Kak Teh,
Masa cerita tentang kehilangan Nurin tu, I followed the story, tapi rasa terkesan di hati tu tak kuat sangat. But when they found the body in the bag tu, my heart skipped a beat. Could it be her? I could see the strong resemblance. But when the DNA test and dental record confirms it, I just cried. Apa lagi bila tengok upacara pengkebumian allahyarhamah. I echo you Kak Teh, FIND THE BASTARD BEAST!

Blabarella said...

I shed so many tears as I followed her story. Even before they identified the body as Nurin's, I cried at the thought of the how the beast could put the little girl through so much pain and torture.

Unlike others, I decided not to blog about it, because I cannot rationalise at this point. The whole gambit of sadness, fear, anger, desire to avenge, is clouding my judgment.

But action MUST be taken, particularly by the authorities, and society in itself must be more vigilant to the horrors lurking within our society now.

Kak Teh said...

Hi&Lo, I feel your anger and I share your despair. It is very difficult to place our confidence in the police now that they have suddenly taken the easiest route by putting the blame on the parents. How insensitive. Yes, let us pray that the parents will find the right support in their hours of darkness. And Nurin's death should not be for nothing. Things must change.

arena, it is a case that has touched Malaysian everywhere. I too have cried and cried. Take care arena.

Blabs, when I read the news flash, I decided to put up an entry and my hands were shaking with anger. Even if it was not Nurin, I was angry at the extent of brutality that mankind is capable of. We have shed our tears, we have said our words - now we want to see some change in attitude of people concerned. Our children should be able to walk the streets without fear.

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh,
the bastard(s) who did this deserved to be stoned to death, a jail sentence or an electric chair would be too kind. I hope with concerted police and public effort, the criminals would be tracked soon. And Insya Allah with mass congregations in mosques throughout the country for terawih prayers, may sembahyang hajat be conducted across the country to pray for justice to solve the situation, for strength for Allahyarhamah's family to cope with the pain and anguish over losing her in an "if only we hadn't ..." kind situation, for the peacekeepers and lawmakers in our country to be more effective, and for all parents to assume that there is at least one bad person out there waiting to nab your child, so be extra vigilant.

And AlFaatihah for poor, dear Nurin, may your soul rest in peace, sweet innocent baby.

This is not the 1960's and 70's when it was still safe for kids to go to the playground unescorted by parents or maids. I used to walk alone or with a classmate from Jalan Gurney School to the Weld Swimming Pool then for lessons, and I was only 10. Dad worked "outstation" and Mum had to be home to take care of the house and younger siblings. It was fine then because crimes such as this were unheard of then.

In these days though, because of the frequency of kids being nabbed, I can understand the paranoia that my sister goes through. Unless she can send her 10 yr old daughter to her tutor's house (just across the road and only a few houses away in a good, peaceful neighbourhood)and unless the tutor is able to send her daughter back home after class,she would rather cancel or defer the class. She would not allow her daughter to walk unescorted even within the same road in the neighbourhood. I guess she can tell me in my face now that it is better to be paranoid than to be sorry. At least until the daughter is older and wiser, and even then that is no guarantee for safety as long as we have similar Bastards on the loose.

In Nurin's case, according to the papers, it seems she went out again that night to buy hairclips, surely some of the vendors selling hairclips at the Pasar Malam might have seen her that night?

I don't think we should bash up Nurin's parents. They will be paying for their "carelessness' for the rest of their tortured lives, although I hope they will be strong and try to overcome this as they have 3 other girls to care and provide a decent life for. The next time should they discover that a daughter is out alone and not accompanied by a sibling, please don't wait for an hour to start looking for her. Rush out and try to locate her as soon as they discover a very young daughter is out on her own at night, don't wait, not for single second. Sometimes it is okay to be paranoid, as long as your child is safe.

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke-atas roh Nurin and please forgive the oversights and weaknesses of all the parties who have been careless and complacent in handling this case. At least they are human ( who have failings) and not too smart like the elusive Bastard(s)who seem to get away with heinous crimes like this. But Allah is great, the day will come when the Bastard(s) will get his/her/their dues, if not in this lifetime, then in the next.

Let us all pray that it will be sooner rather than later so that no one else will suffer the same fate as Nurin and her family.

D said...

in this sick world today, the bastard beast may be anyone anywhere... sitting next to us or behind us. My prayers to the little innocent one.

miniME said...

Salam Kak Teh...I have cried for her, like millions of people who followed Nurin's story. I agreed with Jaflam that psycho should be stoned, in public.

Tunku Halim said...

Kak Teh, This is such a sick world we live in sometimes. The horror I write about pales in reality. My heart goes out to her parents.

Kak Teh said...

anonymous, Yes, I agree. When we were growing up, we could trust strangers if were lost. We could go up to them to ask them for directions. But it is different now. Even if we have good intentions to help children looking lost, we dare not approach them because our actions could be seen as suspect - with bad intentions.
Charge the parents?? My sadness turned to anger when I read this. If they want to see real public outrage - they can try to sue the parents. What the parents need right now is support - lots of emotional support - not threats.
Channel resources to find the beast. Dont take an easy way out.

Insyaallah, the beast will be caught.

d, yes, if only they have the word EVIL written on them - then we can easily identify them. But they dont. They are as ordinary as us, as the person next door. And if only as parents we have eyes at the back of our heads, we have four pairs of hands to juggle work and looking after kids. Alas, that is not to be.

Kak Teh said...

Minime, I hope the police do their work and not mess it up. We want to see justice done.

Tunku, yes, the brutality, the sadistic acts are just beyond words. Only an animal is capable of such acts.

Hi&Lo said...

Aunty Choc,

You are right. The family needs all the support to pick up the broken pieces. Is it human to crucify them further? Malaysia has lost its soul.

I pray for the family, esp Nurin's ibu and kak long. Am sure they ask a lot of "if's".

What's done is done cannot be undone.

AuntyN said...

It scares the hell out of me Kak Teh. I too have 4 daughters and although they are teen-agers now, can never assume that they would be save anywhere anymore. But then, we can try our best to protect them, yet Takdir Allah,tak dapat nak kita sangkalkan.

I pray that she will be placed with the solehah. For sure she will being such an innocent girl and all.

Like yourself and all others, I pray that the beast will be captured soon. I want to see the face of the "animal" who "enjoy" such sadistic act.

Nausubillah hi min zallik.

Kak Teh said...

hi&lo, I hope they have had time to think over what they have said just to grab the headlines. THE PARENTS NEED COUNSELLING and SOPPORT NOT persecution. NOT threats!

AUntyN - apa nak kita kata lagi. We can do so much to protect our children. We can only do so much. Yang lainnya kita berserah kepada Allah.

Hi&Lo said...

Aunty Choc,

We live in an imperfect world. We can only try to make the best out of our individual situations. On this premise, I suspend judgement.

Anyone going thru a tragedy has to grapple with guilt feelings. Whether it was a punishment from God, or they could have averted if...

Am quite familiar with this process from my palliative care experience. They need sensitive ears to allay their misgivings and come to acceptance. Without acceptance, healing is impossible.

Nurin has 3 other siblings who are equally affected as the parents. Am very concerned this family will pull thru and emerge stronger.

They need people around them to accept and reaffirm with them to regain their dignity and self-belief. The last thing they need is preaching and be told to get over it.

The best we can do is to be there and feel their pain and allow them the space to express.

Tembam said...

Kak Teh, I am a regular reader your blog along with Rocky's and Nuraina's. I never posted anything in any of these blogs until Nurin. One very positive suggestion out of this is the AMBER Alert suggested by Princess Journals. I fully support the diea and did some research and Malaysia has not adopted it. I will let our police with our dear Tuan IGP to deal with the perpertrator and to deliver as promised. My hope is that Ijat follows up on Princess and Nuraina's suggestion for a Nurin Alert. I am blogging to keep this idea alive. Please let us all focus on doing something positive. Let Allah's justice be done to those who did this heinous crime as it will prevail in this world and the next. Lets all call for a Nurin Alert. That is the most positive thing out of this whole tragedy. Read my blog where I did some research on it. Keep blogging about the good things in life too Kak Teh. It's so soothing to read your thoughts on just about anything.